LoveLetter Virus, a.k.a. Love Bug

May 4, 2000 - 10.50 A.M. EDT: This virus was first detected today and apparently originates in the Philippines. Perhaps the first online resource was the F-Secure Virus Information Page. It was the only one I could find when first posting this article.

Odds are pretty good that you will receive this email. It is a worm containing a Visual Basic script that uses the Microsoft Outlook email client to send itself to everyone in the recipient's address book. Everyone.

And we all know how dominant both Windows and Outlook are. This is spreading like wildfire. We've already received it.

It cannot infect Macs, unless you are running Windows and Outlook with a DOS card or via Windows emulation software. However, if you forward it to a Windows user, it will infect their systems.

This virus will make a mess of a Windows computer, so warn your Windows-using friends. It has already forced some companies to shut down their mail servers and internet connections.

Mac users, just delete the message and attachment.

Windows users, do not open this email. Do not give the enclosed file any opportunity to run.

11:20 A.M.: From a poster on Slashdot, "if the preview pane is open in Outlook, the script runs without you even opening the mail." Others dispute this. I don't do Windows or use Outlook, so I can't say more.

Also, Computers swamped by "love" virus, BBC News.

11:50 A.M.: LoveLetter worm apparently infects Windows versions of both Outlook and Outlook Express.

12:10 P.M.: MacInTouch denies the worm infects Outlook Express.

May 5, 2000 - 7:00 A.M. EDT: Reuters is reporting at least four variants on what Slashdot has called the first Open Source virus.

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