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Clamshell iBooks

Apple produced four versions of the clamshell iBook in 1999 and 2000 before replacing it with the 12" white "dual USB" iBook G3 in May 2001.

iBookThe original clamshell iBook ran a 300 MHz G3, has a 12" 800 x 600 display, and a 6-hour battery in a swoopy enclosure with a handle. At 6.6 lb. it was no lightweight, but it was rugged. It had to be - it was designed for student use in school.

The iBook was Apple's first computer to include a slot for an AirPort card, and it was the notebook PC that made wireless (802.11b WiFi) a big deal across computing platforms.

Another neat feature is that the iBook had no latch. This model shipped in blueberry or tangerine.

This iBook was announced in July 1999 and began shipping in Sept. 1999 at US$1,599. It originally included 32 MB of RAM and a 3 GB hard drive. This was replaced by a "revision B" version with 64 MB of RAM and a 6 GB hard drive in Feb. 2000.

All clamshell iBooks can be expanded with up to 512 MB of RAM.

iBook SE

Apple supplemented the iBook line with a special edition iBook in graphite running at 366 MHz. It was introduced at the same time as the original was upgraded to Rev. B.

The speed boost and graphite finish were the only differences between the original iBook and the special edition.

iBook (FireWire)

Apple introduced improved iBooks in Sept. 2000. The big new features were FireWire and video-out, which earlier iBooks lacked. Apple also doubled video RAM from 4 MB to 8 MB.

iBookThe iBook G3/366 ran at 366 MHz, and Apple replaced blueberry with indigo, a much better looking blue. Like earlier iBooks, it included 64 MB of RAM, but it had a larger hard drive - 10 GB.

Key Lime iBookThe iBook G3/466 ran at 466 MHz and was available in graphite or key lime. Its big new feature was inclusion of a DVD-ROM drive.

The clamshell iBooks had only one USB port, and the 800 x 600 display became a real liability as Mac OS X came to market. The replacement "dual USB" iBook addressed both of these issues.

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