The iEmulator and 'Other Red' controversies, 12.12. iEmulator appears to be nothign but a ripoff of an open source program, and the legitimacy of the "Other Red" program remains under question.
  • Web leaving Mac OS 9 behind, Pismo and Tiger, USB for PowerBook 5300, and more, 12.11. Also a Pismo with no video, USB vs. USB and FireWire external drive enclosures, free WordPerfect download, and iListen in Canada.
  • Extended warranties debated, giving 'Other Red' benefit of the doubt, MacBook closed-lid cooling, and more, 11.13. Also problems using Target Disk Mode to install Tiger, Afterthemac 802.11g USB adapter, iEmulator x86 emulation for PowerPC and Intel Macs, and unsupported operating systems.
  • Disabling deep sleep on MacBooks, 'Other Red' a scam?, mixed RAM can reduce performance, and more, 11.13. Also other disk utilities Mac owners should know about, Lombard cooling, Netscape 7 on OS 9, Final Vinyl for ripping LPs, and more.
  • Best OS X for Pismo, mixing RAM speeds, LP to MP3, SpeedFan cools MacBook running Windows, and more, 10.30. Also Lombard still rocks, Powerlogix WallStreet upgrade tip, old Macs still perform admirably, a 64 GB flash drive, and RadTech's clever BT600 mouse design.
  • Ubuntu on older Macs; Lombard, Pismo, and WallStreet upgrade questions; installing clamshell RAM; and more, 10.09. Also more on why some older Macs can't read modern CR-R discs and Russell Beattie's 'underhanded' criticism of OS X.
  • Ubuntu Linux not best for Macs, OS 9 on Macintel, using FireWire Target Disk Mode to install OS X, and more, 09.25. Also looking at WallStreet hard drive ugprades, problems with fifth-generation iPods scratching, and media issues when reading CD-R and DVD-R.
  • iMac startup problem solved, PowerBook 5300 and WallStreet memories, removing languages, and more, 09.11. Also Kanga "all I need", another WallStreet upgrade, dual USB iBook thoughts, and problems reading CD-R in older Macs.
  • Clamshell iBook viability, problem reading CD-R, OS X unstable with video compression, iCab 3.0.3, and more, 08.21. Also possible solution for booting into OS 9, WallStreet upgrade value, Power Mac no longer jinxed, MacTV value, AIM for ancient Macs, and more.
  • OS X features for OS 9, Opera as default browser, MacTV value, jinxed Power Mac, and more, 08.02. Also an unexpected iMac G3 startup problem, where to find older versions of AOL Instant Messenger, and a homemade digital Rolleiflex TLR.
  • More laptop cooling ideas, more on FireWire installation of OS X, Flash Player and iCab, and more, 07.31. Three more laptop cooling solutions, ins and outs of installing Tiger via FireWire Disk Mode, getting Flash Player working with iCab, and where to find support for the eMac.
  • More ways to add OS 9 features to OS X, modem problems with MacBook and USB modem, Opera problem, and more, 07.17. Also potential problems using Target Disk Mode to install the OS, using Classic on Intel Macs, value of Pismo G4 upgrades, "Tiger" on a G3 iMac, better laptop ergonomics, and more.
  • More on the best classic Mac OS browser and video capture optionCharles Moore, Miscellaneous Ramblings, 06.28. WaMCom as the best classic Mac browser, software suggestions for OS 9 video capture, and two hardware alternatives to having your Mac do the video conversion.
  • Mac Pro musings, no Pismo startup chime, changing a user's Short Name, MacBook drive upgrades, and more, 06.26. Also OS X installation questions, a cool hard drive gadget, thoughts on Mark Pilgrim switching from the Mac, and more on an upgraded Pismo vs. a PowerBook G4.
  • Matte vs. glossy screens, upgraded Pismo vs. 12" PowerBook G4, video capture with OS 9, and more, 06.05. Also how DiskWarrior can save the day even when it 'fails', thoughts on keyboards for those with neuropathy in their hands, Norton SystemWorks for Mac, and more on OS X browsers.
  • Best OS for older Macs, why OS 9 remains a player, Camino browser fast, DVD-RAM support for Macs, and more, 05.22. Also MaxiMice as a potential replacement for Scrollability, Links an alternative to WannaBe, putting a 300 MHz CPU in a slower WallStreet, Word 2004's Word 5.1 option, and more on Pismo modems and Tiger.
  • Pismo modem issues, best Mac keyboard, Pismo processor upgrade value, and more, 05.01. Also swapping screens between Lombard and Pismo, more on Frankenpismo, PRAM reset may resurrrect dead Lombard, and more on the dead Lombard.
  • Best Lombard replacement, Pismo CPU upgrades, a trackball tip, and more, 04.17. Also a "Frankenpismo" project, market value of the color PowerBook 170, and thoughts from another David Pogue fan.
  • Copyright bullies, fair use, fear of change, free culture, ballistic laws, opting out, and more, 03.20. Readers weigh in on attacks on fair use, the RIAA's fear of new technology, the way copyright law no longer serves the public interest, and more.
  • Pismo and Panther, Pismo on last legs, and Lombard vs. PowerBook G4, 03.08. More on OS X 10.3.9 as the best for Pismo, Pismo plagued with kernel panics, and whether to upgrade a Lombard or replace it with a PowerBook G4.
  • Upgrade for compatibility, SeaMonkey fastest Mozilla, LimeWire, and journalistic credibility, 03.06. Upgrades may be fore compatibility and ease of use, not just speed. Also SeaMonkey the fastest Mozilla browser, LimeWire for sharing files, and the credibility of new media vs. old media journalism.
  • Tips for Pismos, 10.3.9, resetting a stuck modem, using widgets without Tiger, and more, 02.27. More advice on dealing with Pismo modem problems, OS X 10.3.9 as the best OS for Pismos, and two utilities Panther users should know about.
  • Dvorak adoption notice, tips for Apple's Yo-yo power supply, old iMac a good value?, and more, 02.27. Also a 'Pismo up in smoke' update, Lombard up in smoke, iBook G3 logic board problems, Wangwriter appreciation, and more.
  • Pismo up in smoke, Macintel ends virus-free Macs?, G3 iBook a risk with logic board problems?, and more, 02.06. Also the great value of a refurbished 20" iMac, booting OS X on WallStreet with an external CD drive, and ramblings about the MacBook name, the usefulness of old Macs, and working with Windows Mobile.
  • Future of FireWire, NKJV Bible software?, WallStreet battery and keyboard problems, Macintel or G5?, and more, 01.23. Also OCR on the Mac, trackpad issues, UPS Canada brokerage fees, the fate of SpellTools, and Macs for Internet cafes.
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