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You Might Be a Computer Geek If...

- 2009.06.17

Every once in a while you have to take stock and say you are a computer geek if...

  1. You are the only one in your family with a USB flash drive on your key chain.
  2. You think that American Idol is about polytheistic religions in America.
  3. You name one of your pets "Pismo".
  4. You name one of your children "Pismo"
  5. You know the latitude and longitude of Cupertino, California. (37°19'3"N 122°2'31"W)
  6. You have a closet full of old computers.
  7. The phrase "Think Different" has special significance to you.
  8. You have a recurring dream about meeting Steve Jobs and showing him a new product just as revolutionary as the iPod.
  9. You own T-shirts with computer logos on them.
  10. When you visit a local computer store, you "help" the staff by selling customers your favorite computers.
  11. You own a PDA or smartphone that allows you to ignore your wife and children when you are dining at a restaurant that has free WiFi.
  12. If trapped in a burning building, you will grab your iPhone first and your clothing second.
  13. You know what USB OTG stands for. (Universal Serial Bus On The Go)
  14. You could care less for Keeping Up with the Kardashians, since none of them appear to have any computer skills.
  15. You have not seen the light of day, in, well, days.
  16. Every time that Wall-E reboots himself in the movie of the same name, you thought it was uproariously funny.
  17. Casual friends will be tormented by a one-sided discussion on your part about .doc and .docx files.
  18. The Big Bang Theory is your favorite new television show.
  19. You know what the Whedonverse is.
  20. You treat any Apple product release as Christmas and Steve Jobs as a jeans-wearing version of Saint Nick. LEM

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