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iBook: Curse or Godsend?

Dirk Pilat - 2001.08.31

Hi everybody!

It's time again for another five minute meditation on overly long sentences, pan-Atlantic multiculturalism, and the odd thought on an Apple-related subject. So, while Jazz FM's Dinner Jazz show is providing the necessary atmosphere, I am typing happily in my new broom cupboard (you really can't call it a flat) in London (a doddle: 800 dollars per month iBook 2001for a furnished flat I can't even invite my own girlfriend to for the fear of overcrowding) on my iBook, as the iMac had to go for being too big. But as I am quite happy about it's size and design, I detected during the last four weeks a couple of habits of the most expensive computer I ever bought that I find quite disturbing.

The first thing I noticed after only one flight was that the nice white plastic cover scratches easily and is a nightmare to keep clean. The next thing I noticed was that the screen is extremely unforgiving about any kind of attempts to clean it. I've got a nice collection of stains on it, which I dunno how to remove.

The palm rest on the left becomes pretty hot when you use it on the bed, as the soft mattresses and duvets remove any chance of circulation. Damn, a laptop you can't use in bed.

The trackpad is a nightmare to use in shoot 'em ups like Deus Ex, and I can't count how often I've been killed by some stupid terrorist just because I couldn't keep the gun steady. Oh yes, and it refuses to work when the computer overheats (see above).

Crashes: As I am using the odd beta version, I don't mind crashes, but every time the bloody thing freezes and I restart it using the reset button, the date resets to 1904. Surely the pram battery can't be empty already?

Speed: I expected a significant speed improvement compared to my 233 MHz iMac, but due to the performance restrictions with the battery saving mechanisms, it takes time to get its rear in gear.

Looking at Apples discussion sites, I seem not to be the only person to have these problems, but as this is, let us rejoice in the concept of communal help. I eagerly anticipate your responses and advice, and I will post the most helpful comments on this very website in a week's time.

From that multicultural hotspot that is London,
Dirk LEM

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