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Is Apple's One-button Mouse Useful or Hopelessly Outdated?

- 2006.08.07

With the new wireless Mighty Mouse and Dan Knight's quest for a 2-button ADB optical wonder, does Apple's old single-button mouse still cut it in a market filled with multibutton masterpieces?


Apple adopted the one-button mouse to underscore their image of simplicity. They said one button was all you needed - and that was true for the most part.

But now things are different. Many people need a two (or more) button mouse, and certain applications depend on extra buttons or work flow can be seriously hurt.

There are more and more programs that can benefit from a multibutton mouse coming out all the time - even OS X itself.

For people who need that extra button or two, something like the Mighty Mouse can be a great choice. But there are still many people who can do without. Just like operating systems: If you can get by using System 6, your life will be simpler for it, but if you need OS X 10.4, then that's going to be your best choice.

If you can get by with a one-button mouse, by all means do so. In fact, my current (and favorite) mouse is the Apple Pro Mouse.

But if your work flow depends on having a multibutton marvel, go ahead and get one. It's an improvement and will benefit productivity (I know cutting and pasting is a lot easier).

The one-button mouse of Apple's past - no matter which kind - is still a top contender in the mouse wars. And it's still the spittin' image of simplicity and perfection in my book. LEM

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