Macs to the Max

'Macs Suck' and the PC Conspiracy

- 2006.06.26

As sad as it is, Windows PCs dominate the consumer computer world these days. Marketing has made them king.

But is there something going on?

I conducted a personal survey and found something very unexpected and disturbing results.

PC Influence

Today, if you walk up to a random person and ask them which OS they prefer, Windows or Mac, there's a pretty good chance they'll say Windows - and it's currently the majority of the computer market (90% or so).

What I don't understand is why many of the people surveyed had to bust Apple's chops. For instance, I conducted my survey, and PCs won, but these people that chose Windows mostly added a rude comment. The scary part is that it was always the same rude comment - "Macs suck!"

They all said the exact same thing - not "Macs stink" or " Macs aren't as good as PCs", but always "Macs suck." I find this pretty weird.

Here is the approximate outcome of my survey: a little over 1/3 Mac, and slightly less than 1/3 PC with no comment. Finally, about 1/3 said PC with a comment, which was always "Macs suck."

How could that all be the same? How could it all be so close?

It's a Conspiracy, I Tells Ya!

Maybe Microsoft puts subliminal messages in certain artist's music to affect a certain crowd (or some other crazy thing like that) to influence people's platform choice. When I asked all the people who preferred Windows, "Why do you think that?," they all said something like, "I just do" or "I don't care" or "I don't know."

Such odd responses, don't you think?

They are obviously undereducated about Macs in general, because I asked all the people who commented if they knew anything about Macs, and they said no. So how could they get the idea that Macs suck?

It's a very interesting conclusion, and there has to be some cause for this, as I have never heard of a case like this before.

Maybe it was just this particular incidence. I asked everyone the same questions, and I chose people at random. They all also had the chance to not participate, and so on.

I asked approximately 40 people. This is probably not a big enough test sample, but it's big enough to see a definite trend.

What do you think? LEM

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