The Unibody MacBook, MacBook Pro sound problems, welcome to Macintel, and more, 2009.02.11. Also the joys of using a small Intel iMac with a big external display and issues with 1 GB of RAM in the Pismo PowerBook.
  • Love my MacBook Pro, excellent upgrade advice, unexpected Opera 10 Alpha behavior, and more, 12.18. Also Firefox 2 and 3 as processor hogs, almost no chance of Snow Leopard for PowerPC Macs, and Eudora withrawal woes.
  • Why Macs cost more than Dells, leaving the Mac for Dell and Ubuntu, and using both platforms, 12.17. Readers weigh in on what Apple would have to do to compete with Dell on price, the joys of Ubuntu on an Inspiron, and Dell on the go with a Mac at home.
  • New iPods vs. old iTunes, some netbooks more flexible than MacBooks, iCab 4 uses WebKit, and more, 12.10. Also Linux is more resource hungry and less responsive than OS X, the value of a 17" PowerBook, and looking forward to the diNovo Mac Edition.
  • OS X more efficient than Linux, Snow Leopard and PowerPC Macs, and Eudora woes, 12.03. A user reports both Panther and Leopard run more smoothly and use memory more efficiently than Linux. Also thoughts on PowerPC abandonment in Snow Leopard and replacing Eudora in Leopard.
  • Another way to run WeatherBug, Aspire One runs OS X, 17" MacBook Pro hi-res display, and more, 11.25. Also finding that 'just right' notebook computer, car, or truck.
  • Love my refurb MacBook Pro, Eudora forever, and the lightest AA batteries, 11.18. Also questions about Nvidia GeForce 8600 problems in earlier MacBook Pro models and importing Eudora mailboxes into Eudora successors.
  • Refurb MacBook Pro value, MacBook too big to replace 12" PowerBook, Pismo noise, and more, 11.12. Also installing OS X using FireWire Target Disk Mode, running Virtual PC under Leopard, and how to use filters in iCab.
  • Best refurb MacBook Pro value, AirPort Card thermal issues, Opera vs. iCab, and more, 11.05. Also more thoughts on the lack of FireWire on the Unibody MacBook.
  • Attractive and ugly Macs, discontinued MacBook Pro value, and writing with TextEdit, 10.30. Readers weigh in on the good, the bad, and the ugly of Macintosh design over the past 24 years.
  • No FireWire on MacBook a deal breaker, getting Pismo working with AirPort, and Pismo screen replacement, 10.29. For those with FireWire peripherals, the Unibody MacBook falls short. Also fixing a Pismo that won't recognize AirPort and replacing its display.
  • 3 reasons to use a Mac, and Pismo troubleshooting, 10.15. Why one Windows user is also a Mac user, a Pismo that can't see its AirPort card, and sources of kernel panics.
  • The power of older Macs, why Vista only sees 3 GB of RAM, Wangwriter supplies, and more, 10.08. Also the end of an era as MIT HyperArchive shuts down and another suggestion for profiling Windows computers.
  • Tiger great on old G3 'Books, maximum RAM for 867 MHz PowerBook G4, and more, 10.01. Also why 4 GB of RAM in a 32-bit Vista PC wastes most of the last gigabyte and system profile software for Windows PCs.
  • Car seats for computing, ThinkPads vs. Mac 'books, power outages, and more, 09.24. Also Time Machine and hard drive failure, more on early portable PCs, UPS for the Mac mini, IMAP and dialup, and more.
  • Portable Mac as primary vs. secondary computer, looking at ThinkPad design, and more, 09.17. Also learning from the Mac Portable, upgrading a PowerBook 5300, another free app to assure maintenance routines are run, and more.
  • In praise of rugged Mac notebooks of the past, POP3 vs. IMAP email, and buying glasses online, 09.11. G3 PowerBooks were the high water mark for ruggedness, expandability, and reliability. Also the benefits of POP3 email for dialup users, and another article praising online eyewear.
  • Routine maintenance tasks still run inconsistently in Leopard, 09.10. Apple has been trying to get routine maintenance scripts to run consistently since the release of Mac OS X 10.4, but users are still reporting problems under 10.5.4.
  • Only Leopard runs routine maintenance tasks after startup or waking from sleep, 09.04. Mac OS X 10.5 runs routine system maintenance scripts as soon as possible after starting up or waking up your Mac. Earlier versions of OS X do not do this.
  • Another free POP3 provider, recharging a dead PRAM battery, current Kanga value, and more, 09.03. GMX email now available in US, Panasonic UJ-841S drive won't burn discs, restoring a dead PRAM battery in a Pismo, and thoughts on Kanga value today.
  • Resurrecting a dead Pismo, Spotlight search tip, and EasyFind a good file finder, 08.27. Lots of tips on bringing a comatose Pismo back to life, a Spotlight file name search tip, and EasyFind as an alternative to Spotlight.
  • Pismo won't start, Spotlight finds too many files, and Panasonic SuperDrive in Pismo, 08.20. Resetting a dead Pismo, an alternative to Spotlight gives better results, and success with the Panasonic UJ-850 drive in Pismo PowerBooks.
  • Using Word 5.1 files with later versions of Word, keyboard marks on a MacBook screen, and more, 08.14. Also the value of Panasonic's UJ-850 for older PowerBooks and shipping concerns about the SteelPad mousepad.
  • Why choose OS 9 today?, OS 9 WiFi security, mousing with Parkinson's, and more, 08.06. Limitations of using OS 9 today, putting a Panasonic SuperDrive in a Pismo, and the best pointing device for those with Parkinson's.
  • A use for bad RAM, WiFi security for OS 9, Steve Jobs' health, and more, 07.30. Also tricking out your notebook, Belkin's portable power hub with USB, and upgrading to Mac OS X 10.2.
  • Buying glasses online, iCab on G3 iMacs, USB adapter for WallStreet, long term support, and more, 07.16. Also whether a 1.67 GHz PowerBook is a sensible choice, midrange or top-end the best value, Opera can change the way you work on the Web, and more.
  • Leopard best OS for G4 PowerBooks, support expectations from Apple, back to Opera, and more, 07.09. Leopard features worth a little performance compromise, depreciation and the best value Macs, voice dication software for PowerPC Macs, and more.
  • Depreciation game a gamble, best OS for 12" PowerBook, Opera 9.5 fast with unique features, and more, 07.02. The depreciation game requires educated guesses, Tiger the best OS for a 12" PowerBook, why Opera rocks, and a Mac using sci-fi writer who loves the free market.
  • Praise for Opera, low cost iBook mobo replacement, IrDA and IRtalk, WaMCom recommended, and more, 06.18. Also the use of 'compleat', booting from CD, new Toshiba 1.8" drives too thick for MBA, and PowerPC support and Snow Leopard.
  • Skip 867 MHz 12" PowerBook, iBook sleeps when touched, Netscape 7.0.2 keeps crashing, and more, 06.11. Also getting a copy of the Mac OS for a Power Mac ONE, and whether it can run Linux.
  • Netscape 7 for OS 9, Compact Flash faster than hard drive in PB 1400, MacSpeech Dictate, and more, 05.28. Also using VNC over a network so two Macs can share one monitor and the VTBook graphics upgrade for Pismo.
  • 1 display with 2 Macs, flash memory for file transfer, Quicksilver or TigerLaunch?, and more, 05.21. Also running a PowerBook 1400 from Compact Flash, format=flowed for email, and OS 9 nice for browsing without Flash.
  • Pismo battery and screen problems, Zip vs. hard drive for backup, and MacBook Air packaging, 05.07. Diagnosing battery problems and a fuzzy screen on a Pismo, backup options for Power Macs, and the small size of the MacBook Air's packaging.
  • Troubleshooting Eudora, backing up a Beige G3, and why Macs are green, 05.01. Problems getting help with Eudora, backup options for a Power Mac G3, and how the long-term usefulness of Macs makes them environmentally friendly computers.
  • Picking the right 'Book, clamshell iBook memories, and alternatives to SCSI-to-USB, 04.23. Choosing a good used 'Book for Classic, remembering the clamshell iBooks, and alternate options to avoid spending $99 on a SCSI-to-USB adapter.
  • 18 bits can't display millions of colors, today's magic is different from yesterday's, and more, 04.16. Also more feedback on Mac browsers, slow dialup Internet, and a SCSI-to-USB 2.0 solution.
  • Frustrated with Opera and Firefox, classic form factors, 18-bit color, and more, 04.09. Problems with Mac browsers, the sufficiency of 18-bit color, design classics, and the magic of Macs and baseball.
  • Fading magic at Apple, Major League Baseball's rebound, and an iMac that won't boot from a CD, 04.02. Reflections on Apple's success as a business, CD-ROM problems in a G3 iMac, and Pismo processor problem solved with thermal paste.
  • Newer iPods not compatible with Panther, iCab great with OS 9, and backing up to Eudora 6.2.4, 03.19. Newer iPods require recent versions of iTunes, QuickTime, and OS X. Also iCab may be the best browser for Mac OS 9, and stepping back from Eudora 8 to 6.2.4.
  • Maximum MacBook RAM, booting PowerPC Macs from USB, Eudora 8 'different', and more, 03.12. Also possibly replacing a 1.33 GHz PowerBook with an Intel-based 'Book and recent iPod incompatibility with Panther.
  • Solid State Drive experiences, OS 9 browsers, Tiger install problems, and more, 03.03. A longtime SSD user weighs in, browser options for Mac OS 9, problems installing Tiger using Target Disk Mode, Odysseus to replace Eudora, and Office 2008 questions.
  • What is a 'reconditioned' laptop?, finding Tiger for an iBook, Pismo burning through CPUs, and more, 02.18. Where to find a copy of OS X 10.4 for an iBook, 'reconditioned' vs. 'refurbished', Pismo problems, and political discussion on the Mac Web.
  • MacBook Air upgradable enough?, Lombard cache problem, and more on the liberal-conservative debate, 02.04. Another go around on whether Mac users are liberal or conservative. Also looking for an OS X driver for the Netgear WG511T.
  • Picking a lapdesk, MacBook Air the new Cube?, Pismo won't start, and Entourage vs. Mail and Eudora, 01.28. Looking at pads for notebook computers, why the MacBook Air is the new Cube, a Pismo that stopped working, and whether Entourage is a good alternative to Mail and Eudora.
  • Liberals, conservatives, and Mac users, 01.28. Readers weigh in on whether Mac users are liberal, conservative, green, or socialist.
  • DRM in Mac OS X, Ubuntu and BSD as alternatives to OS X, the power of Eudora, and more, 01.14. More thoughts on Apple's digital rights patent and OS X, free non-DRM alternatives to OS X, Eudora and dialup, and adding AirPort to a white iBook.
  • Dialup fix for Leopard, scripting for cooler laptops, the Griffin iMate battery, and more, 01.02. Also Eudora as the 'correct' email client, a fan of the Mozilla version of Eudora, and another text processor for Mac OS X.
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