Macs to the Max

How Many Macs Are Too Many Macs?

- 2006.08.02

How many Macs do you own?

One? Two? Maybe 25?

There's no doubt you're a Mac lover, but when has it gone too far? How many computers do you need to accomplish your work in the most productive manner?

For some, it's one Mac, whether it be a desktop or a notebook. For others, they have two: one desktop and one notebook. Many of us have a similar setup to this.

You may have more or less, depending on your needs, but when do those Macs piling up around you become burdensome instead of helpful?


Some of you Mac fanatics probably own one or two Macs that you don't use too often- mostly outdated ones.

I've heard several accounts of people who have a truckload of Macs they collected over the years and are now overwhelmed.

Mac PlusWhat is too much?

Well, to find out you could ask yourself a question such as, "Does every computer I own help my productivity significantly on a regular basis?" That's a very helpful question, and if you answered something like, "Yes, but that old Plus doesn't see much use, and is just collecting dust."

You have two choices. The first is to find a job for it that helps you significantly (such as using one for printing, faxing, or as a server). Your other choice would be to give it to someone who could benefit more from it than you do at present - or even sell it if you have absolutely no need for it anymore.

This is a big decision, and you probably shelled out a lot of money to get those nice (but now long in tooth) machines of yours. After all, only you can decide what is best for them, whether it be giving it to a member of the family and show them the way of the Mac, or to find a new trick for that old dog to do around the house.

But whatever you do, don't just let them sit there! (That's a job for a PC!) LEM

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