Open Link Policy

Policy created 1999.08.17

Links are the heart of the World Wide Web. The ability to jump between sites, bookmark pages, and go directly to a specific page are part of the Web's core technology.

However, some publishers are trying to prevent others from linking to otherwise public areas of their sites. The legal battle over so-called "deep links" has just begun.

The Open Links Policy makes no judgment about the deep link policies of others. Instead, we affirm the importance of linking on the Web and explicitly permit deep links within our sites.

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If you wish to affirm the Open Link Policy for your site, please email Dan Knight so you can be listed here.

Member Sites and Publishers

  1. A. Brody's Homepage, A. Brody, webmaster
  2. Accelerate Your Mac!, Mike Breeden, publisher
  3. An Apple a Day, Matthew Antonellis
  4. MyAppleMenu, Heng-Cheong Leong, publisher
  5. The, Roger Houghton, editor
  6. Bleu Rose Ltd., Charleen Rice, publisher
  7. Celebrate Y2K, Lori Todd, owner
  8. Coventry Publishing
  9. Digigraphica, Dan Knight, publisher
  10. GeeK NoiZe, V. Silly, owner
  11. Hot Link Biases, Laurie D. T. Mann
  12. The iMac 512, G. Younk, webmaster/owner
  13. John's Vanessa-Mae Homepage, John M. Adriatico
  14. jp kaytrosh co., John Peter Kaytrosh, webmaster/publisher/owner
  15., Lasar Liepins, webmaster/owner
  16. Laughing Dragon Services, Scott R. Godin, owner
  17. Leaving WebTV
  18. Low End Mac, Dan Knight, publisher
  19. Low End PC, Dan Knight, publisher
  20. The Mac 512, G. Younk, webmaster/owner
  21. The Mac 512 User Group, G. Younk, webmaster/owner
  22. MacEmpire, Edgar Saldivar, owner
  23. Mac Freewares, Lee Choon Weng
  24. Mac Gorilla, Chris Turkel, publisher
  25. MacPiCkS, Greg J Piper, webmaster/owner
  26. Macs Only!, Bill Fox, publisher
  27. MacReviewZone, Don Engstrom, editor
  28. Mac Revolution, internet service provider
  29. MacSpeedZone, Don Engstrom, editor
  30. macXcess, Vernon Chan, publisher
  31. MyUsedMac, LB Neal, owner/webmaster
  32. Newsbooster, Anders Lautrup-Larsen, publisher
  33. Radiation Room, DJ Peter Paul, producer
  34., Dan Knight, publisher
  35. Seth's Old Computer Page, Seth Baker, publisher
  36. Three Macs & a Printer, Matthew Glidden, webmaster
  37. Via Nova Destination Magazine, Lori Todd, owner

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