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Cozmo - Sept. 8, 2000

Hi. Welcome to the salad course. I was thinking of Waldorf when I tossed this fresh mix with some juicy bits of Apple II and a few selected nuts. Bon Appetit.


> Hi there, fellow Quaddites. While on a prune-and-destroy 
> mission to clear up disk space on my Performa 630 CD, I 
> came across a hefty text document called "Remote Access 
> Log" in the Remote Access folder in my Preferences folder.
> From what I can tell, it's just logging my modem 
> connections, and while I appreciate some record of that, 
> I don't think I need a megabyte's worth. Is this the kind
> of regenerating log that I can trash without losing all 
> sorts of necessary preferences and it'll just reappear in
> a fresh and trim fashion (like Netscape's Global History)?
> I've tried Apple's TIL and a few reference books I 
> have around for information, but I've yet to be uncover 
> just how necessary this log is. What do you all think? 

Personally, I'd just trash it; but a more cautious type would store it on a floppy, just in case. I'm thinkin' it will grow back like a gecko's tail, after you trash it.


> 1) Apple II E 64K/80 col Card This will work on the Apple
> IIe in the auxiliary slot next to the power supply 
> toward the keyboard. It should say "This end toward 
> keyboard" on the card. It adds 64k of memory to the 
> internal 64k for a total of 128k of memory(RAM).
> Additionally it gives the computer the capability of 
> displaying 80 columns of text across the screen,
> 40 columns is standard,and it also allows "double 
> Hi-Resolution Graphics" above and beyond the standard 
> hi-resolution graphics mode. 

Don't forget that you can use the extra memory as a 64k RAM disk under ProDOS; it's automatic! It's fun! It's mandatory. Try it, you'll like it.


> If that was an option I would back up all my files on 
> some other media, reformat the Hard Disk with the Apple 
> HD setup, install the OS and put back my files, excluding
> extensions and control panels.

That's a Windows type method, not the Macintosh way. It will work, but you can also repair the Mac OS at the component level. If you need help, just ask. If I don't understand the problem, someone else on the list will. After you get the hang of it, you'll have a more elegant solution than the one used by your Windoid friends, and be the hero of your Mac buddies when they have problems.


> 3) Apple II parallel Interf Card This card will probably 
> work in any of the apple II, II+, and IIe as a printer 
> controller card to interface with a parallel connection 
> printer. Probably used in slot #3 most commonly. 

On the Apple II, the printer traditionally is addressed as pr#1; pr#3 is used to address the 80 column card. You CAN use what slot you like, but I would stick with convention on MY IIe, which BTW, is virtual. The same would also hold if I had a hardware II.


>> Gotta try Hot Sauce one of these days... ;-)
>> Gee, I think I recently downloaded one of those, what can
>> I do with it? Except pouring some on my sausages that is...

If we're thinking of the same app... This is a browser by Apple which is supposed to have a 3D effect when browsing. Sites fly past you, as though you are traveling through a - get this - Chrono Synclastic Infindibulum, which is Vonnegut's term for 'Spiral Time Warp'; that's what I thought of when I saw the photos, anyway. He claims those are English words. I may even have looked them up in an unabridged, years ago. I digress... It still works, but only on special sites written for it; I have links for them somewhere. I bet I found the links through google.com, or dogpile.com.

> Where can I obtain operating disks, e.g., Apple DOS 3.3, 
> for my Apple IIc? I've searched the Net and the Web and 
> found lots of mentions, but no disks to download.
> I *was* able to find the OS - 6.0.1-- for my IIGS. So, 
> I'm hoping that I can do the same for the IIc. 

First, go to http://home.swbell.net/rubywand/A2FAQs7GAMESITES.html, then scroll down and look for the French //c site. Look at the other sites as well. This rubywand site is an Apple II treasure trove. Write it down on paper. Tell your friends. Explore.

Many of the games will have either DOS 3.3 or ProDOS on them. If you are more into programming than games, look around for Beagle Bros disks; these are ALL way cool, open source before it was called that, and not copy protected. They are in the public domain, at least most of them, if not all. Some of these disks will have ProDOS on them, and some will have Apple DOS 3.3, others will have both. Give google.com a whirl, and see what come up. BTW, ProDOS 8 is on the 6.0.1 GS disk; if it was a snake, it would have bit ya'!


>>> Thanks for your efforts Coz, I think the floppies have become corrupted.
>> Try Disk First Aid and/or Norton's on the offending floppy?
> I asked to do that, it apparently didn't help.
> take care mate
> vincenzo

Sometimes you know of a technique which works, and tell a friend of it, giving very specific instructions. My friends will say thanks, and go off to try my 'trick', and fail because they improvised during the execution, or omit a step or two, or interject their own 'theories'. I get blamed for giving bullsh*t advice. All I can do is smile, and know that I have done my best to help. I love to dazzle the flatlanders by doing it for them, and hearing about how it did not work for them when they tried it! I am sure this has happened to you with your friends. I hope you will smile when you reflect on the times this has happened in your experience. It seems much easier to do someone's work for them, than it is to explain to them how to do it successfully. We each have our own paths to follow. I hope yours are less stony than others,


> If you are right, how will you explain than that there 
> are several Mac-Magazines having all the systems, from 
> MacOS 0.97 to MacOS 7.5.3, on their withcoming CD's, so 
> you even don't need to download? 

What they have on their CDs are the systems Apple has allowed to be freeware. System software 7.1 is not freeware. It will not be on the disks. Coz made a mistake. I know it is hard, but try to come to grips with that. There, isn't that better?

If all my answers were correct, you would quickly ascertain that I am a program written by Dan Knight to jazz up this list. I am therefore programmed to 'throw a curve' every once in a while.


PS: I am based on the old Apple II Pascal program 'Racter'. ;-)

> What makes 7.1 so special??

I like it because it is rather more stable than any of the System 7.5 flavors I have played with. I found 7.6.1 to have about equal stability, and OS 8.1 is my OS of choice. As to the 7.1 update, when I get a chance, and don't hold your breath, I'll dig out my 7.0 disks, compare with the 7.1 installed on my 40 MB external, and let y'all know my take on what the proprietary software might be. I read the answer once, but do not, at this time, recall. Happy computing,


> I have made numerous attempts at enabling Java in IE, 
> Netscape, and even iCab to no avail. 

I can run two flavors of Java in Internet Explorer, however, most of the time, I keep it turned off. If you upgrade to a 601 via backplane system (by adding a card), you will sacrifice speed in your 68k library (with the exception of FAT code), but you will be able to play newer and cooler games. You can control the 68k speed loss (because of the emulation involved) by disabling the card's driver with your extension manager. Is it worthwhile? That depends on your bank account, personal philosophy, and your love (if any) for your 840av. Hope this helps,


{]=- In Conclusion -=[}

I hope you enjoyed the salad. Please stop by next week for the main course, and the week after for the concluding Stinky Cigars and Brandy on the equinox. I'd like to thank my Mom, my List Mom, Mr. Douglas Lanier (for teaching me the scientific method) Mr. Lanier, I use it every day, but should have stuck with biology. I would also like to thank Eli Radish. And last, but certainly far from least, I'd like to thank Kurt Vonnegut Jr. for the $10 words, and for signing my draft card.


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