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has been writing The Practical Mac for Low End Mac since Sept. 2001 (with a long break from June 2003 through Sept. 2006 while serving in the Guard). These are his most widely read columns:

  1. Top 10 ways not to get hired, 2002.11.05. Ten sure-fire tips for staying unemployed instead of getting a job in Information Technology.
  2. Apple's dirty little secret, 2001.09.25. One more way in which Apple is very different from Microsoft.
  3. OS X and the future of Linux, 2002.02.19. Some claim that OS X dooms Linux; I believe it renews Linux.
  4. Setting up a firewall in OS X, 2002.02.26. Everything you need to set up a firewall is built into OS X - except for an easy way to set it up.
  5. Indispensable OS X wares, 2002.04.09. 10 freeware and shareware programs every OS X user should know about.
  6. The value of a refurbished iBook with Jaguar, 2003.01.21. How well old iBooks hold their value - and the value of buying a newer factory refurbished iBook with Jaguar and Quartz Extreme.
  7. iTunes 3 hands on review, 2002.08.20. One of the most versatile music programs available - and best of all, it's free.
  8. Printer sharing for Mac OS X, 2002.05.21. Linksys WPS11 shares a printer on ethernet and AirPort - but with a catch.
  9. The benefits of using webmail, 2003.06.17. The biggest advantage of webmail is that you can access your email from any computer with a web browser and an Internet connection.
  10. Safari and the Apple Internet experience, 2003.05.13. It's free and fast, but the latest version makes Safari even more functional than the previous beta.
  11. Sharing a dialup Internet connection, 2003.04.29. Tips on sharing a dialup Internet connection with multiple computers.

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