Vintage Macs

At Low End Mac, the Vintage Macs label applies to all Macs built around a member of the Motorola 680x0 CPU family, especially desktop models. These range from the first Macintosh of 1984 through the 68040-based Quadra series.

Hardware Guides

Compact Macs

Macintosh II Series

Macintosh LC Index

Includes LC, LC II, LC III, LC III+, LC 475, Performa 400-430, Performa 450, Performa 460, Quadra 605

500 Series Index

Includes 520, 550, 575, 580, Mac TV

Centris/Quadra Index

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Related Resources

Guide to NuBus Video Cards

Possibly the most comprehensive guide to NuBus video cards on the Web. Also has sections covering LC PDS, SE/30, and other types of video cards for vintage Macs.

Mac Classifieds

Where to go to buy or sell uses Mac stuff, including links to auction sites.

Online Tech Journal

Serious information about hard drives, networking, processors, and other things too technical to put in a regular editorial.

Upgrade or replace?

How to analyze your computing situation and decide if you're better off upgrading what you have or buying a newer Mac.

Road Apples

Before you buy a used Mac or consider upgrading the one you have, find out if it's a Road Apple. Most Road Apples are still pretty decent, but a few....

Used Mac Dealers

Where to find used Macs from dealers and individuals who specialize in older hardware.

56k Page

Why 56k modems don't do 56k - and links to other Internet connections such as DSL, cable modems, ISDN, and more.

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