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Have you got what it takes to write for the Mac Web? If so, My Turn is your place to share your opinion on Mac-related topics.

My Turn thinks different. Too many Web sites take your text, throw it up, and let the world see your writing - typos, poor punctuation, and all. We won't do that to you. Every article ever published on Low End Mac gets edited.

We can do this because I took a lot of writing courses in college, and because we're not going to publish just any submissions. They have to be good. If they're not, we'll send them back with a note explaining why. We'd rather do a few things right than do a lot of things poorly.

If you want to write for publication, please read Writing for My Turn and Writing for the Web. Then launch your favorite word processor and start writing.

We hope to hear from you soon. Send your submission to and be sure to put "My Turn" in the subject. (Unless you specifically request otherwise, we will link to your email address so readers can respond to you. We will also encrypt it to confuse spammers.)

Dan Knight, publisher, Low End Mac

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To my knowledge, each of these was the first time these writers was published on the Web.