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was born in 1990, on Desert Storm day (August 7). He grew up in Stratford, Iowa - a small Swedish-American community of 700 people. As a child, Austin grew up using Windows 3.1 and 95, but he'd loved Macs early on. One fond experience as a seven-year-old - using a paint application on a school-owned Power Mac G3 All-in-One - moved him to buy his first Mac in 2006, a used PowerBook Duo 230.

Since then, Austin has owned an iBook G3 clamshell (mmm, tangerine-flavored), a never-say-die PowerBook G3 Pismo, and a 15" iMac G4. All four of these Macs (including the Duo) are still running - a testament to their toughness, as Austin has four younger siblings, all of whom are home educated. Austin's latest Apple computer is an iPad Wi-Fi, which, along with an Apple Wireless Keyboard, replaced the Pismo as his workhorse.

Austin enjoys Macintosh because it makes his job easier as the family IT guy, and because he feels computing should be less about taking care of the OS and more about actually using it as a productive tool.

Austin is currently attending Des Moines Area Community College, where he is a staff member of his college paper, the Banner News. He writes a column, takes pictures, and serves as the local Mac IT for his paper, which employs fourteen Intel iMacs, a Mac Pro, and a Power Mac G5. The rest of the campus is PC-oriented.

His favorite laptop Mac is the PowerBook G3 Pismo - its long battery life and usability after ten years turned a few heads at his predominantly PC college. His favorite Mac desktop is the iMac G4, because he rarely has to help his family use it - they quickly figure it out for themselves.

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