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Macs are reliable, but sometimes you run into unexpected problems: The Mac you've been using for 10 - 15 - even 20 years dies, and your newer Macs can't read its SCSI hard drive. Those old MacWrite files on 800K floppies can't be read in any USB floppy drive. You need to burn old data to CD or DVD and have no way of networking your old Mac to your OS X machines. You have a program or piece of hardware that requires a specific Mac or OS version, and you just can't find a replacement machine.

Those are the kind of things we can help you with at Low End Mac Services, whether you're local (Grand Rapids, Michigan) or located across the country.

Upgrade Advice/Consulting

We can help you understand your upgrade options for your old Macs - how much memory they can use, how big a hard drive, what versions of the Mac OS, etc. We can help you find upgrades for older Macs.

Data Transfer

We specialize in Mac file transfers, such as moving data files or applications from floppy disks and SCSI hard drives to more modern media, including CD-R, DVD-R, USB flash drives, external FireWire or USB drives, and IDE hard drives. Copying file to new media usually requires two business days, but next day and same day service are usually available.

File Conversion

We may be able to convert data files from obsolete software (e.g., MacWrite) to modern data formats. This is on a case-by-case basis; please contact us with your specific needs. We'll see what we can do for you.

Hardware Replacement

We may be able to replace an old Mac with a similar model in cases where you have software or hardware that is not compatible with more modern Macs. Our inventory of previously owned Macs usually includes several models from the Mac II, Quadra, and Power Mac eras. Let us know what you need; we probably have something here that we can sell or lease.

We may also have verfied used components such as floppy drives, power supplies, and hard drives. We do not provide repair services, only component level replacement.

Mac Disposal (Local Only, Limited Quanities)

We've helped out local schools and businesses dispose of old Macs. Our rates are very competitive, and we do our best to avoid these computers going into landfills; we'd rather refurbish them or salvage what parts we can. What we can't use, we will dispose of responsibly.

Service Area

Low End Mac is headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan. If we can't come to pick up things, we offer local pickup and delivery by The Green Chauffeur LLC, an environmentally conscious business that uses hybrid vehicles exclusively. On site services may be available, but most work is done in house.

We offer services to clients anywhere shipping is available, whether via the US Postal Service, UPS, or FedEx. Shipping charges are passed on with no markup, although there is a packing fee for shipping hardware (hard drives, computers, etc.) We accept payment via PayPal.

About Dan Knight

Dan Knight has been publishing Low End Mac since 1997, worked as a Mac IT guy from 1992 to 2001, sold computers at ComputerLand of Grand Rapids (MI) from 1988 to 1992 and at Heath/Zenith Electronics in Virginia Beach (VA) in 1987 and 1988. He first used a Macintosh in 1986, when he designed a booklet using PageMaker 1.0 on a Mac Plus. He has been a Mac user for nearly as long as there have been Macs, and he lives the "low end" Mac life, using a Power Mac G4 as his primary computer.

Dan's collection of Mac ranges from 512 KB models through a 2004 eMac with a host of desktop machines, several PowerBooks, and a few iMacs among them.

He has done it all - well, almost. Running AppleShare file servers, troubleshooting hardware, OS and software updates, moving a network from AppleShare to ethernet, working with WiFi, backup management, migrating users from older Macs to newer ones, running Mac-based Web and mail servers, and much more. That's the expertise he brings to Low End Mac Services.


At present, our minimum fee for email or phone support is $50. For other services, $100. We offer a 20% discount for immediate payment. See our rates page for details.

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