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Cozmo - Sept. 1, 2000

Cozmo's Email is made up of mostly, well, Cozmo's email. Coz is an active participant in several Low End Mac email lists; that's where a good portion of his material comes from. List members hold him in varying degrees of awe, apprehension, bemusement, and disdain. Most enjoy reading what Coz has to say. We hope you'll feel the same way.

Cozmo writes on a Quadra 660av with 40 MB of memory and Mac OS 8.1. This project was written, and carried out almost exclusively, in Outlook Express, with much support from Internet Explorer, Cozmo's personal library, and his wealth of Macintosh experience. You may notice that Cozmo has some odd notions; so have we, and while we cannot agree with all of them, we do find him a kindred spirit, and wonder what the heck he's going to say next.

> #1: Can I simply swap out the caddy-loading CD-ROM in my 
> Centris 650 with a tray-loader (my one and only caddy is 
> in a very advanced state of entropy), and if so, do I 
> need a different bezel?
> #2: I have successfully SCSIed my newly acquired monster 
> HP Scanner to the Centris (I paid nearly as much for the 
> cable as I did for the scanner), how would I chain 
> another device to it, when it only has one 25 pin SCSI 
> port on it?
> #3: Can I somehow use my Ethernet port to hookup to one 
> of my other Macs, even if the other Mac doesn't have 
> Ethernet?
> wanna point me to some of their personal websites, etc. 
> made on a Quadra similar to mine so I can see what this 
> machine is capable of? 

Well, Sunshine Superman, you got the old Coz on this one; the list will give you some kind of award for putting me in my place this time. I don't have a caddy-load CD, scanner, home network, or website; you'll want the hands on that only the Quadlist can provide. But, hey! That never stopped you before! Okay, if you insist, here are a few thoughts:

  1. Within the last year, I have seen piles of caddys cheap at either Target and/or CompUSA.
  2. If I had a scanner, I'd scanner in the morning, I'd scanner in the evening... Oops! Sorry. ;-) If I did have a scanner, I would have it online only for the duration of the scanning project as the only external, and use the rest of my SCSI toys as 'the regular' setup.
  3. He, he, this one could be fun, but the more exotic you go with it, the less cost effective a solution it will become. Get a cheap Ethernet card.
  4. No website for me, but I could send you some personal art, if you want to see some of the Quadra's range.

That's it; sorry it's not more; we'll both learn a thing or four, when the list returns from their chatroom, the water cooler, or kitchen. Happy computing.

> i need to know the modem string of digicom botticelli 56k
> modem anyone can help me? i have the modem script file 
> inside the script modem folder into my system but how can
> i open it? 

Hello Matteo,

Have you been on vacation? If you change the file type to TEXT, you will be able to read your script; at least, the trick just worked with my US Robotics High Speed script, I don't have the one you speak of, but I assume it will work with all. Change the file type back to mlts when you are done, to test your edit.

Hope this helps.

> I really love Wintel geeks, all they look at is CPU clock
> speed, therefore a Pentium 133 MHz 'puter must be much 
> faster than a Mac PPC 75 MHz, YEAH RIGHT!!!! I prefer to
> keep them in their ignorant bliss, I get more deals that
> way!!!! 

Adverts and misconceptions are at the root of this. We even fall victim to this ourselves; have you lurked a game list lately? It's more about MHz bragging rights, than it is game theory, strategy, and tactics. All of my new computers have been both fun and useful, especially my Quadra.

Coz, Wintel 'geek'

> eeek! 640 x 480...i feel deprived when i use 832 x 624 but i 
> guess a multi res monitor will do that to ya once you 
> have tasted 1024 x 768 and larger it's hard to go back 

Thank you for your thoughtful advice; I'll avoid those pesky oversized monitors, as I'd care to avoid any pollution of my otherwise satisfactory computational experience. Do you have any advice as to how I can continue to produce good work on a tiny monitor, now that I've learned of the existence of large monitors?

What will my family and friends think when they find out I don't have the biggest monitor on the block? How can I go on? Come on, Listers, the old Coz needs your help with this tough nut (to crack). Please send me your spare large monitor so I can play with the big boys!!! I know there must be one in the nearest dumpster, but I'd get sooo dirty...


-=[} A pie flying towards your face.
> P-mail me
> and I'll send you a copy.

He, he, he. My dog loves his Pee-mail. That's how he keeps up with the news of his community.



> I had much better luck restoring
> system using Tech Tool Pro than
> Norton's. Has anyone else had same
> experience?

I don't use TechTool Pro* (too expensive), but I am familiar with Norton's and a wide variety of other tools. The effectiveness of any particular tool is dependent upon the problem you are having. You will not find a single magic bullet; at least I have not. BTW, your post looks rather like cyber-haiku.


* But I have heard glowing reports regarding its quality.

> Subject: Anti AIM
> I think many of us have both.

I don't use either. A main reason is that both are quite buggy, and I do not care to jeopardize my otherwise stable and well balanced system. I would also like to think that any of you who might be curious regarding my opinion on some important-to-you matter would prefer I gave it some thought and wrote carefully, than get something off the top of my head because instant gratification is so amazingly cool. I do understand that 'chatting' is more important to some people than it is to others. If you like doing this, and don't mind the crashes, by all means, enjoy! I'd have both, otherwise, and likely will, if and when they work properly on a 68k machine. Chat with you then.

> Why, indeed, does ANYONE like AOL?

Because they have families they wish to protect from pornographers, perverts, and other unnamed evils, and also because, unlike you, they don't know zip about computers. It's much easier to jump on a band wagon, for most people, than it is to blaze their own trail. In other words, adverts. Or, maybe it is only because there aren't enough Quadras to go around. ;-) You knew that...

> If you work with ResEdit, be sure you edit a copy of the 
> file, because actions done with ResEdit can't be undone. 

It is the second statement here which catches my eye. If you can edit the file once, why can't you edit it twice? Of course you can undo what you have done with ResEdit; follow your steps in reverse.


Don't get me wrong here; I am not saying don't work from a backup. The first statement is golden. If you are doing minor elective surgery, it can be undone. Plan ahead and think about what you are doing. You can do some pretty cool tricks with ResEdit, once you get past the fear.

> NO sound out of her. I believe everything is plugged into
> the right holes. 

The key word here is believe. Switch the leads, turn it on, and dive under a table.

> ever tried the software cameraid (shareware), a nice 
> utility for downloading pictures from digital cameras and
> with some tools to improve the images ? I use this 
> several times together with a Casio camera and it works 
> very fine ! It`s said to work with a lot of different 
> cameras. Sorry, don`t know whether it`s FAT binary (
> including 68k-Code for pre-PPC-machines) or PPC only, but
> worth to try it out on your Quadra. Have used it on my 
> G3/300 and iMac, never tried it on the 840av.

Sorry, I've never tried it. I use Apple Video Player to capture stills and video from a camcorder, and for photos, I get a diskette when I get the film developed. BTW, I have the lowly Quadra 660av, not the mighty 840. I am deeply satisfied with it. It meets my personal computing needs, and even exceeds them. I sincerely hope all of you enjoy your machines as much as I do mine. <insert your own wise crack here>

> Does anyone know if the Orb Tools are PPC only? 

I don't know why they did not compile the tools as a FAT application*, but they did not; it is PPC only. Orb Power Tools works with Quadras and is free from Total Recall. There is a link to it on the Castlewood site. Use the 68k driver from the Castlewood site ( Castlewood ORB Driver v 1.0.1), and use a short a SCSI cable as you can. HDSpeedTools works with the Orb drive, and it has free updates for life. I'm running a 660av, so I don't think you're having any sort of AV specific problem, which I am sure is a relief. Happy computing and enjoy the drive,


{]=- In Conclusion -=[}

I hope you enjoyed the hors d'oeuvres. Please stop by next week for the first course. I'd like to thank my Mom, my List Mom, Andy Warhol (for the warning), and a certain cranky old Texan, just because I feel like it. I would also like to thank Eli Radish. And last, but certainly far from least, the folks of the Quadlist, who gave me the ideas.


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