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Bring PC Oppression to an End

- 2008.10.29 - Tip Jar

Mitigating circumstances have prevented me from writing until now, so I thought I might share on a topic that has weighed heavily on me as of late: The need for increasing Apple evangelism.

Normally, I have been content with sharing the virtues of the Mac with the few advanced PC users I know. But now, I don't feel it is enough. There is no excuse for anyone to have to struggle under an overly complicated and poorly designed operating system. So I have come to imbue within you, my fellow Mac lovers, a burning passion to set the captives free from their electronic slavery. We need to demand what rightfully belongs to us all: a good computer experience.

How Do They Tolerate It?

Honestly, I just don't understand how PC users go about their daily lives without losing their marbles. I used to be one of them, obsessively installing the latest security updates, bug fixes, antivirus definitions, etc.

I was letting my computer use be consumed by trying to make the thing work the way it was supposed to. Not only that, but I was trying to keep my data from being yanked out from under me by a nefarious hacker.

This is unacceptable. I felt like I was living in some sort of digital terrorist state, waiting with bated breath to see what new virus I would have to steel my systems against, what new worm was chomping at the bit to bring me down.

Looking back at those days, I often wonder how PC users are able to countenance this dystopian experience. In this day and age, there is no excuse for this kind of torture to be placed on the poor, huddled masses of computer users.

It's Not Just for Creatives; It's for Everyone

However, I have not always been a poster child for Apple love. Like many others, I had derided the Mac as an immature, useless little independent platform that would die on its own. The Microsoft mythos that Macs were inappropriate for any but creative professionals was always cited when defending Microsoft against Apple's little powerhouse platform.

After seeing the light, I haven't looked back. By the way, you might be interested to know that the two biggest Mac fans in my school are probably two of the most left-brained people there: the head of the math department and me, your humble wordsmith. It doesn't matter what you're into - from art to model rockets to chaos theory - the Mac is a perfect fit for you. (It can even run Windows.)

A Call to Arms

I have been a computer user for 11 years. I spent seven of those years living under the anti-Mac cloak of lies, propagated by Microsoft itself and its fans, those who still publish the same heinous bromide today.

The last four years have been a wonderful computing experience. As I sit at my Mac, preparing this column, I can smile to myself because I know I have chosen the right side.

My exhortation to you, my readers, is this: Spread the word. Spread the power and superiority of the Mac. Let this piece transform into a battle cry for Mac lovers now and in generations to come.

Who knows? We just might be able to win a few over to our side. LEM

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