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is a university administrator living "across the pond" in the north east of England. He's been a regular visitor to Low End Mac for many years and attributes his passion for the Mac to LEM.

He says, "Whilst wondering whether or not to 'switch', I spent a lot of time reading the site. Eventually I bought a £20 SE/30 off eBay and was converted. Within a month I'd bought an iBook G4, which became my main machine. Since then I've added an LC 475, a PowerBook 5300, and a Powerbook 520 to the collection."

His main machine is a Dual 1.8 GHz Power Mac G5, but Paul considers the SE/30 "one of the most amazingly well designed pieces of computer equipment ever created". His SE/30 is "maxed out" with 128 MB of RAM, and he can switch between a network card and a color video PDS card. He has even had Mac OS 8.0 running on it, and has plans to get A/UX on there soon.

His student years away from parents and supporting himself taught Paul plenty about budgeting and frugality. "Okay, so the dual processor G5 was a bit of a treat, but that aside I try my utmost to get the most from my money. I'm very strongly into recycling, and am beginning to build up something of a bookshelf on life in a post-oil society."

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