Macs to the Max

Nintendo and Apple, Industry Leaders

- 2006.09.13

Two amazing companies, one similar dream: To create the best computing or gaming experience on the market.

Apple has always risen above other computing companies, giving users the simplest, most stable, and most productive OS around. Nintendo has also risen above, giving gamers the best overall game play and most innovative gaming experience on the market.

They fight toward the same goal.

Oh wait, did I say innovative? That's something else both companies share: wonderful innovation. They have always pioneered great new ideas - and they continue to, proving their power to a market that laughs in their faces.


color N64Is it just me, or have these two companies shared some very similar designs? Just look at the fruit colored N64 compared to the candy colored iMacs? See the similarity?

candy colored iMacsAs you can see, Nintendo and Apple both have the same wonderful taste and share the same passion. Both have had many devices with record sales, such as the iPod and the Gameboy.

Then there is design innovation. Seriously, just look at Nintendo's controllers and Apple's all-in-one designs. They are definitely unusual.

Nintendo WiiThe Future

Now with the Nintendo Wii (inexplicably pronounced "wee") coming out, there is some major innovation. Just looking at the controller says it all. With amazing new game play and cool features like WiiConnect, Wii will revolutionize the gaming industry.

Apple has its new OS coming out this spring with amazing new features like Time Machine and Spaces, which will revolutionize the computer industry.

Nintendo and Apple share a lot in common. Two companies, each with a dream of making a better product - and I hope both will continue doing that for a very long time. LEM

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