Macs to the Max

Forming the Next Macintosh Generation

- 2006.12.12

How did you get hooked on the Mac?

Did someone show you the wonderful world of Macintosh? Maybe someone, such as a close friend, told you to "just give it a try" - or did you wander upon it yourself?

You probably remember the first time you saw that Mac smiling at you - or, if you're younger, that grey screen with the apple in the middle.

Once you discovered computing the Macintosh way, you probably never wanted to go back. But what makes it so special? Is it the user-friendliness that cuts frustration to a minimum? Or is it that colorful, happy-looking graphical user interface (GUI) that tickled your fancy?

Whatever the reason, there's something special about this line of computers that has captivated millions.

End of an Era?

Is the "Mac fanatic" group dying out? Some would say that the new wave of PC popularity has caused the popularity of the Mac to fall even more that it had previously. With Apple's switch to Intel, the Mac is now capable of performing just like a PC by running Windows XP and (soon) Vista, and some people are buying Intel Macs because they can run Windows so well.

With the switch to Intel, Apple is gaining new Mac customers. But are they coming for the Mac OS or Windows?

Ever Yelled at Your Computer?

If you've ever yelled at your computer, you might be using a Windows PC. But how many times have you expressed your joy at how much easier Macs are than your old Wintel boxes? (Some of you might be privileged enough to not have had that experience.)

With Macs, it's usually not hard to figure things out; many of us have seen young children learn how to use a Mac on their own. Unlike most other operating systems, the Mac OS is fun and easy to learn.

Pass It On

What we need to do is carry this wonderful experience to someone else in need.

Mac users often feel a sense belonging to each other and may feel as if they belong to some sort of club or cult, if you will. As Mac users, we feel a responsibility to support Macs and try to get something across to the next generation. And we work to get the "Mac is bad" image out of the heads of today's youth.

Sure, Apple advertises, but nothing even close to the massive proportion that the Windows world does. It's simply not enough for Apple to advertise, so it's necessary - as with all great experiences - to pass it on by word of mouth.

Now you know what to do the next time you hear, "My old PC finally bit the dust - have any ideas for a new computer?" or "Hey Dad, what kind of computer should I get for college?"

Who Wants a Mac?

Let's face it, we could go on and on about how much greater we think Macs are. We all have a story to tell about our first Mac experience, and that's something we'll always remember. Those are all great conversation starters for all those times when you're caught with a Mac vs. PC question.

What about the other writers on Low End Mac? Their first Mac was most likely what inspired them to their Mac writing career.

Share your story with someone else and pass on the joy; this can spur the imaginations of coming generations. So tell your story. Reach out to someone and encourage them to try a Mac. LEM

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