Getting the Most Value from Your Older PCs

The mission of Low End PC is helping users get the most value from their older PCs. We're not concerned with having the fastest, most tweaked out computer possible. We're not concerned with keeping ancient PCs in use long after they've become bottlenecks. We are concerned with value - getting the most use from your hardware for the money, whether that means an upgrade to your existing hardware or a newer model.

Low End PC (LEPC) covers every aspect of x86 PC computing - because sooner or later, everything becomes low-end. Due to our focus on value, the primary focus of LEPC is older models.

For the benefit of low-end users, this site uses no frames, no Java, no sound, no QuickTime movies - just text, compact graphics, CSS, and a little Javascript. For best viewing, your browser cache should be on.

Site History

I began Low End PC in September 2001 at the request of several Low End Mac writers who also used PCs, usually with Linux.

I cut my teeth on an Apple II+ back around 1979, used Commodores for several years, and bought my first DOS PC (a Zenith Z-150) in 1987. I used that machine - with a lot of tweaks and upgrades - until 1991, when I got my first Mac, and then sold the Zenith.

Since the, I have owned two PCs, a 450 MHz Pentium III desktop Dell with Windows 98 and a horrid 15" Celeron-powered Acer Aspire notebook with Windows XP. I have never use a Windows PCs for productivity and am not familiar with Windows Vista or newer. I have experimented a bit with Linux, but never gone beyond the "trying it out" stage.

Low End PC is currently hosted by BackBeat Media, which also handles our ads. The site is running on Apache (Web server software) on the Linux operating system.

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