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The First Generation iPad Blues

- 2012.06.27

Here's the problem - I bought a first generation iPad when the iPad 2 came out, and now I'm thinking I want AirPlay and all the new tech goodies that go with iCloud. It would be okay to take pictures and movies, I guess, and it would be real neat to stream the desktop of my iPad to a projector or TV.

Here's the rub: I'll need an AppleTV to connect to the projector or TV. I might want to buy a portable WiFi spot or sign a 3G or 4G network contract. I might want to upgrade to OS X 10.7 Lion and use the iCloud.

First Things First

Here is my plan: I'm going to buy Lion on a thumb drive, wipe my MacBook's hard drive, install OS X 10.7 from the thumb drive, and restore my apps and files from my Time Machine backup. I am a newbie on Lion, so if anybody has some better advice, please drop me an email. I'm just a little worried about downloading Lion on top of my OS X 10.5 Leopard. I'd rather do a clean install - I have a hunch that some of the problems I have heard of are due to the install over the Web. Okay, this is the way I've done it in the past, and I am an old dog who barks at new tricks (suspiciously).

I know I am waiting until the last minute, but seriously, I've enjoyed the MobileMe situation for a long, long while. And updating to Lion will (down the road) push me towards buying that new iPad. It's hard to look at my current iPad and say, that's obsolete, but I have to do a careful pluses vs. minuses debate as to whether the new purchase is cost effective and/or necessary.

I love using my first generation iPad for the stuff I used to crack open my MacBook for. It's fast and easy to catch up with my email, write (with a keyboard, naturally), cruise the Net, watch videos, and use the specialized apps that come with the iOS experience.

Why I Want a New iPad

But it sure would be nice to share what's happening on the iPad with others and show videos or YouTube on the big screen. Moving to new hardware means that I could use the new iOS 6 and have a groovy, new relationship with the Apple mothership. Plus, I checked out the new Retina Display on the New iPad at a local Apple Store, and it is sharper.

There is always the cost factor. But one thing working in my favor is that I don't need to load up on the memory with my next iPad. I have found that PogoPlus does a great job of streaming (and backing up) my music, videos, photos, and documents to my portable devices. And Apple's iCloud services should help in that area as well, but I am not giving up my Google email and other services.

Always have backups to the backups, young Jedi Knight.

John Hatchett's black MacBook
John Hatchett's black MacBook.

But first, the new operating system for my MacBook. It still serves as the starting point for my digital empire and functions as the One Ring in my electronic Middle-Earth. (One laptop to rule them all and in its blackness - it's a black MacBook, get it? - bind them. OMG, what was in that herbal tea I just drank?!)

I'll let you know how the install goes and whether Lion is a roaring success. LEM

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