Macs to the Max

The Zen of Mac

- 2006.06.07

This column builds on the concept I explored in my previous article, Does Technology Improve Our Lives or Just Complicate It?

Simplicity, smooth lines, elegance - all these things can describe a Mac.

One of the reasons you bought a Mac is probably simplicity. Macs are very simple in their user interface and design. There is no clutter of computer components, and the user interface is so intuitive - almost Zen-like.

Most of us already know this, but how close are Zen and Macs related really?


I'm no Zen master or anything even close, but I know that one important teaching is simplicity. Monks who live in monasteries have lives nowhere near the complication of most of ours. They are there to reflect on their own personal problems and help other people, not ignoring these duties by spending time, well let's say, fixing a computer.

Macs give us the most productive and simple usefulness that other computers never come close to. Because of this, we can live more simply with less complication leading to less stress.

The Macintosh Computer

Almost all of us reading the material on Low End Mac need our computers for something, whether it's for your job, to write books, do schoolwork, or something else. All of us want a computer that will give us the least amount of hassle and doesn't end up complicating our lives. We don't want to be up all night installing virus software that is "taking forever" when we should be doing our work.

Macs and Zen relate because we want something easy and simple so we can do what we need to do, have a blast doing it, and then be done with no complications. This allows us to get onto more important matters like spending time with family or being able to earn more money.

Have a Nice Day

Macs have simplicity. They help us be more productive, and they do it with minimal sacrifice.

I wanted an easier computer - something simple - so I bought a Mac. I was tired of spending countless hours in front of a screen trying to do something I should have finished a long time ago. For most, Macs allow us to live more Zen-like with less stress and complications.

In my previous article, I explained how technology affects us. In this article, I'm more specific, because there are some important issues that those of us who use a computer should look at again.

First, we need to look at why we bought our computers. Do they still do what we need them to do? And is there something even simpler that still gets our required task done?

We should all evaluate our current computer situation to see what we can do to lead a more stress-free life.

Spread the joy, and show your friends and family so we can all be a little happier. LEM

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