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I love doing a product review, whether it's a keyboard, processor upgrade, add-in card, switchbox, or program. In fact, anything I buy for use with the Mac is possible review material.

I don't like writing a bad review, especially since there's a very subjective element to reviewing. The mouse that I didn't like may be just perfect for someone else - but that doesn't alter the fact that I never found it comfortable.

I am happy to review freebies. I have no policy against accepting free product, whether software or hardware. At the same time, I can't guarantee that everything I receive will be reviewed. Time is a limited commodity, and even though running Low End Mac is my full time job, the many aspects of Web publishing keep me pretty busy.

I am usually interested in evaluating loaner equipment, especially more expensive things like processor upgrades. I have a host of Macs to test things on, ranging from a Mac Plus through PowerBook G4s and eMacs.

Our Testbed Computers

I am not interested in paying for review equipment. One keyboard company offered me that option. Sorry, but even with the option of returning it for a refund, I don't want to work that way. If you can't trust me to return it, how can you trust me to review it?

That said, I don't object to being billed for review equipment, as long as you're good about issuing a credit upon its return.

If you would like Low End Mac to review your product, please contact Dan Knight .

Thank you,
Dan Knight, publisher, lowendmac.com

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