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Dirk Pilat - 2001.04.06

Hello, my dear geek friends across the Atlantic.

Apparently over 2000 of you wanted to read Why Low End Mac Users Are Nuts. Great! Unfortunately, some didn't get that I didn't say that low-end Mac users are nuts - it was that magazine guy. Remember? Good, so stop flaming.

Anyway, back to cradle of transatlantic culture, Great Britain: Last week, the tech sections of the broadsheets (meaning newspapers without naked women on page three) were full of reviews and features of that watery thing, aeh, NetBSD with Aqua thingie, OS X (or Oh aess taen point zero, as my British friends would call it).

One of the reporters of the Guardian, a chap called Cameron Paterson, dodging smelly men in anoraks and strangely formed laptops, sneaked into the presentation of Apple UK's Stuart Harris at one of London's few Apple retailers and - shock, horror - met an Italian Graphic Designer called Fabio with an Apple tattooed on his arm, who told the reporter trustworthily that he "thinks, sleeps and works with Macs" (see, and I always thought that Italians have better things to do) and that he would soon have a X tattooed on his back. Oh, well.

Meanwhile things were getting so steamy inside the shop that one of the staff members demanded to open the windows, which prompted the response, "that's the last word I want to hear tonight," from one of the punters.

In the real world, meanwhile, the new OS had modestly well received reviews by the papers, although criticising the lack of hardware support (and bloody well true: I have an eight month old USB Samsung Laser Printer which seems to be as useless as a doorstopper when it comes to printing under OS X). And, as usual, the rest of the public didn't notice, as Apple The new iMacsis still promoting the -ahem- cleverly designed new iMacs in its TV commercials (mostly on obscure satellite channels after 11 p.m.) with the revolutionary formula: "Rip. Mix. Burn."

In the advent of BSE and Foot and Mouth Disease and burning carcasses everywhere, maybe this is not such a good slogan.

Back to the media, the Mac-Mag with the most sophisticated readership and a revolutionary layout, MacUser (whose columnists, BTW, still happily endorse low-end Mac use, as they still remember how they started the mag The Macintoshwith two 128k Macs) featured a very good looking, stark naked young Afro-Caribbean gentleman on the cover of their last issue, whose modesty was just covered by a gleaming Titanium PowerBook - creating the sort of outrage you get when you put naked people on front covers (and not on page 3, like the "Sun"), only this time the complaints came from the male side of the public (probably the ones that buy the "Sun" or the "Daily Star" (brrr..) in the morning) who thought the images were sexist. Surprised?

I wonder what Fabio, the Apple-wearing Italian, would have said to that. (BTW: fortunately the guardian reporter told him that if he would go ahead with his new tattoo, he would become an official endorser of Microsoft's XboX.) LEM

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