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iMac Next for Upgrade

- 2000.02.18

2/18/2K: In all the reporting on the improved iBook (more memory, more drive space, and a model with more speed and a new color), the new PowerBook (not called G3, has FireWire, wicked fast), and Apple finally releasing the Power Mac G4/450, one model has been overlooked.

So let me start the first post-Tokyo rumor: Apple's next model to receive an upgrade will be the iMac.

It's logical - the current iMacs have been available for almost five whole months without a change. That's an eternity in computer years.

Not only will Apple improve the iMac, but they'll boost the entry-level model to 400 MHz and the to DV editions to 450 MHz. This will keep it one speed bump behind the fastest Power Mac G4, just where it was before Macworld Tokyo.

Further, Apple will again do this with no increase in price. In fact, these will essentially be "revision B" versions of the current iMac, although the base model may be updated with DVD, too (but no FireWire - that's still for the more expensive models at this point).

In fact, Apple could have announced the speed-bumped iMacs at Macworld Tokyo, but thought they already had enough on their plate. They already have inventory and will probably announce and release the Revision B models in mid-March to early-April.

 - Anne Onymus

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