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Hooked on Everything2

Dirk Pilat - 2002.07.24

Hi everyone living on this splendid but ultimately endangered planet!

Last week's Stevenote was the first one I missed in a couple of years, but with hindsight I am quite satisfied that I was otherwise occupied, as I probably would have thrown my iBook through the window of my Queenstown (NZ) Hotel.

Again, the few people who use Macs professionally have been denied a significant speed-bump (probably due to Motorola's chronic failure of delivering the goods), those who use .mac addresses now can pay for them, and I can shell out another $129 for "Jaguar" (at least they didn't call it "Puma," as we all know what they smell like - ewww) to finally get the speed we deserve.

I have been critical of OS X in the past, but I accept that it has significant advantages to Classic, although speed was always a bit of an issue on my 500 MHz iBook. So now that Apple has finally got it right, I have to pay again. Sigh.

Okay, they are throwing a couple of new applications and features in as well, but I still have the slight suspicion that I'm getting ripped off. It is obviously not enough that we are paying the highest hardware cost in the business, now we even have to endure upgrade policies that smell of William Gates III. Oh well.

Does it matter to us? Are we going to start using Windows, or, God forbid, Linux on our Desktops (btw: OpenBSD is not Linux)? Of course not, because Steve's reality distortion field is still strong enough to make us all go to our local apple supplier (in my case, drive 120 km) to pick up 10.2 and drool over its new features. Oh well, I'll stop moaning.

Let's do something different today: Let's plug a website!

For the last couple of weeks, I have been seeing myself becoming helplessly drawn to the genial Everything2. A database with a difference, it has an amazing 478,000 cross-referenced entries which range from the obvious (towns, pubs, bands, definitions) to the outright weird ("How to Become a Fruitarian: After-Thoughts").

Nevertheless, it's a great place to hangout, as the place is populated 24/7 and the software allows HTML chatting. Some of the write-ups are clearly worth publishing, while some are clearly the products of male adolescent minds - a bit like Low End Mac and SlashDot - but once it grabs you, it doesn't let go.

Have a great summer everyone!

Dirk LEM

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