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Major League Baseball Sues Apple Over Sphere

- 2000.08.01

8/1/2K: Late Monday afternoon, "Bud" Selig, commissioner of Major League Baseball, announced that the league is exploring legal action against Apple Computer. The complaint, based on the new G4 Cube's spherical speakers, will reportedly charge that Apple is infringing on copyright restrictions.

Baseball's baseball, which has been in use for about 150 years, is a white sphere that is primarily used when playing baseball. Measuring 9-9.25" in circumfrence, it somehow bears a resemblance to Apple's new spherical speakers.

There are differences in design, however. Most notably, the new speakers are modeled in translucent plastics and are somewhat smaller than a baseball. In addition, the baseball comes bundled with no peripherals, lacking a bat, glove, and cap - none of which come with Apple's Cube, either.

These facts did not, however, stop Selig from charging Apple with infringement. "We will not sit idly by," he said. "They are trying to exert their marketing pressure; they will pay for it."

While the commissioner declined to comment further, he told reporters that more details will follow shortly. Further information will probably be available sometime next week, after team owners have had an opportunity to meet.

Numerous sources have indicated that shipping dates for the G4 Cube have slipped. Speculation exists that this is, in fact, tied to possible legal action from Major League Baseball.

An Apple representative had no comment on the matter.

More information will be obtained as further details become available.

 - Anne Onymus

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