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G5 'Prohibited Technology'

- 2002.06.05

Where in the world is the G5?

After a great deal of research and some new contacts, we've learned that the problem isn't Motorola or IBM or Apple. But you'll never believe who is behind the G5 embargo. (Not, it isn't Intel, either.)

The original iDVD could master DVDs at half speed, so it took two hours to burn a one hour disc. Apple improved that, making iDVD 2 burn movies practically in real time. Rumors are that with dual 1 GHz G4s and a faster SuperDrive, iDVD 2.5 will be able to burn movies faster than real time.

And the next generation SuperDrive can burn at 2x.

That's where the problems begin.

As you may know, there are some still digicams that burn images directly to small CDs and some digital video cameras that burn to compact DVDs.

Are you starting to see the problem?

Well, it turns out that a new feature in iDVD 3 will allow digital video capture from a live feed via FireWire. Instead of writing to your hard drive, editing, and then burning a DVD, iDVD 3 will allow any G4 with a SuperDrive to create a DVD on the fly.

Of course, the new SuperDrive has no problem at all keeping up - and that's where the problem was discovered.

Going way beyond any Jobsian Reality Distortion Field, the insanely great engineering behind the G4, FireWire, iDVD, and the SuperDrive actually makes it possible to burn DVDs faster than real time from a live feed.

Needless to say, the Time Corps was all over that one. After all, if you could burn a 90 minute DVD from a live source in 45 minutes, you'd be able to watch your video before some of the recorded events took place. In short, you could glimpse the future.

Since the G5 and a later generation 4x SuperDrive will make matters even worse, the Time Corps has visited Motorola, Apple, Pioneer, and others to insure that this technology doesn't fall into the wrong hands - or any hands.

Our contact at Time Corps, who won't be born for centuries, says the Corps cannot affirm or deny this report without possibly damaging the time stream, but that's why we may never see a Power Mac G5.

- Anne Onymus

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