Mac Fallout Shelter

is currently serving in the US Army's Signal Corps as a Network Administrator stationed in Fort Hood, Texas. He went to college at the University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez Campus. Joe has live in NJ, FL, PA, MA, GA, TX, and Puerto Rico.

Before joining the service, he was the founder of a small computer company in Puerto Rico called Password. He's worked as a Network Administrator in universities, high schools, middle schools, and small companies.

Joe has always fixed computers in households which I always enjoyed and doing the impossible out-sourced jobs for others.

He has been using Macs since 1986 and finally built his own in 1995. His current setup is a PowerBook G4/667 DVI, a 1.42 GHz Mac mini, a Power Mac 6500/250, a Performa 630, a Mac Plus, and a Newton MessagePad 120. Joe has a few more Macs, but they don't get used unless he want to experiment with them.

Joe currently runs Mac OS 6, 7.1, 7.5.5, 8.1, 9.x, and 10.4 on a daily basis. He says, "I'm pretty good with networks and, yes, my Mac Plus is a Web server."