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first became interested in Macs....

Wait, that's not right!

Tamara Keel first became insanely jealous of Macs back in 1985 when a classmate got a Macintosh and she was still toiling away writing papers on a Coleco Adam. She logged as much time on Macs belonging to friends as she could until 1994, when she bought her first very own Macintosh: a used SE/30.

By 1997, she had added a IIsi and an LC II, and when Low End Mac debuted the same year, she was squarely in the target demographic. Four years later, a Key Lime iBook became her trusty mobile machine, and she was hooked for good. She now lives in Indianapolis with four cats, twenty-something vintage Macs, and the world's most longsuffering roommate.

Tamara Keel with her iBook (copyright Oleg Volk)

Digital Fossils is an archeological voyage through the rich strata of our recent electronic past. This is not merely an academic trip, however. Like some fevered Jurassic Park dream come true, these fossils are brought to life to roam the earth in their natural habitats once more.

While focusing primarily on vintage Macintosh hardware, the occasional side exploration will be made into the evolutionary past of video games, digital cameras, and other denizens of the thrift shop coal beds and yard sale shales which await only some pocket change and a bit of voltage to walk among us again.

Tamara also writes Digital Fossils blog, which is what brought her to Low End Mac's attention.

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