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Brenthaven Prostyle Satchel Is Perfect for the iPad

- 2012.03.13 - Tip Jar

Rating: 5 out of 5 rating

After the arrival of the new iPad, I figured it was high time to post this long-overdue review of a really nifty accessory I use with my first generation iPad, the Brenthaven Prostyle Satchel.

Don't Call it a Man Purse

Brenthaven Prostyle SatchelAt first glance, the satchel may be akin to what many call a "man purse". But the odd shape, durable outer cover, and very out-doorsy styling should dissuade you from calling it that upon closer inspection. Make no mistake, this is a go-everywhere, do-everything iPad carrying case that will keep your iPad dry in the rain, warm in the winter, and safe when you drop it.

Inside, the soft, plush iPad pocket will make you want to stick your hand in at least once to feel it before you slide your tablet in.

Brenthaven Prostyle SatchelUnderneath the front magnetic flap lie two more pockets where I've managed to stuff all of my iPad accessories, save my Apple Wireless Keyboard. That includes my camera connection kit, cleaning cloth, Apple charger and 10' Griffin iPad/iPod dock connector cable, my MiFi and its charger, my earbuds, and sometimes there's just enough room to fit a camera in there too.

The open back pocket is great for storing CDs, SD cards, batteries, etc., in a place where they're easily accessible yet not readily able to fall out.

My Road Bag

Previously, I had used a very McGuyver-esque bag to keep my iPad on my person - I had taken a 10" netbook slipcase, attached a camera bag strap to the zippers, and voila! Instant iPad bag. The main problem was that it fit only the iPad - no iPad case, no cables, no nothing. All those had to be transported separately in my very large, very heavy laptop bag.

With the Brenthaven Prostyle Satchel, however, my iPad and I can roam without needing any other bags. I've taken the satchel on long trail walks, through crowded stores, even on a weekend trip with my girlfriend to Minnesota. All the while, it faithfully keeps my iPad and its accessories in until I need them out.

The Verdict

The Prostyle Satchel is definitely worth the $50. Anything less is nowhere near as rugged and dependable, and anything more is just superfluous. This iPad case hits the mark, and I would encourage anyone with a tablet to add it to their shopping list. LEM

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Austin Leeds is a Mac and iPad user - and a college student in Iowa.

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