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1998/99 Archive


  • OS: Living with BeOS, Michel Claquin, osOpinion, 12/28. It's not the Mac OS, Linux, or Windows, but it is a viable OS.
  • Humor: Mac OS Linux, Anne Onymus, The Rumor Mill, 12/28. "Apple will be reabsorbing Linux/PPC and using it as the core of the new OS...."
  • OS: Mac OS X Q&A, Raven Zachary, MacWeek, 12/8. Lots of good tidbits.
  • Opinion: Mac OS X Server: Where's the machine to match?, MacBC, 12/9. "...there is no true server machine offered by anyone that will run OS X" Server.
  • Opinion: Decisions, Eric DeStefano, Mac Metamorphosis, 12/9. Eric tries to choose the best used Mac for today - and OS X in the future.
  • OS: Mac OS X: The NeXT generation, Bill von Hagen, Adobe Magazine. "The core component of Mac OS X is the Mach kernel, initially developed at Carnegie-Mellon University in the 1980s and enhanced and fine-tuned ever since."
  • Rumor: Apple still developing OS X for Intel, MOSR, 11/30. With possible breakup of Microsoft, OS X could be well positioned as a multiplatform OS.
  • Opinion: Mac OS 9 as good as buying a new computer, Detroit News, 11/29.
  • Opinion: Thumbs up for Mac OS 9, Jim Louderback, ZDNet, 11/30. "...OS 9 is one of the most righteous things they've done recently."
  • News: No recall of Mac OS 9, MacWeek, 11/29. Internal CompUSA error led to rumors of OS 9 recall.
  • Rumor: OS 9.0.1 surfaces internally, AppleInsider, 11/29.
  • Tip: OS 9 Startup Disk Selector, Macs Only!, 11/29. Hold down option key while starting to choose any bootable drive.
  • Rumor: Apple pulling OS 9 over OS name?, MacInTouch, 11/27.
  • OS/Web: Xappeal, OS X site, is back. Site was pulled by previous host because it was too busy, but new host has more bandwidth.
  • News: Mac OS X Developer Preview 2 progress report, MOSR, 11/19. "This operating system completely changes the rules - in no small part by barely changing the user's experience at all."
  • Opinion: Apple's new OS 9 is worthwhile, Cox, 11/15.
  • Analysis: Apple defends UK Mac OS 9 chop, Macworld UK, 11/9. Canucks, Aussies, Brits, and others will have to get used to American English on their Macs. (I guess we really did win the Revolutionary War!)
  • Advice: Virtual memory, Ask Al, Alsoft, 11/9. "Virtual memory cannot work with programs stored on all types of disks. If a disk has very slow throughput, is accessed over a network, or is manually ejectable (without a software lock), a program stored on the disk will run as if virtual memory was off."
  • Software: OS 9 spells end to After Dark, MacCentral, 11/9/1999. Berkeley Systems has no plans to make After Dark screen saver OS 9 compatible.
  • Analysis: Home Page Lives!, Steve Wood, View From the Classroom, 11/4. It does work with OS 9.
  • Opinion: "I" in iMac for Inferior?, Evan Kleiman, Mac Happens, 11/4. "...after installing Mac OS 9 on your iMac, you'll feel inferior to your little computer."
  • News: Mac OS 9: USB Adapter Card Support, Apple TIL 60654. No support for PCI or CardBus USB adapters in OS 9.
  • OS 9: Steve Wood notes that Claris Home Page doesn't work under Mac OS 9. Darn - I love Home Page!
  • Advice: Should you upgrade to Mac OS 9?, Dave Hamilton, Mac Observer, 10/28.
  • Advice: Mac web servers: wherefore Mac OS 9?, Mac Central, 10/28/99. OpenTransport 2.5 provides "improved performance and stability."
  • News: OS 9 (in)security, Think Secret, 10/28. "Also note that by starting up from a CD or other System Folder, anyone can gain full access to your computer. Important files should still be backed up routinely, and they should be encrypted to keep anyone from opening them."
  • Advice: Mac OS 9 install guide, MacTips. Step-by-step guide from preparation through installation.
  • Benchmark: Mac OS 8.6 vs. 9.0, Mac Speed Zone. OS 8.6 seems to be a bit faster.
  • Advice: Using Mac OS 9? Better keep virtual memory on, Mac OS Planet. Enabling virtual memory drops system memory requirements by about 13 MB!
  • OS: Mac OS 9 stole my notepad!, Power-Macintosh, 10/25. Note Pad no longer in the Apple Menu.
  • Review: Mac OS 9 boosts Internet access, file sharing, security, Infoworld, 10/25.
  • Opinion: Barriers to entry?, MacWeek, 10/21. "On the other hand I want Mac OS X to act like a minor system upgrade so there are no barriers to entry for the Mac community...."
  • OS: Mac OS 9 Special Report, MacNN. Ongoing report of OS 9 issues, including software incompatibilities.
  • Review: Mac OS 9, Macworld UK. "I have not had OS 9 installed for long, but it has reduced my number of crashes noticeably."
  • Opinion: Ten 6 Things I Hate About OS 9, Dan Knight, Mac Musings, 10/14. "Apple makes insanely great computers running insanely great operating systems. However, sometimes stepping forward also involves a few steps back."
  • OS 9: Mac OS 9 arrives!, Macs Only, 10/12. "Since I installed Mac OS 9 earlier today my Mac hasn't crashed once! This is a new record for my Mac."
  • OS 9: Troubleshooting Mac OS 9, MacFixIt Special Report. Reported incompatibilities and fixes.
  • Opinion: The new iMac and Mac OS 9, Jeff Lewis, Mac Opinion, 10/12. "Is this the iMac I wanted? Well, not quite, but it's a lot closer...."
  • OS 9: Review: Mac OS 9, MacSoldiers, 10/11. "Obviously I haven't had a whole lot of time to tinker around with the new operating system, but I did get to play enough to notice a few things."
  • OS 9: Mac OS 9 compatibility and the press,, 10/11.
  • News: $20 Mac OS 9 rebate, Apple Computer. Owners of Mac OS 8.5-8.6 may qualify for $20 rebate. Details on coupon in OS 9 box. ($89.95 from
  • OS: Mac OS 9 visual tour, MacNN. "The overall interface of Mac OS 9 remains virtually unchanged...."
  • News: Mac OS 9 breaks 384 open file limit, Ask Al, 10/7.
  • News: Mac OS 9 shipping, Mac Observer, 10/6. "The Apple Store has confirmed the fact that OS 9 is shipping...."
  • News: New iMac released, Mac OS 9 announced, MacWeek, 10/5. $999 iMac, $99 OS 9 due out Oct. 23.
  • Analysis: Beware: Mac OS 9 disaster looming, Graphic Power, 10/1. "This is a critical issue in the Graphics Industry."
  • Rumor: Mac OS 9.0 reaches Final Candidate 9, AppleInsider, 10/1. "The release will 'officially' be unveiled during Apple's Media Event to be held on October 5th...."
  • OS: Mac OS X Server, sent by Dagwood?, Todd Stauffer, MacCentral, 9/21. "Mac OS X Server is the coolest, most svelte, most interesting installation of Un*x I've ever seen."
  • OS: LinuxPPC & Mac OS X,, 9/15. Even-handed analysis of OS 10 vs. LinuxPPC.
  • Rumor: Mac OS 9 reaches final candidate, AppleInsider, 9/13.
  • Web: Mac OS, new Mac OS X site.
  • Rumor: OS X Client $99? G4/400 cut by year's end?, MOSR, 9/10. Apple aiming for $99 price and January delivery of OS X Client. "Yikes" G4 may be discontinued shortly after Sawtooth ships.
  • Opinion: OS X: The last step to world domination, Paul Yap, osOpinion. "If MacOS X Client delivers on its' promises, then the G4 will have an OS worthy of it."
  • Poll: Should/will there be Mac Clone makers for Mac OS X, MacBC
  • Opinion: IBM PowerPC motherboards: Apple's biggest opportunity yet, Bryan Chaffin, Mac Observer, 8/20. " will offer some great exposure for the PowerPC processor to lots of places that would probably not even consider running a Mac or MacOS X Server. That exposure will help Apple eat away at the Wintel hegemony...."
  • Opinion: Strange days for AIM, MacWeek, 8/19. "...a combination of third-party PowerPC boxes and Apple's open-source Darwin OS is just a short step away from running Mac OS X on non-Apple hardware."
  • Rumor: OS X for Intel alive, if not well, Mac OS Rumors, 8/16.
  • OS: Installing OS X on unsupported hardware, Xappeal
  • Rumor: OS X user-friendliness, Mac OS Rumors, 8/10. "OS X Consumer will never, ever require the user to use a command line for any reason."
  • OS: Linux on a Mac, iTeen Online, 8/3. Unix, Linux, BSD, and OS X.
  • OS: Mac OS 9.0 best special report, Mac OS Rumors, 8/2. "OS 9's performance appears to be significantly improved since 8.6...."
  • OS: Mac OS X Server support, Xappeal, 8/2. "I think the knowledge and easy, free available support gives Linux an advantage."
  • Opinion: Apple's Next Direction, Dan Knight, Low End Mac, 8/2. "The future is OS X, not BeOS, Linux, or Windows."
  • OS: Mac OS X: destined for greatness, Xappeal.
  • OS: Mac OS X Server gets enhancements, fixes, MacCentral, 7/20.
  • OS: Amazing, thy name is Ten, MacTeens. "OS X looks to be a representative for the true future of computing."
  • OS: Good outweighs bad with Mac OS X Server,, 7/19. "For starters, X Server is that Holy Grail Mac people have been begging for for years: a modern OS."
  • Opinion: Will Mac OS X Client succeed?, Xappeal. "...the advantages will make themselves apparent when the Mac OS X Client version offers superior features."
  • OS: This time the Flavorade is sweet, I, Cringely, 7/15. "Linux is already taking what would have been at least $2 billion in annual sales away from Windows NT. Microsoft spokespeople have said as much...."
  • News: Amiga chooses Linux for next generation OS kernel, MacTimes, 7/14. With Mac going OS X and IBM's OS/2 out of contention, the PC world will soon be divided between Unix-like operating systems and proprietary ones (read: Microsoft Windows).
  • OS: Why OS X Server is not running on my server, Mac Discussion, 7/12. "Pretty much the whole operating system is slower than it's BSD and Linux cousins."
  • OS: Mac on Linux runs Mac OS on many PowerPC-based Macs.
  • OS: Mac OS X developer preview 1, Mac OS Rumors, 7/7. "...paves the way for one of the most important revolutions in Mac computing since the PowerPC processor."
  • OS: FreeBSD and Linux benchmarked [Slashdot]
  • OS: A tale of two sytems, Daemon News. Linux and BSD Unix compared.
  • OS: Linux vs. NT as web server, c't [Xappeal]. Real world alternative to Mindcraft test includes comparison to OS X.
  • OS X: OS X on old Power Macs?, Xappeal. "...the Client release will support a wider range of hardware than the Server release."
  • OS X: Where's the new finder?, MacKiDo, 6/28. "As Mac users, we need to face the fact that the NeXT acquisition of Apple is complete."
  • OS: The promise of Mac OS X,, 6/21. "Most Mac OS users have high expectations for their Mac: it should just plain work."
  • OS: Mac OS X, raising the bar, Sunworld, 6/99. "Although I use FreeBSD for my server, I use (gasp!) Mac OS on my desktop machine."
  • Opinion: Five keys to Mac OS X success, MacWeek, 6/17. "Can Apple release an operating system so compelling that . . . owners of older Macs buy a new computer to run the new operating system?"
  • OS: Packages (new resources), MacKiDo, 6/16. The way Apple bundles resources is changing with Mac OS X and Carbon.
  • OS: What is Quartz?, MacKiDo, 6/14. "Apple created a new graphics system, for OS X, which is called Quartz."
  • Review: Mac OS X Server on the right track, Network Computing. "Although Mac OS X Server is a perfectly viable server as it stands, Apple is continuing to fine-tune it."
  • Review: Mac OS X - Ready to serve, NewMedia. "What you get is a pre-emptive multitasking, protected memory, multi-user, server operating system-UNIX that runs on Apple hardware."
  • OS: The Unix war: Epilogue, osOpinion. "Compare this to the Windows or Macintosh communities where the OSes, while superficially customizable in appearance, are virtually identical underneath."
  • Opinion: Mac OS X Server no easier than NT, so why bother?, Computerworld, 5/31. " was a shock to use an operating system that spread related functions across four very different interfaces in a seemingly random way."
  • Opinion: Every OS has its niche, osOpinion. "Mac OS X is the most promising of the bunch." "The Mac OS is the most mature consumer OS."
  • Web: moves to new server, 5/27
    Move to Unix improves capacity, plans to move to Mac OS X Server announced.
    ( is also moving to Unix. Performance seems about twice as fast as WebStar on a Power Mac G3.)
  • News: Mac OS X Server smokes Windows NT, Sun Solaris as web server, MacNN
    Information adapted from NewMedia shows OS X 3-7 times faster.
  • Opinion: OS X and the econoMac, Dan Knight, Mac Musings, 5/25
    "Once OS X Client ships, a lot of Mac owners are going to be left out in the cold."
  • OS: A look at Mac OS X Client, Xappeal
  • Rumor: Red box (Window on Mac OS X) rumors confirmed, Think Secret, 5/17
    "Having Windows on the Mac will greatly increase marketshare."
  • OS: Finding OS X support, MacWeek, 5/12
  • OS: Sonata expected late 1999, OS 10.0 Client in early 2000, Macs Only!, 5/11
  • OS: Mac OS X Client moving along, developer release 1 out, MacBC, 5/10
  • OS: Mac OS X Client delayed to 2000, MacInTouch, 5/10
    Apple shifting to Mach 3.0 microkernel, new "Quartz" windowing system, and different compiler.
  • OS: File naming, MacKiDo, 5/7
    Long file names, spaces, special characters, accent, and smart searching set Mac OS apart.
  • Opinion: Name your poison, Mac Opinion, 5/7
    Fascinating (albeit lengthy) article about human folly past and present, including Microsoft and Apple.
  • Rumor: Mac OS X to run PC software?, Think Secret, 5/6
    "Apple is probably going to outright buy Insignia and Connectix once it has Mac OS X far along enough that it can focus on integrating PC software support and making that support as transparent as possible."
  • First Look: Mac OS X Server, MacWeek, 5/5
    "One of the differences between Mac OS X Server and the current desktop Mac OS is the versatile multiuser environment."
  • Review: Mac OS X Server delivers, Infoworld, 5/3
    "Mac OS X Server is essentially a Unix box running a GUI that looks like Finder and acts like a combination of Finder and NextStep...."
  • OS: Installing Max OS X Server, MacWeek, 4/28
  • Analysis: Can OS X Server catch up?, Xappeal
    "If you make a Unix port with no Mac-like interface, then you lose your reason for porting it to OSXS in the first place...."
  • Networking: Put your files in the fast lane, Macworld Online
    "In this, the first in a series of Macworld articles to focus on working effectively in a networked world, Macworld Lab tested Mac OS-, Windows NT-, and even Unix-based servers...."
  • OS: Apple patches Mac OS X Server, Apple TIL 11355
    Updates Mac OS X Server to 1.0-1, improves NetBook and QuickTime performance
  • Opinion: Is Apple doing Unix right?, Mac Opinion, 4/20
    "The combination of Apple's usability engineering with the positive side of the Open Software movement is great."
  • OS: Linux shortchanged in comparison, Xappeal, 4/20
    "...I use Linux on a daily basis for word processing, programming, game playing, web browsing, etc., so I have enough of a grasp on the system to offer a credible rebuttal to the errors in the original article's criticisms."
  • OS: Let's get more educated about FreeBSD, osOpinon, 4/20
    FreeBSD (including MacBSD) is a freeware alternative to Unix and Linux.
  • Opinion: The Dark Side of Testing, or How Microsoft Always Wins, Mac Musings, 4/19
    "...some reviews and benchmarks are being deliberately handled so the Microsoft product is the hands down winner."
  • Analysis: Linux and OS X: a comparison, Xappeal
    "...Linux is only free if your time is worthless. It offers great stability, but OS X is ready to go NOW, and anyone who has used the MacOS or NeXTStep can probably set up a server using it in an afternoon."
  • Opinion: Is PowerPC on a limb?, MacKiDo, 4/14
    "This whole premise that Apple is going to 'exit the PowerPC model in 3 years' is someone's delusion."
  • Rumor: Apple to move on Merced, The Register, 4/13
    "Clearly an Intel insider can't be taken at face value where a rival processor platform is concerned."
  • Rumor: Intel working with Apple to bring Mac OS X to Merced?, Mac Mayhem, 4/13
    Speculation: Apple may port OS X to Merced without changing its own hardware from PowerPC (dk)
  • Rumor: Apple to transition to Intel by 2001. "Total fiction", AppleInsider, 4/13
    "Jobs deemed the rumors 'Total Fiction.'"
  • Opinion: How has Mac OS X Server launched?,
  • OS: Pick the best OS, osOpinion
    "...the winning OS is the best OS when you consider all the things a computer can do today and what is required to get it to perform these duties."
  • OS: Developers flocking to OS X Server, Applelinks, 3/30
    "Third-party vendors are already supporting Apple's new server OS with image processing, Web-browser, networking, e-commerce, email, newsgroup, Web server, database server, media asset management, system backup, file compression and software development tools, with more products on the way."
  • OS: Apple OS [X] could win some IT hearts, InternetWeek, 3/29
    "It's a very stable system. The G3 servers never go down. The thing has never crashed."
  • OS X: Installing Mac OS X Server on unsupported hardware, The MacOS Xclave, 3/26
    " can now install the new operating system onto systems which are not PowerMac G3s."
  • Opinion: The OS is dead; long live the OS, osOpinion, 3/24
    "...OS X, as a descendant of OpenStep, is a major step toward the disintegration of the operating system as we know it."
  • Opinion: The floodgates are opening, Macinsite, 3/23
    "Apple has opened the core source code of the software to the Open Source community. This move promises to popularize the operating system to the development community, and will pave the way for enhancements that Apple's already-outgunned engineering staff could never accomplish alone."
  • OS X Server: Mac OS X Server special report, MacInTouch
  • OS X Server: They missed the point of OS X Server!, OS Opinion
    "When combined with the new G3 Server model, it is the fastest Apache [web] server under $5,000, beating NT4 and Linux on an Intel 450 PII by a significant margin."
  • OS X Server: Ten Hut!, Tales from the Mac Side, 3/19
    "What OS X should do best is what NT has been trying desperately to do all along - bring network administration down to end-user simplicity levels."


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