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Why an Apple-Volkswagen Merger Would Work

Jake Sargent - 2001.05.01

What's this you say? Suggesting that Apple should even consider merging with Volkswagen is a preposterous idea? You're right, it is. It's stupid, it's unheard of, and it's creative.

That's exactly why it would work.

Innovative Design

People have marveled at the VW Beetle's design since its introduction decades ago. Computer users have marveled at the iMac's design since its introduction in 1998. Although there is a large time gap between the two, one thing is clear - the VW Beetle (or Bug), and iMac share a large resemblance. This is one reason why Apple and Volkswagen would work well together, they both think in curves. Both companies focus highly on industrial design (just check out VW's new Microbus), and both are known for their innovative creations. Imagine what could happen if you combined the VW design team and AppleDesign team - you would get an iMac that's out of this world!

Digital Hub - Think Of The Possibilities!

At Macworld San Francisco, Steve Jobs stressed how the Mac is becoming a digital hub, the core and command center of all electronics (MP3 player, CD player, camcorder, digital camera, microwave(?)). If Apple got into the car market, the company could take the digital hub idea a step further. You could have cars with built-in Macs that controlled the temperature, the radio, the security system, and the safety features (not to mention being able to play Quake III at a red light).

Marketing and Web Site Design

No disagreements or quarrels here, both Apple and VW share very similar commercials. Remember the VW ad that had green Beetles speeding around in front of a white background like atoms? Remember the iMac ad that had the five different flavors turning around in a circle? The same goes for Web site design, both companies have the navigation on the top of the browser window, and a featured product in the center - the similarities are starting to get scary.

Expanding Market

Apple has conquered the computer market; PC users are just too shallow to realize it. Merging with a car company would give Apple a whole other market to compete in. Apple would start to become known for its wide variety of products, and it would then make sense for them to expand into other markets, such as televisions, radios, and other electronics.

Apple and Volkswagen, the leading designers in their respective fields, would work well together, there's no question about that. Unfortunately, we live in the 00's, and a merger between two companies that large would cost a fortune and take what may feel like a life time.

Is Apple, our favorite (and only) Mac manufacturer going to merge with one of the most daring car companies of the century? I'm putting my poker chips on never, but it's a nice thought.

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