Embracing Obsolescence

Nathan Thompson is an aspiring writer who has a hankering for technological gadgets - especially those gadgets he can "wrap his feeble brain around". When that occasion arrives, he doesn't like to let go and continues to use his favored friends until the ones and zeros stop transmitting. Consequently, you will find Nathan writing mostly about older Macs, including both the 68k Mac and pre-OS X PowerPC models.

Nathan's credentials are admittedly meager, he writes. "I have worked with a variety of Tire Sales/Automotive Repair shops, doing misc. computer related support, assisting local promotional efforts, and helping establish better customer service processes. Currently, when not contributing to Low End Mac, I do some freelance work for Levelfield. Luckily, while my clients use a variety of computer solutions, I remain solely Mac-based."

"From my first Mac in 1992, an LC II (amazingly still gets rotated in and out of service as my needs dictate) until today, I have remained Windows free. I do dabble with - big gasp - Linux when I need more power. I use OS X occasionally, mostly to keep my mother's snow iMac DV SE in tip top operating condition.

"My most frequently used computers are an LC 580 (Mac OS 8.1) - sort of a central media device, file server, and Internet terminal - and a PowerBook 520c (System 7.5 and Mac OS 8.1 dual boot). Think travel companion and Timbuktu /VNC client when home.

"My third friendly device is an old NEC Ready 9883 (boo hiss) running Ubuntu Linux. It works well as a server, modern audio player, and modern web device."