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Eric Schwarz - 2002.06.27

"Real People" isn't a bad ad campaign for Apple, just as "Think Different" wasn't a bad campaign. The problem is, Apple needs to learn who they are targeting and who they should be targeting.

If they want to get Windows users to switch, they need to change a few things.

Get the Kiddies

First, as it has been said elsewhere, Apple needs to advertise to everyone. From what I've seen, kids who would have influence on their family's computer purchases usually view Apple's products as bad. Why? They associate Macs with stupid stuff at school, rather than fun and games from their Wintel PC at home.

Of course, there are a few that like the Macs, but this seems to be the minority (in unscientific observations). Apple needs an ad campaign that shows all the cool stuff children (junior high and younger) can do with the Mac. I'm talking about stuff they care about, not really the iApps. Kids don't care if it crashes or how it works like their mind or how you can plug all your other electronics into it.

Get the High School/College Students

Besides the fact that students can get a discount on any Mac (Apple should advertise that), Apple should promote how easy it is to use a Mac on the Internet, whether it be at home, at school, or in a dorm. They need to convince consumers that the multimedia goodies loaded on a Mac are what students want (everyone in that age group seems to have a ton of MP3s and pictures).

Apple maybe could create mini-commercial/movies that are the length of regular commercials, but tell some kind of story (like the Volkswagen Jetta one where the guy makes it just in time to stop a wedding), and can involve instant messaging, projects, or anything else in young adult lives.

Prove that Macs Are Cheaper

For the money-conscious, Apple should create some ads showing what built-in hardware Macs have that cost extra on PCs. To Apple's Ad Department: Compare an Apple to an orange - I dare ya.

Show That Macs Aren't Limited Software-Wise

Apple needs to show people that all their favorite programs can be run on a Mac. They need to end the misconceptions that Macs can't use the most popular apps. This already has been kinda done on the current ads.

Show the Computers & Software

Sure, the idea behind the newest ads is that people know what an iBook is and what an iMac is, but the #1 computer company in innovations needs to still show their beautiful hardware and software. Maybe this sounds kinda dumb, but there are people who will buy a computer because of the way it looks (makes sense now, doesn't it?).

So What If They're "Real"?

I'm not sure if Joe Blow will decidedto buy a Mac because Liza Richardson said that her Mac doesn't crash. I don't think little Nicky the gamer decides to buy a Mac because of how it "just works." I think the website is a very good start (the tutorials, the top ten lists, and the other little things), but the "Real People" TV ads are just okay - Apple need not bash Wintel the way they do. It reminds me of the Pepsi ads where they always used to compare themselves to Coke. That kind of thing turns consumers off.

Apple does need to show how Macs and PCs can get along, and how the Mac is better than the PC, but they also need to advertise their products on a level that is above mudslinging. LEM

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