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Low End Mac reviews are subjective - they are the reviewer's response to software and hardware that we've worked with. If we haven't tried a product or don't think it merits a review, you won't find it reviewed here.

Rating: 2 and a half out of 4

Beginning in April 2003, Low End Mac began using a ratings system with some product reviews. Reviewed products will receive from zero to four LEMs. The scale goes something like this:

  1. Buy this and you will want your money back.
  2. Possibly useful if you are in need of a product of this specific type, but it may not be worth the cost or effort.
  3. Okay, but has a few shortcomings or deficiencies.
  4. A solid, capable product that performs as advertised.
  5. Wow! A truly stellar, impressive product.

Products might receive ratings with "1/2" increments from time to time.

In keeping with the focus or this website, when rating products which are for use directly with or on a Mac, a factor in our evaluation will be how well it works with lower-end Macs and the Classic Mac OS.

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Manufacturers and distributors: Interested in having your product reviewed? Please read our review policy.

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