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Mac as Religion in the UK

Dirk Pilat - 2001.05.15

Hello, fellow aficionados of Macintosh computers all over the world! I hope you are all scraping together your last cents (pence, pfennige, escudos, dinares, whatever) to buy that lovely new metal-looking takeaway computer which our prophet and visionary numero uno, his insanely greatness Steve Jobs, has brought upon us like manna from the heavens.

Funny that at the end of April, as I was just in the middle of my contemplation on religion, Steve Jobs , and Apple Computer, a large green envelope folloped into the hall of my modest house in the Scottish wilderness with the census questionnaire of her Majesty's Government.

Every ten years the queen and her ministerial minions want to know whether we are still out there, how may of us are still around, whether we're healthy, in work or maybe lazy b******s, what ethnicity we feel we belong to, and what we believe in. Many felt that religion is not anyone's business at all, but apparently a lot of clever people out there put "Jedi" under the question of which faith they belong to. Some were even more clever and stated that "OS X" was there faith of choice. Does that categorize them as pagans, devil-worshippers, or just plain loonies?

Another couple of thousand of her Majesty's subjects apparently put "Steve Jobs Worshipper," "Macintosh User," and "Apple Computer" in the appropriate box.

The most important question is whether this will have any influence on future policy decision of the government? Will VAT on iMacs be lowered? Is Steve Jobs birthday going to be a public holiday? Will floppy disks be banned? Will there be tax-increases on Windows machines? Maybe even a Knighthood for Woz?

One thing is nevertheless for certain: There a lot of people who should get out more. LEM

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