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lives in Kerrville, Texas, near San Antonio. He is currently attending high school and plans to attend the University of Texas to study Computer Science. He constantly spreads the good news about Macs to all who will put up with him.

Kev has been working on computers since his uncle gave the family a Classic II ten years ago. He used Wintel for many years, but now he has a 6:1 Mac-to-PC ratio. His Mac repository includes a 350 MHz Blueberry G3 iMac (first slot-loader), a 300 MHz Blueberry Clamshell iBook, a 466 MHz Graphite Clamshell iBook SE, a 700 MHz first generation eMac, and an Nvidia iMac. He doesn't plan to get rid of any of them, and he still purchases both old and new machines to expand his collection.

95.93% (or something like that) of Kev's Mac troubleshooting and assistance has been for the math teacher at the high school he currently attends. She is a fellow Mac afficionado, and he has helped her with projects including using a cellphone as an Internet connection, upgrading to Leopard, and moving apps and data in Windows from Boot Camp to Parallels Desktop to VMware Fusion.

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