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On Hiatus and Occasional Columns

The following columns are on hiatus or only appear occasionally.

  • Collection Spotlight, Leo Titus LeBron V - LeBron has an impressive collection of old Macs. Each column looks at a different one.
  • Digigraphica, Dan Knight - Dan has been into photography since 1973 and made the switch from film to digital some time back.
  • Digital Fossils, Tamara Keel - Digital Fossils is a voyage through the rich strata of our recent electronic past. Like some fevered Jurassic Park dream come true, these fossils are brought to life to roam the earthonce more.
  • The Efficient Mac User, Ed Eubanks Jr - Ed works 50-60 hours a week. In addition to that, he does some consulting and some writing, and he's working on a graduate degree. Macs are one tool that help him make the best use of his time.
  • Kitchens Sync, Kev Kitchen - Kev lives near San Antonio and hopes to go to Texas A&M to study Computer Science. He spreads the good news about Macs to all who will put up with him.
  • The Lite Side - The Lite Side is the fun side of computing, the light side of using Macs, and the joy of picking on Microsoft. Most columns are penned by Jeff Adkins.
  • MacDaniel's Upgrade Advice - Our advice column.
  • Orchard, Tom Hormby - Tom loves Macs and old computers. Computer history - especially Apple history - is his specialty, and his articles are some of the most widely-read in the history of Low End Mac. The Apple vs. Microsoft GUI Lawsuit remains one of his most popular articles, covering Apple's 1988 lawsuit against Microsoft over the "visual display" of Windows.
  • The Practical Mac, Steve Watkins - Steve is the Vice President for Information Technology for a mid-sized bank and also an attorney. He has been a Mac user for about ten years. He has owned some PCs along the way - but always came back to the Mac.
  • The Rumor Mill, Anne Onymus - Our very own parody of all those Mac rumor sites. Don't believe a word of it.
  • Welcome to Macintosh, Tommy Thomas - Tommy says, "I loved the simplicity of the Mac OS. I loved how it just works, no questions asked." What more can you say?


The following columns have been discontinued.

  • 10 Forward - We gave those using Mac OS X the opportunity to share their migration stories.
  • Acoustic Mac, Beverly Woods - Acoustic musician, homeschooler, solar Luddite, and Mac user, Beverly is an occasional contributor.
  • Advantage Mac, Brian Richards - Brian Richards mainly uses the Mac for school - and has a lot to say on the subject.
  • Apple Archive, Adam Robert Guha - Adam loves older Macs and has been writing for Low End Mac since May 2000. His columns have been some of the most popular on our site.
  • Apple Outsider (formerly Tangerine Fusion), Paulo Rodrigues - A Mac enthusiast since the 68k days, Paulo Rodrigues chimes in on the latest Apple news and gossip, with a historical perspective.
  • Aquatic Mac, Andrew W. Hill - Andrew is a rabid Mac collector (over 50 at last count) and thinks the SE was the culmination of Macintosh design. His thoughts range far and wide.
  • Back & Forth, Jonathan Ploudre - The first thing Jonathan did when he got his own Mac in 1991 was to make a custom icon for the computer and give it a name. He has been trying to make Macs as fast and friendly as possible ever since. Due to the demands of medical school, Ploudre is an occasional contributor.
  • The 'Book Beat, Paul Brierley - Paul loves older Macs, although he also has a Power Mac G5/1.8 GHz dual. His special focus is on portables.
  • Classic Macs in the Intel Age, Carl Nygren - Carl found an unused iMac at school in 2003, plugged it in, and fell in love. He has a passion for vintage and PowerPC Macs. One of his most popular columns is A Vintage Mac Network Can Be as Useful as a Modern One.
  • Classic Mac Nostalgia, Andrew Conachey - Andrew is a huge fan of the old vintage Macs - especially the compacts, such as the Mac Plus.
  • Classic Restorations, Tyler Sable - Tyler is a huge fan of old Macs and old Mac operating systems.
  • Cortland, Cortland is a type of Apple, and the author of this column loves digging into Apple history. His most popular columns look at the failure of the Apple III and Apple's failed Pippin project.
  • Cozmo's Email, Cozmo - Cozmo's Email was a short, unsuccessful publishing experiment.
  • Down But Not Out, Dirk Pilat - Dr. Dirk gives us a perspective on Macs from Europe and New Zealand, where he has lives with his iBook.
  • Embracing Obsolescence, Nathan Thompson - Nathan likes gadgets, especially old "obsolete" Macs.
  • iBasics, Michel Munger - This tutorial column helps you get the most out of your Mac and your software.
  • iThings Considered, Jake Sargent - Jake left LEM to launch his own site.
  • The Low End Designer, Jason Walsh - Jason takes a look at how to run a design studio using low-end Macs. Whether you want to get off the upgrade treadmill, are just out of art school and want to set up shop on a budget, or simply want to pick up a few tips and tricks, these articles will help you along the road.
  • Low End Mac Gaming, Brian Rumsey - Brian has been gaming on the Mac since the days of the Mac Plus. His favorite genre is fantasy role playing games, although good playable simulations take a close second. More than just enjoying a good game, he has a sense for what makes a good playable game on both newer Macs with fast CPUs and 3D graphics and older Macs with a lot less horsepower.
  • Low End Mac Mailbag, Dan Knight - Emails about articles we've published - along with the publisher's response.
  • Linux on the Low End, Larry Stotler - Larry Stotler has been using personal computers since the TRS-80 era and currently uses openSuSE Linux on x86 boxes as well as older Macs. His goal with Linux on the Low End is to help Mac users understand the benefits of Linux on older Apple hardware and get it running on their low-end Macs.
  • Linux to Mac, Keith Winston - Keith Winston is a recent convert to Mac OS X after many years of using Linux exclusively. His columns help Linux users understand differences on the Mac platform, and his favorite is Moving Data from Linux to the Mac.
  • Mac Bastion, Kostas Theofilis - Kostas is a Mac user in the UK.
  • Mac Fallout Shelter, Joe Rivera - Rivera is a network administrator working for Uncle Sam.
  • Mac Happens, Evan Kleiman - Evan was our first freelance columnist and wrote Mac Happens from January 1999 through June 2000, as well as several Mac Daniel columns.
  • Macinthoughts, Michel Munger - Thoughts on the state of the Mac.
  • Mac Lab Report, Jeff Adkins - Jeff is a science teacher, consultant, and Mac Evangelist from Antioch, CA. He uses Macs his classroom, and you can have his Macs when you pry them from his cold, dead fingers.
  • Mac Life, Jason Walsh - Jason is a journalist and postgraduate student. His observations, though unscientific by any standard, derive from his studies in sociology of culture.
  • Mac Metamorphosis, Eric DeStefano - Eric began this series at the same time he decided to move from Windows to the Mac. Mac Metamorphosis chronicles his transition from Wintel geek and Linux lover to Mac power user.
  • Macs in the Enterprise, Jason Packer - Jason believes Macs belong in the workplace, something he advocated in his column.
  • Mac Scope, Stephen Van Esch - Steve is a contributor at osOpinion and runs The Text Pound. He loves the Mac and is "dually bilingual", since he's also fluent in Windows and French.
  • Macs to the Max, Matthew Jay - Matthew likes Macs because he thinks they are some of the best, most productive, and easiest computers ever.
  • Mac to the Future, Kel Taylor - Kel cut his computing teeth the Performa 200 his sister bought for college. Now he's going to college (Texas A&M University) himself and loves the Mac even more. Although this is Low End Mac, Kel writes articles on current and future topics, because today's high end is tomorrow's low end.
  • Mac UK, Dirk Pilat - We discontinued Mac UK when Dr. Pilat moved to New Zealand, replacing it with Down But Not Out.
  • The Mac Webb, Kevin Webb - Kevin has spent the last eight years selling technology consulting services. Of that time, at least two years have been devoted to trying to convince the world that the Macintosh is the pinnacle of the computing experience. He is the proud owner of eight Macs, ranging from an iBook to a Classic.
  • Marketing the Mac, Robert Alpizar - Robert, a long time Mac user, shares his thoughts on Apple marketing.
  • Matt's Macs, Matthew Urban - How much can you get out of an eight-year-old Performa 630? Matt will surprise you in this series, which covers his Performa and his iMac.
  • Maximize Your Mac, Jason Schrader - Jason Schrader - an art teacher by day, Mac modder by night - has been using Macs since 1985, has had many Mac-related articles published across the Web, and has modified over 20 Macintosh computers. He says, "I also love their design, ease of use and awesome interface."
  • My First Mac - My First Mac is where users share their stories of how they came to use and love the Mac.
  • My Turn - My Turn is a reader column where you have the opportunity to share your opinion of things Macintosh.
  • No Windows for Me, Ben Zalutzky - Ben is a Mac convert who absolutely swears that he will never go back to Windows.
  • One More Thing, Trevor Wale - Trevor is a recent convert to the Mac and an ardent fan of his newly adopted platform.
  • Pioneers in Mac Development, Rick Lawson - Rick is a Senior Developer specializing in Web technologies. He lives in South Carolina with his wonderful wife, son, daughter, and three cats. He has been enamored with Macs since coming across a brand new Mac Plus in college almost 20 years ago.
  • Plays Well with Others, Leaman Crews - All about making the Mac a good citizen on a mixed-platform network.
  • The Power of Mac, Eric Schwarz - Ahh, the power of Mac! Eric loves and uses older Macs, including an SE, Performa 475, and PPC-upgraded PowerBook 540c. Eric also runs the SchwarzTech website.
  • PPC Linux, Jason Walsh - Linux, the "other flavor" of Unix - the one that runs well on pre-G3 Power Macs.
  • The Productive Mac, Thomas Ahart - Thomas has been using Macs since 1996 and knows just how productive the "classic" (pre-OS X) Macs and operating systems can be.
  • Random Advice, Scott K Brown - Assorted tips on all things Mac.
  • Tangerine Fusion, Paulo Rodrigues - This series of columns ran from Feb. 1999 through June 2001. Paulo now writes our Apple Outsider column.
  • Tech Reflections, Chris Lawson - These 2000-2002 columns have been moved to Chris' own website.
  • That Old Mac Magic, John Martorana - John has been using Macs since his college days, when SEs and Classics filled the computer lab at Rutgers University. Although he has and uses an iMac DV, he also has a passion for older Macs.
  • Things Macintosh, Rodney O. Lain - Rodney's articles remain as a testament to one of the Mac Web's finest writers and least encumbered thinkers.
  • Triassic Mac, Manuel Mejia Jr - A column especially for the pre-PPC Macs and pre-Mac OS 8.1 system software.
  • Unix & the Mac, Adam Loiacono - What is Unix and what does it mean to Mac users as we migrate to OS X?
  • View From the Classroom, Steve Wood - Steve teaches, writes shareware, and is now concentrating on developing his site and software.
  • Vintage Mac Living, Ted Hodges - Ted has acquired a nice collection of vintage Macs over the years. He learned a lot about getting the most out of older Macs on Low End Mac, and now he's returning the favor so others can get more from their vintage Macs.
  • Virtuality, David K Schultz - After the demise of MacOS Daily, David Schultz launched Applelust. He passed away in 2008.
  • The Webb Chronicles (formerly PowerBook Beat), Charles Webb - "I normally don't discriminate when it comes to computers; I like to work on anything, although I prefer Macs."

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