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Mac OS 9 Overview

Below are some of the key features of Mac OS 9. This information is adapted from Technote 1176 and other online resources. More details in the Technote and elsewhere.

Hints & Tips

  • Turning off Multiple User control panel and extensions will make the Finder more responsive.

Hardware Requirements

  • Power Macintosh, PowerBook designed for PowerPC, iMac, iBook
  • Clones are not tested and qualified by Apple, but field reports indicate success
  • 32 MB physical RAM, 40 MB logical RAM (VM set to 64 MB by default if less than 64 MB physical RAM installed)
  • First generation Power Macs (6100, 7100, 8100) and computer with System 7.5.1 or earlier must be booted from Mac OS 9 installation CD

Mac OS 9 Features

  • Allows multiple users to have their own preferences
  • Supports copying files over 2 GB in size, up to 8,169 open files
  • Encrypt command added to File menu (encrypts files, not folders)
  • Keychain tracks user passwords
  • Carbon support
  • Unicode support
  • Sound and Monitor control panels separated
  • Font Manager fixes FOND problem found in Mac OS 8.6
  • Mac OS USB v1.3 fixes sleep problem found in v1.2
  • Mac OS USB v1.3 provides improved support for PCI USB cards
  • Support for preemptive multiprocessing on Power Macs with more than one processor
  • Notification Manager eliminates "modal" alerts for background applications
  • Date & Time routines now default to 4-digit years, use 64-bit routines, eliminate Y2020 problem on older Mac OS, supports dates to A.D. 2108
  • Large memory leak in Appearance control panel fixed
  • File Sharing now supports TCP/IP
  • Supports automatice OS updates over the internet
  • Sherlock 2 allows grouping of search sites
  • Palm Desktop 2.5 (formerly Claris Organizer) includes with OS
  • Support for Color StyleWriter 4000 series dropped
  • LaserWriter 8f drivers, which include support for fax cards in certain LaserWriters, in not compatible with OS 9

Links: OS X index, 2002 archive, 2001 archive, 2000 archive, 1998-99 archive, OS 9 overview

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