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Seven Great Games for Mac Users

Korin Hasegawa-John - 2001.12.06

Q: I enjoyed your articles on first person shooting games, but those sort of games really don't appeal to me. I also don't have and can't afford a Mac that will run them. Can you recommend any other games?

A: Sure. There are lots of good games out there that are shareware or older retail titles. I've broken down a few of my old favorites into several categories. All the games are rated by number of stars. Unless otherwise noted, all games need a PowerMac and at least 32 MB RAM.


Worms. Unsure as to availability. •••

This is a very fun game. You control a group of worms, which do battle with another team of worms on a second map. They can use any manner of weapons, from air strikes and grenades to pistols and shotguns. It also has a same-computer multiplayer option. Turn-based. Price: $30 retail if you can find it, maybe less.

Deathground. Freeverse Software. ••••

It's like Risk. You are a mob boss, whose aim is to conquer the city by taking over "hoods" from other players. Each turn you get more guys, and if you control a group of hoods, you get even more guys. Very fun, and voices are very funny. Uses same-machine multiplayer capabilities. If you want to get it, Freeverse has very generously made it available to Low End Mac readers for $10 including shipping. Just mention Low End Mac - and many thanks to Colin Lynch Smith for providing this. :-)

Civilization II Gold Edition. MacSoft. •••••

The turn based strategy game. You start with a small tribe and attempt to conquer the world or build a spaceship to colonize Alpha Centauri. If you accomplish either, you win. Along the way you build buildings and military units, found new cities and research technologies. Includes an Internet/intranet multiplayer option. Turn based. $49.99 retail, check DealMac for a good price. Still being published, and will run on 68040, but needs 32 MB RAM.

Alpha Centauri. Aspyr •••••

Civilization II's sequel. Includes multiplayer support (network or Internet). It's much more powerful and flexible, allowing you to design your own units. An added bonus: It takes place on an imaginary planet of Alpha Centauri (called Planet) which has much more realistic terrain modeling than Civ. II. (Squares have height, rockiness, and moisture attributes.) Groups, now called Factions, have their own specific agendas and bonuses. Needs 604e 200 MHz or better, 4 MB VRAM, 64 MB application RAM.


Escape Velocity. Ambrosia Software. •••••

Classic. Very fun, complicated, action/adventure/RPG game. You start as a trader in the midst of a galactic civil war. Choose sides or just watch to see what happens. No more said, at the risk of giving away a great plot. Its plug-in architecture allows for the game to be modified almost limitlessly when the original missions and scenario get old. It's big con is the lack of multiplayer support, but it's easy to waste months on the game by itself. Runs on any Quadra or better, 640 x 480 8-bit video or better. Price: $20 shareware.

Unprovoked. Cortic Software. ••••

A space-action game. It has many missions. You can choose various ships with different capabilities, from small, speedy fighters to big hulking carriers with lots of weapons. Plot is nothing special, but it's still a blast (literally). Needs 160 MHz, Mac OS 8, 800 x 600 and 32 MB RAM. Has a multiplayer option via intranet or Internet via Cortic's homepage. Price unknown.


Marathon II. Bungie Software. ••••

No matter what Doom-heads say, this is the Mac FPS king. Published in 1995, it is still available in a boxed set with Marathon and Marathon Infinity. The source is now open, so many modifications are available. Has an intranet multiplayer support, but graphics are a little lackluster by today's standards. For good performance, you need a 100 MHz PPC with 40 MB RAM or better.

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