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6 New iPad Competitors, Adobe Ends Flash Mobile Development, White Keyboard Case for iPad 2, and More

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Compiled by Charles Moore and edited by Dan Knight - 2011.11.14

Despite the well publicized failures of the HP TouchPad and the BlackBerry PlayBook, the tablet world is busting at the seams. Amazon announced its 7" dual-core Kindle Fire two weeks ago, and this week we have news releases about the 7" Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet, 10" Motorola Xoom 2 and 8.2" Xoom 2 Media Edition (both dual-core), 7" and 10" Panasonic Toughpads, and 8.9" HP Slate 2. Except for the HP, which is a single-core Atom-based Windows device, they all use 1.0 to 1.2 GHz dual-core ARM CPUs and run Android, the leading alternative to iOS in the tablet and smartphone spaces. We wish them well, but the frustratingly inconsistent Android user experience is already driving some users to the iPad.

Mac notebook and other portable computing is covered in The 'Book Review, and general Mac news is in Mac News Review.

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Adobe Ends Flash Mobile Development in Favor of HTML5

PR: Adobe is all about enabling designers and developers to create the most expressive content possible, regardless of platform or technology. For more than a decade, Flash has enabled the richest content to be created and deployed on the web by reaching beyond what browsers could do. It has repeatedly served as a blueprint for standardizing new technologies in HTML. Over the past two years, we've delivered Flash Player for mobile browsers and brought the full expressiveness of the web to many mobile devices.

However, HTML5 is now universally supported on major mobile devices, in some cases exclusively. This makes HTML5 the best solution for creating and deploying content in the browser across mobile platforms. We are excited about this and will continue our work with key players in the HTML community, including Google, Apple, Microsoft, and RIM, to drive HTML5 innovation they can use to advance their mobile browsers.

Our future work with Flash on mobile devices will be focused on enabling Flash developers to package native apps with Adobe AIR for all the major app stores. We will no longer continue to develop Flash Player in the browser to work with new mobile device configurations (chipset, browser, OS version, etc.) following the upcoming release of Flash Player 11.1 for Android and BlackBerry PlayBook. We will of course continue to provide critical bug fixes and security updates for existing device configurations. We will also allow our source code licensees to continue working on and release their own implementations.

Publisher's note: This is a mixed blessing. Flash has been a consistent video platform on the Internet, which is one of the big reasons Adobe has been developing it for mobile platforms. At the same time, HTML5 is the Web platform of the future and is widely supported on current browsers (including mobile devices and PowerPC G3, G4, and G5 Macs), but it does not specify a video platform. There are three competing HTML5 video platforms - Ogg Theora (free), H.264 (partially developed by Apple, used in Blu-ray discs, and royalty-free to end users), and WebM (developed by Google).

Problem is, Ogg Theora is not supported by Internet Explorer or Safari, H.264 is not supported by Google's Chrome browser (it used to be, before Google released WebM), and WebM is not supported by Safari and requires add-on software on Internet Explorer, so three of the world's most popular browsers do not support one or more of these video standards (Firefox is the only one to support all three), which means that to be accessible to everyone, all online videos should be posted in H.264 and either Ogg Theora or WebM. So while we're moving away from Adobe's proprietary Flash format for videos, we've also eliminated the simplicity of using a single video standard for all content. dk

Why Android Veteran James Kendrick Bought an iPad 2

ZDNet's James Kendrick says that while he's heavily invested in the Android tablet space, frustration drove him to purchase an iPad 2.

Kendrick has extensive experience using tablets like the BlackBerry PlayBook and HP TouchPad, and says he's used at least a dozen different Android tablets in addition to the two he owns. He uses tablets heavily and has grown increasingly frustrated over the inconsistent Android user experience, which is why he just bought an iPad 2.

He thinks the HP TouchPad was far ahead of all Android Honeycomb tablets with the superior user experience provided by webOS compared with Android Honeycomb, but sadly, HP has orphaned the TouchPad, so it makes no sense for him to use it as his main tablet. Meanwhile, he notes that the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is a sweet piece of hardware - but saddled with the mess that is Honeycomb.

In the end, the same Android inconsistent performance and implementation that drove him to the iPhone 4S has now driven him to the iPad 2.

Tablet Skeptic Buys an iPad and Absolutely Loves It

After a long period of foot-dragging, ZDNet's Stephen Chapman has joined his colleague James Kendrick in the ranks of iPad 2 owners and notes that two months' use has given him enough time to form a bona fide opinion of it, allowing that he's beginning to discover the sheer awesomeness of this device and exactly what it is that every other tablet manufacturer out there is up against.

Chapman says he loves iOS, loves the form factor of Apple's hardware, and that iPad itself has truly enriched his life and totally destroyed the perception of himself as an individual who wouldn't make use of a tablet device. It has also totally destroyed his opinion that any other tablet out there stands a chance of competing against not just the device, but the app ecosystem and iOS on a tablet device - at least not for a very long time - and that ultimately, if you're not using an iPad because you're brand-loyal and/or anti-Apple, there's a good chance that you're selling yourself short.

Does Panasonic's Toughpad Point the Way to an iPad Future?

TGDaily's Rob Enderle says it's clear why Apple's iPad is the most successful device in the tablet category: Apple simply does the best job of any vendor in terms of providing an end-to-end solution, while most Android-based products are incomplete at best, typically hampered by incomplete backend services tossed to hapless vendors by Google.

However, he maintains that the Panasonic Toughpad (below), which is designed for industrial use, comes closer to an end-to-end solution than most consumer-oriented products (other than Apple), and the Toughpad maintains several distinct advantages over the iPad with its outdoor viewable screen, a digitizer, a replaceable battery, and hardening for outside/hostile environment use - pointing the way to a better consumer product.

Rumor Roundup

'Real' iPad 3 to Launch 3Q/2012

DigiTimes' Aaron Lee and Joseph Tsai report that Apple's next-generation iPad will commence mass production soon with launch set for March 2012, according to their sources in the upstream supply chain. However, those sources also say that internally, Apple doesn't view the forthcoming new iPad product as the iPad 3, but rather as an upgraded iPad 2, with the real iPad 3 not to be ready for launch until Q3 2012 earliest.

Sounds to this editor that the early 2012 iPad refresh may well carry on with the current dual-core A5 CPU used in the iPad 2 and iPhone 4S, with quad-core A6 silicon not to debut until next summer or fall.

In the meantime, Lee and Tsai's sources predict that the early 2012 iPad 2 upgrade will be thinner than the current iPad 2, and offer longer battery life. The reporters also note that some channel retailers also point out that iPad 2 is still the most popular tablet PC product in the IT market currently. and Apple has no need to rush a new model to market.

Publisher's note: Just as there was a lot of speculation about the iPhone 5 before Apple officially announced the iPhone 4S, the same thing is happening in the iPad space. The next iPad, which may or may not be called iPad 3, may have a Retina Display with twice the resolution of the current screen and/or a quad-core Apple A6 processor. It could also have support for 4G networking. Thing is, nobody outside of Apple knows, and Apple isn't talking. That said, the dual-core A5 processor with 7x the graphics power of the A4 should be able to support a Retina Display iPad, whether it's called the iPad 3, iPad 2S, or something else. dk

The Competition

Barnes & Noble Introduces Nook Tablet Priced at $249

PR: Barnes & Noble, Inc. has expanded its portfolio of Nook devices with the introduction of Nook Tablet, the company's fastest and lightest tablet offering HD entertainment. Nook Tablet offers access to movies, TV shows, music, and more through first line entertainment services, including Netflix, Hulu Plus, Pandora, and others, plus a collection of apps, fast Web browsing, and email.

Nook TabletNook Tablet features Barnes & Noble's award-winning color reading experience, with access to the worlds largest digital bookstore via WiFi. Now available for preorder at and at Barnes & Noble stores for $249, Nook Tablet will be in stores and in homes on or about November 17. The newly announced Nook Digital Shops will feature the full portfolio of Nook digital devices and free Nook Reading Apps at neighborhood Barnes & Noble stores.

Barnes & Noble also announced enhancements and new lower prices for their Nook Color Readers Tablet, and Nook Simple Touch E Ink device. The Nook Color will receive more than 100 feature enhancements, access to top video and music services, apps, comics and more priced at $199, while the updated Nook Simple Touch is pegged at $99 with no ads.

Nook Tablet"In Nook Tablet, we've created the best wireless media tablet in the portable 7" class. Nook Tablets' VividView display has been designed to be the worlds finest screen for readability and viewing content. We've utilized that breakthrough display technology to bring consumers the largest digital catalog of color and interactive books, magazines, childrens' books and high-quality apps through our Nook Store. Additionally, we've seamlessly integrated today's top entertainment services like Netflix, Hulu Plus and Pandora in a product that's powerful, easy-to-use, under a pound, and a tremendous value at only $249," says William Lynch, Chief Executive Officer of Barnes & Noble. "We're also excited to announce that we've lowered the price of our award-winning and recently improved Nook Simple Touch to just $99, ad-free. Lastly, our incredibly popular Nook Color has a new low price of only $199, giving customers the ability to enjoy its unparalleled reading experience, apps, Web and email. These three products, at these super-low prices, represent the highest-quality portfolio of reading and entertainment products on the market at the best value. We welcome customers to learn more about our best-selling Nook product line from our friendly and well-trained Nooksellers at our new Nook Digital Shops at their neighborhood Barnes & Noble."

Nook Tablet: Built for Speed and Beauty

Nook Tablet was designed for customers who want to read and be entertained with a variety of apps and media. It features a 1 GHz dual-core processor and 1 GB of RAM and a claimed 11.5 hours of reading time or nine hours of video viewing - the equivalent of five full-length movies. Nook Tablet's VividView supports 16 million colors and full IPS lamination to reduce reflection and glare and offer extra-wide viewing angles.

Nook TabletNook Tablet gives customers the best names in entertainment so they can choose the TV shows and movies they love from leading services like Netflix and Hulu Plus, both preloaded on Nook Tablet and offering free trials. Customers can stream HD-quality videos. Also coming soon to Nook Tablet: Flixster with UltraViolet, for newly released movies and TV shows from Warner Bros. and other leading studios. Nook Tablet owners can listen to millions of songs using the hottest music services, including Pandora, preloaded on Nook Tablet, as well as Rhapsody, Grooveshark and MOG, all available with a free 14-day trial. Nook Tablet owners can also listen to their own songs wherever they go with the built-in music player.

Your Reading and Entertainment Content - Anywhere

A powerful HD entertainment machine designed for maximum portability, Nook Tablet is well under a pound (14.1 oz.), making it one-third lighter than Apple's segment-leading iPad and 10% lighter than the Nook Color. Sleek and thin with a soft touch back design, Nook Tablet is designed to be held comfortably for extended periods with just one hand and slips easily into a pocket or purse for reading and entertainment on-the-go. And with 16 GB of storage double the space of some other tablets plus expandable memory, customers have ample space for their reading and entertainment content, regardless of WiFi availability.

Customers can also access their personal Nook Library through the free, stable and secure Nook Cloud service, which also powers the seamless integration and synchronization between devices, as well as Nooks best-in-class shopping experience and social features.

Thousands of Must-Have Apps, Web & Email

Barnes & Noble offers Nook Tablet customers a wide array of top-rated Nook Apps to play, learn, organize and explore with must-haves like Angry Birds Rio and Seasons, Scrabble®, Epicurious, My Cast Weather, Taptu,, Spanish for Dummies, Bejeweled 2, Ms. Pac Man, and more. There are hundreds of apps for kids, including Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat, Drawing Pad, and Pop Up Peter Rabbit. All Nook Apps are the best, highest-quality versions available, optimized for Nook Tablets' 7" color touchscreen. By the holidays, Barnes & Noble will offer thousands of high-quality Nook Apps from leading third-party developers and content providers that can be enjoyed on Nook Tablet, as well as Nook Color.

Nook Tablet also features fast Web browsing so users can surf their favorite sites, from Facebook to YouTube, and stream HD videos. Nook Tablets' built-in email makes it easy to stay connected.

Barnes & Nobles Award-Winning Reading Experience

Nook Tablet customers can shop the world's largest bookstore, featuring more than 2.5 million books, enhanced books, interactive magazines, newspapers, comic books and childrens books. Content downloads usually in less than 10 seconds over WiFi.

  • Nook Newsstand: Choose from more than 250 newspapers and full-color, interactive magazines, delivered like magic to Nook Tablets Active Shelf on the Home screen as soon as they become available. Barnes & Noble offers the largest digital collection of top 100 magazines, including People, Food Network Magazine, Us Weekly, Sports Illustrated, Time, National Geographic and many others. Colorful interactive magazines offer Barnes & Noble's ArticleView, new animated page turns and smooth pinch, zoom and panning. Many special edition Nook Magazines feature videos, quizzes, image galleries and more.
  • Nook TabletNew Nook Comics: Barnes & Noble is offering a vast new collection of full-color comics, graphic novels and kids comics in high resolution that virtually make the action jump off the page. Nook Comics will feature the worlds greatest superheroes with the largest digital collection of Marvel's graphic novels available through a third party, as well as titles from other leading publishers, including Archie, IDW, and Dynamite.
  • Nook Kids: This holiday's largest collection of more than 1,000 interactive childrens picture books and more than 12,000 chapter books just got even better. Best-selling books feature animation and engaging activities. With the new Read and Record feature, parents and grandparents can use Nook Tablets built-in microphone to record and save their reading of any Nook Kids picture books so children can listen to their favorite storytellers anytime.
  • More to read: Barnes & Noble continues to expand its Nook Bookstore with the vast majority of books available for $9.99 or less. New PagePerfect Nook Books feature cookbooks, craft and art books rendered with rich precision to retain all the beauty of their stunning print versions.
  • Enhanced reading: Reading is even more dynamic with PDF thumbnail page views, and image pinch, zoom and pan in books and PDFs.
  • Recommendations: Learn what to read next from Barnes & Noble's knowledgeable booksellers, from must-read new releases to up-and-coming authors. Barnes & Noble's personalized recommendations are based on what customers already love. In any book a customer is reading, a simple tap on the new Nook Discover icon offers instant recommendations.
  • Get more social: Nook Tablet now makes it easier than ever for customers to share their reading experience with friends. They can connect with Facebook friends and others through Nook Friends, and find out what they have to say about their books, magazines and newspapers. Customers can also share their thoughts about the books they're reading via e-mail, Facebook and Twitter. Owners can share books, as well as browse and borrow books, from Nook Friends using Barnes & Nobles exclusive LendMe technology.
  • Continuous reading: Read what you love, anywhere you like on Nook devices and with FREE Nook Reading Apps. Nook Cloud automatically syncs a customers library, last page read, bookmarks, notes, and highlights across all of their devices, so a customer can start a book on Nook Tablet, and dive back in on their computer or smartphone.

Nook Color: Now $199

The Nook Color will be available starting in December with Barnes & Noble's largest software update ever and a new low price of $199 starting immediately. The first ever Readers Tablet, Nook Color combines an award-winning reading experience with tablet essentials including apps, Web and email. Millions of existing Nook Color customers will automatically receive the update at no cost via WiFi, beginning in early December.

Highlights, also available on Nook Tablet, include:

  • More entertainment and apps: Nook Color customers will be able to download Netflix to watch movies and TV shows. Hulu Plus will also be available for Nook
  • Color in the coming months. Customers will enjoy top music services and thousands of apps including games, childrens apps and many others.
  • Read your way: Customers requested the flexibility to read books in portrait or landscape and adjust the text with even more font sizes to choose from.
  • The most user-friendly library: Customers will have faster, easier access to all of their content. Nook Library is organized with tabs for books, magazines, newspapers and apps. The magazine display shows virtual stacks of covers with dates so customers can just tap on the issue they want and dive in.
  • Enhanced shopping: Nooks amazing new Shop experience makes it easier than ever for customers to find their next great book, kids book, newsstand title or app. The Nook Store is even easier to use, and more social and streamlined to show the breadth of content. Customers get suggestions based on their favorite authors, reviews and recommendations from their Nook Friends plus top Nook Newsstand picks, free trials and new Nook Daily Finds.

Nook Simple Touch Reader at a New Lower Price

The Nook Simple Touch now has the most advanced E Ink display with lightning-fast page turns claimed to be 25% faster than any other E Ink product on the market. Best-Text from Barnes & Noble meticulously optimizes each letter so words are ultra-crisp and clear, even in bright sunlight. Nook Simple Touch has an ergonomic, contoured design with a soft-touch back that makes it easy and comfortable to read, even with just one hand, and for extended periods of time. And Barnes & Noble has extended Nook Simple Touch's battery life even further for customers who love to read for long stretches. On a single charge, customers can now read for up to 2 months for one hour a day. Nook Simple Touch also puts the focus on reading with no annoying ads, and instead lets customers personalize their screensaver with their own photos.

Now $99, still with no ads, Nook Simple Touch is a must-have value this holiday season for anyone who loves to read. Existing Nook Simple Touch customers can also enjoy these new benefits through a free v1.1 software update available today for immediate download at <>.

Customers can also receive the free update over the air when connected to WiFi in the coming weeks.

Nook Tablet can be pre-ordered for $249 today and is expected to be in stores and in homes late next week, in plenty of time for the holidays. Experience Nook Tablet, Nook Color, and Nook Simple Touch at or at the Nook Digital Shops and displays in one of Barnes & Nobles more than 700 bookstores and other leading retailers. Barnes & Noble offers Always Free Nook Support in all of its neighborhood bookstores, with more than 40,000 Nooksellers across the country ready to assist customers with setting up their Nook devices or choosing their next great read.

Motorola Announces Xoom 2 and Xoom 2 Media Edition Tablets

Motorola Xoom 2
10.1" Motorola Xoom 2

PR: Motorola has announced its new Xoom 2 touchscreen computer lineup, with a revamped and slimmed down 10.1" model and an entirely new 8.2" Media Edition model. The 10.1" Motorola Xoom 2 is 10% lighter, 33% thinner, and sports an improved HD 10.1" display made from super-tough Corning Gorilla glass. The the tablet is powered by a 1.2 GHz dual-core Texas Instruments OMAP 4430 processor that boosts speed by 20%, running the Android 3.2 Honeycomb OS. The base Xoom 2 comes with 1 GB RAM and 16 GB Flash storage, as well as 5 MP rear-facing and 1.3 MP front-facing cameras.

The WiFi only device is a 100 grams lighter than the Xoom 1 at 599 grams, with a brighter display and a less angular, easier-on-the-hands design with flattened edges.

Motorola Xoom 2 Media Edition
8.2" Motorola Xoom 2 Media Edition

The 8.2" Motorola Xoom 2 Media Edition has the same internal specifications as its larger sibling except for a smaller battery, and weighs in at 386 grams. Its 8.2" HD widescreen display, also Gorilla glass, is optimized for generous 178° viewing angles. Motorola Xoom 2 Media Edition lets you stream files from your PC with MotoCast and features adaptive virtual surround sound.

The new Xooms will be available initially only in the UK and Ireland, with a US launch date as yet not scheduled.

Panasonic Unveils Toughpad Family of Professional-Grade Tablets

Panasonic ToughpadPR: Panasonic, an industry leader in ruggedized computers since 1996, has unveiled its Toughpad family of professional-grade Android-powered tablets which includes 10" and 7" devices. The devices - targeting mission-critical and highly mobile workers - will be supported by an ecosystem that includes an enterprise focused app store, peripherals, developer tools, deployment support and more.

The 10" Toughpad A1, available first, is targeted to highly mobile outdoor workers in markets like aviation, construction, field sales, and the public sector, where exposure to extreme environments is a constant challenge and the consequence of a failure is significant. The device can also be used as a tool to optimize business processes as a cost effective pen/paper replacement.

The 7" Toughpad B1 targets similar markets, but in applications where screen real estate is not as critical and where device mobility and portability are critical.

Panasonic Toughpad"Panasonic has been a leading force in the government and enterprise mobile computing space - including tablet, convertible tablet, and handheld devices - for over fifteen years," says Rance M. Poehler, President, Panasonic Solutions Company. "For many manufacturers this is new territory, but its currently one of Panasonic's growing product categories. Because of this, we have the unique ability to apply our market knowledge, intellectual property, engineering and R&D resources to deliver an Android-powered tablet that is radically different from the largely consumer-based devices on the market today. The Toughpad tablets are developed from the inside out to address the needs of the business users. As a result, our customers will get the most rugged, reliable and enterprise-appropriate tablets in the world helping to drive efficiency and productivity in ways that were never possible. The Toughpad tablets will be backed by our world class service and support infrastructure, including our US dedicated hotline support, 2 day or less service turn-time, and our customer facing field engineering staff."

Panasonic's purpose-built line of Android-powered tablets are designed with enhanced security, long product life, and advanced device management in mind. The Panasonic Toughpad family will allow government and commercial enterprises, as well as SMBs, to realize the true potential of tablet computing without sacrificing security and while delivering a high return on investment.

Enterprise-class Security

Panasonic Toughpad rear and sidesEnterprise-class mobile computing requires an enhanced level of device security that is not available in today's tablet market. To address this need, the new Toughpad family is designed with security in mind. The Toughpad A1 incorporates security embedded at the hardware level and offer technologies like hardware and software encryption, enhanced VPN, dual factor authentication, trusted boot and device management. This enhanced level of device security means the Toughpad A1 will be compliant with FIPS 140-2 for Federal government use and HIPAA ready for healthcare environments.

The Toughpad family can be managed with a custom set of low level controls that provide IT Administrators with unprecedented power over their Android-powered devices. This level of mobile device management (MDM) is essential for successfully deploying and managing Android-powered tablets in the field. These controls allow IT managers to distribute applications in a one-to-many environment, secure devices from unauthorized use and many other granular features not found in consumer-grade Android-powered tablets.

A Rich Application Environment for Government and Enterprise Mobility

Besides having access to the existing selection of Android Market applications, the Toughpad is supported by the Business AppPortal, an enterprise-focused app store offering best-of-breed vertical market specific solutions as well as applications addressing broad enterprise concerns, including Mobile Device Management, security and virtualization.

This highly secure, cloud-based user storefront allows IT Managers and developers to store, download and test applications for use on their Toughpad devices. Panasonic will also offer private application stores within the Business AppPortal, which businesses can customize to meet their specific needs.

Purpose-built for Real-world Mobility

The Toughpad A1 has a high brightness, 10.1 XGA capacitive, multitouch, daylight-viewable screen so mobile workers, in markets like supply chain logistics, utilities and the military, can easily see critical data and operate the device regardless of lighting conditions.

Panasonic Toughpad portsThe Toughpad A1 offers a stylus and active digitizer, enabling flexible data entry in the field, as well as signature capture and handwriting recognition functionalities ideal for sales, customer service and mobile point-of-service environments. Other features include integrated cameras, a serviceable battery, multiple options for peripheral connectivity and battery life that will accommodate a full day of work.

The new Toughpad family is designed to meet many of the same durability standards as Panasonic's Toughbook PC product line. The devices have MIL-STD-810G ratings for drops as well as ingress protection ratings for resistance to dust and water. The Toughpad A1 is also rated for use in a wide range of temperatures. This elevated level of durability results in tablets that deliver reliability in almost any environment, assuring maximum mobile worker productivity.

The Toughpad A1 offers optional 4G (LTE or WiMAX) mobile broadband as well as Bluetooth v2.1 + EDR, 802.11a/b/g/n WiFi and satellite GPS.

Panasonic Toughpad A1: Select Features and Specifications:

  • Operating System: Android 3.2 (Honeycomb)
  • Processor: Marvell 1.2 GHz Dual-Core Processor MicroSD
  • Storage: 16 GB, Optional Storage up to 32 GB
  • RAM: 1 GB LP-DDR2
  • Display: 500 nit, daylight readable, 10.1 XGA (4:3), capacitive multitouch with antireflective and antiglare treatment and built in ambient light sensor
  • Battery Life: 10 hours (serviceable battery)
  • Weight: 2.13 lb. (without pen)
  • Inputs: Micro-USB, microSDHC, micro HDMI
  • Camera: 5 MP rear, 2 MP front
  • Connectivity/Comms: 4G (LTE or WiMAX), 802.11 a/b/g/n, WiFi Hotspot, Bluetooth v2.1 + EDR, Satellite GPS
  • Security Features: Hardware-level security, FIPS 140-X and HIPPA compliant, cable lock slot
  • Dimensions: 10.5 x 8.3 x 0.67 in.

The Toughpad A1 will be available in the Spring of 2012 starting at $1299. The Toughpad B1 will be released later in 2012, with more details coming closer to availability. Both devices can be purchased through authorized Panasonic resellers.

The Toughpad family comes standard with a comprehensive 3-year warranty.

Panasonic will offer a full set of professional-grade accessories to support the Toughpad line, including cases, mounts, printers, keyboards, magnetic stripe readers, Smart Card Readers and multi-unit storage and charging solutions.

HP Introduces Multitouch Slate 2 Tablet PC for Business

PR: HP has announced the HP Slate 2 Tablet PC with expanded touch capabilities, enhanced multitasking performance and embedded security, and targeted to mobile business users. The company also announced a new notebook PC targeting business, education and government customers.

HP Slate 2The HP Slate 2 Tablet PC provides instant deployment for business and vertical markets such as education, healthcare, government and retail, where jobs frequently take users away from a traditional desk. With a full-featured Microsoft Windows desktop OS environment, the 1.5 pound HP Slate 2 Tablet PC provides professionals with a fully functional platform to create, edit and review content on a highly mobile and lightweight device.

The familiar Windows desktop look and feel keeps users fully productive while on the go. The HP Slate 2 combines an 8.9" diagonal (226-mm) tablet with Intel processor capabilities and wireless functionality from WiFi certified WLAN to optional HP Mobile Broadband featuring 3G.

HP Slate 2"HP is dedicated to the tablet PC category and continues to listen to customers and improve the product in ways that best address their business needs," says Dan Forlenza, vice president and general manager, Commercial Managed IT Segment, HP. "The HP Slate includes the right mix of rich features, support for custom-built applications, and the security and connectivity needed for today's highly mobile and rigorous day-to-day professional environment."

The HP Slate 2 Tablet PC features an 8.9" diagonal capacitive multitouch display for touch and pen input plus includes a new Swype keyboard. The Swype applet enhances the touch experience with comfortable and efficient data entry via one continuous finger or stylus motion across the screen keyboard.

The HP Slate 2 Tablet PC comes with an Intel Atom Z670 processor with mSATA SSM technology to deliver faster boot times, improved battery life of up to six hours and increased performance for business customers.

"The Slate Tablet PCs combination of an Intel Atom processor and flash memory deliver excellent performance," says Dr. Rick LeMoine of Sharp HealthCare in San Diego. "I don't know how they do it, but sometimes it seems to me that the Slate runs these applications faster than my desktop PC does."

HP Slate 2 features

  • Enhanced Touch Capabilities - Work intuitively. Use your fingers to browse documents, spreadsheets, applications and more on the multitouch display. Typing is made easier with the Swype onscreen keyboard.
  • Handwrite on Your Digital Tablet - Prefer a pen? Handwrite messages and notes using the tablet, HP Slate Digital Pen (optional) and Evernote software.
  • Smart design & function - With a starting weight of only 1.5 lb (0.69 kg), the HP Slate 2 offers a lightweight design and miniature size.
  • Polish the presentations you carry to all your meetings with the HP Slate 2. Show training or product videos and stream video from the web on the HP Slate 2.
  • Added Security - The HP Slate 2 addresses potential security concerns with a tablet this mobile. The TPM Embedded Security Chip helps keep the data on your HP Slate 2 protected from email to info on your hard drive.
  • Music the way artists intended - Hear music and audio files like you were in front of the artist. Present multimedia presentations with crisp sound and vibrant tunes with SRS Premium Sound.

Additional hardware and software features of the HP Slate 2 Tablet PCs security and experience include:

  • A TPM Embedded Security Chip protects data from email to information on the hard drive.
  • Embedded Security for HP ProtectTools provides user control and management of the TPM chip to increase secure user authentication, improved personal secure drive integrity, secure email and support protected digital certificate applications.
  • BIOS support for Computrace Pro(5) helps protect against data theft by allowing customers to remotely delete data at the file, directory or operating system level and keep confidential information more secure.
  • Through a single user interface, HP Connection Manager offers easy control over wireless connections, including WiFi, Ethernet, Bluetooth and optional integrated 3G Mobile Broadband(6) for convenient Internet and intranet access from more places around the world.

For remote workers, a front-facing VGA webcam enables videoconferencing, and a 3-megapixel camera on the back allows for still image and video capture. SRS Premium Sound provides optimized audio settings for voice and multimedia applications and an SD card slot allows for expanded storage and sharing capabilities. The HP Slate Dock provides device connection via two USB 2.0 ports and an HDMI port.

HP Slate 2The HP Slate 2 Tablet PC comes with optional additional accessories and business solutions including the HP Retail Mobile Point of Sale (POS) Case, which features an integrated magnetic stripe reader and barcode scanner for retailers. The case attaches to the HP Slate 2 and creates a secure portable POS solution that personalizes transactions, boosts productivity and sales, and integrates into existing application and hardware infrastructure. In addition, the HP Slate 2 helps retailers combine online and enterprise access to applications and services including task management workflows, inventory data and custom orders.

The optional HP Slate Bluetooth Keyboard and Case accessory is a new sleek, stylish executive-class carrying solution that bundles the HP Slate 2, a rechargeable Bluetooth keyboard, HP Slate Digital Pen, and ID, business, or credit cards inside a single case.

Key Specifications

  • Processor: Intel Atom Z670 (1.50 GHz, 512 KB L2 cache, 667 MHz FSB)
  • Chipset: Intel System Controller Hub (SCH) SM35
  • Dimensions and weight
    • Weight Starting at 1.5 lb (Starting at 0.69 kg)
    • Dimensions (w x d x h) 9.21 x 0.61 x 5.9 in (23.4 x 1.5 x 15 cm)
  • Memory: Maximum 2 GB 800 MHz DDR2 SDRAM (Memory is on the board and not customer accessible or upgradeable; memory operates at the maximum system supported speed of 800 MHz.)
  • Storage: Internal drive Solid State Module up to 64 GB
  • Optical drive - External USB 2.0 CD/DVD R/RW (select models) ((Sold separately or purchased as an optional feature))
  • Graphics: Display 8.9" diagonal WSVGA wide-viewing angle touchscreen (1024 x 600 or 1024 x 768 for some applications), Graphics Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 600
  • Ports:
    • 1 USB 2.0
    • 1 combo stereo headphone/mic jack
    • 1 integrated microphone
    • 1 power connector/HP Slate Cradle connector
    • Slots - 1 Secure Digital
    • Audio - HD Audio SRS Premium Sound; Integrated stereo speakers; Integrated microphone; Combo stereo headphone/microphone jack
  • Integrated camera: Integrated 3 MP camera (outward facing); Integrated VGA webcam (inward facing)
  • Keyboard: HP Wireless Entertainment Keyboard (select models)
  • Input devices:
    • HP Slate Digital Pen (select models);
    • HP 2.4 GHz Wireless Optical Mobile Mouse (select models)
  • Wireless Communications
    • Integrated 802.11a/b/g/n + Bluetooth 4.0 + HS combo
    • HP un2430 EV-DO/HSPA Mobile Broadband

HP's New Lightweight Business Notebooks

Designed for mobile professionals, the HP 3115m notebook offers up to 11.5 hours of battery life, flexible wireless capabilities, an 11.6" diagonal LED-backlit HD display, Beats Audio and a high-definition (HD) webcam for collaboration with peers. The new AMD E450 dual-core Fusion APU with AMD Radeon HD 6320 graphics provides greater performance than a netbook without weighing professionals down.

The HP Slate 2 Tablet PC starts at $699 and is expected to be available worldwide later this month.

The HP 3115m notebook starts at $429 and is expected to be available Nov. 11 in the Americas only.

  1. Compatible with 32-bit software and applications only.
  2. Weight will vary by configuration.
  3. Battery life will vary depending on the product model, configuration, loaded applications, features, use, wireless functionality and power management settings. The maximum capacity of the battery will naturally decrease with time and usage. Additional details are available at MobileMark07 battery benchmark:
  4. Comparison to HP Slate 500 Tablet PC.
  5. The Computrace Agent is shipped turned off and must be activated by customers when they purchase a subscription. Subscriptions can be purchased for terms ranging from one to five years. Service is limited, check with Absolute Software for service availability outside of North America. The Absolute Recovery Guarantee is a limited warranty. Certain conditions apply. Data Delete is an optional service provided by Absolute Software. If utilized, the Recovery Guarantee is null and void. In order to use the Data Delete service, customers must first sign a Pre-Authorization agreement and then purchase one or more RSA SecurID tokens from Absolute Software. Additional information is available at <>
  6. WWAN use requires a separately purchased wireless service contract. Check with local vendors for coverage area and availability. Connection and speeds will vary due to location, environment, network conditions and other factors.
  7. Internet access required and sold separately.
  8. HD content required to view HD images.
  9. Dual Core is designed to improve performance of certain software products. Not all customers or software applications will necessarily benefit from use of this technology.
  10. Estimated US street prices. Actual prices may vary.

Apps & Services

Adobe Reader for iOS

Adobe Reader for iOSPR: Adobe Reader is the familiar and free global standard for reliably viewing and sharing PDF documents across platforms and devices. With Reader you can easily and efficiently access the widest range of PDF file types - including PDF Portfolios, password-protected PDF documents and Adobe LiveCycle rights-managed PDF files. Now available for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, Adobe Reader offers fast, high-quality interaction with PDF.

View PDF files

  • Quickly open PDF files from email , the Web or any application that supports "Open In..."
  • View PDF Portfolios, PDF Packages, annotations and drawing markups
  • Read text annotations such as Sticky Notes

Adobe Reader for iOS Access encrypted PDF files

  • Open and view password-protected PDF files
  • Access files secured by Adobe LiveCycle Rights Management, which helps protect sensitive documents
  • Supports the highest grade of PDF encryption, up to AES256

Interact with PDF files

  • Search text to find specific information
  • Use bookmarks to jump directly to a section in your PDF file
  • Select single page or continuous scroll modes
  • Easily zoom in on text or images for a closer view
  • Quickly navigate through large files using thumbnails
  • Select and copy text from a PDF file to the clipboard

Print and share files

  • Adobe Reader for iOSPrint wirelessly with AirPrint
  • Share PDF files with other applications using "Open In..."
  • Email PDF documents as attachments

Available languages: English, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Dutch, Danish, Portuguese, Swedish, Russian, Czech, Polish and Turkish

Adobe Reader for iOS is a free app. This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad

System requirements: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 4.2.5 or later.

Textkraft, an iPad Text Revolution

TextkraftPR: German software developers Infovole GmbH have announced the immediate availability of their new Textkraft English smart text processor for the Apple iPad. The Textkraft app is coupled with a comprehensive dictionary and extensive communication options, focusing on the main activities of the writing process: to write, correct, research and share.

The iPad is an innovative tour de force and disruptive game-changer, but the Infovole folks note that writers in particular, who mainly want to edit text, complain about inaccurate cursor navigation, complicated selection of words and phrases, missing tabs and em-dashes, as well as other hidden keyboard options.

Textkraft Textkraft addresses these iPad shortcomings by providing an integrated working environment for writing experts as well as for casual users. It has all the missing text editing and navigation features, a built-in dictionary and thesaurus, online research tools and an intelligent spelling aid which identifies the right words, just the way you pronounce them.

Textkraft and Pages complement each other. Find the right words and polish your story with Textkraft first, and then send your text directly to Pages to layout your final document.

TextkraftA prior version of Textkraft has already been released in Germany and has been very successful: in the iPad TOP-10 charts for weeks and on number 1 in the category "productivity".

Textkraft features:

  • a dictionary with synonyms and potential follow-ups
  • Wikipedia full-text search and several online-dictionaries
  • text import/export from Macintosh, Windows, Linux and other iPad Apps
  • Dropbox integration: Synchronize documents on your devices
  • detailed text information for editors, e.g. word count and file size
  • active and intuitive spell checker. No reference and no interruption of the writing flow.
  • Cursor keys better than on a real keyboard. 8 keys with 10 functions.
  • selection markers for word, sentence and paragraph without bustle and finger fractures.
  • Undo/Redo, and gradient function for testing the formulations.
  • Upper and lower case Change button.
  • Supports external Bluetooth keyboards and cables.
  • TextkraftImport text from Mac, Linux and Windows via iTunes file sharing.
  • Import text from other iPad apps. For example, texts from open mail attachments.
  • Text export via clipboard, e-mail and direct transfer to other iPad apps.
  • Printing directly from the iPad. AirPrint compatible iOS 4.2.
  • 9 font styles to choose from and freely selectable text size.
  • Extensive textual information, including page count, word count and file size.
  • Standard Auto corrections switched off.
  • Read mode prevents accidental keystrokes.

System requirements: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later


Free Battery Manager Features Charge Calculator

PR: Halifax, Canada based vigu360 has announced Battery Manager 1.1 for iOS, their free utility featuring an innovative charge calculator that computes the minutes of remaining battery power for eight different tasks. Users can customize Battery Manager's control screen with a variety of Themes downloadable to the Photo Library. Two different audio alerts can also be customized to signal the completion of quick charge and maximum charge to maintain better battery health. Finally, the app displays the exact percentage of battery charge remaining, the percentage required for selected tasks, and Charge or Discharge modes.

Battery ManagerBattery Manager is a full-function battery utility that makes it easy for the user to keep track of the amount of battery power remaining and how that translates into hours and minutes of usage. With the ability to accurately predict how much longer the user will be able to use a particular app, for example, Safari Web Browsing via WiFi, the app keeps the user informed about when they may need to recharge their iOS device.

The app provides remaining time in hours and minutes for the following four categories: iPod audio playback without EQ, iPod audio playback with EQ, 3G usage, WiFi usage, view streaming video, view video offline, 2D gameplay, and 3D gameplay. In addition, users can dial in the number of hours and minutes they plan to use their device and the time needed for each of the aforementioned four categories. The app will then provide one of three messages: You're required to carry a charger with you; You need to increase the battery charge to x%; or You have sufficient battery power - you're good to go.

Feature Highlights:

  • Complete battery recharging and monitoring system for better battery health
  • Find out exactly how many hours and minutes of batter power remain
  • Customize Battery Manager with your choice of graphics and audio
  • Calculate the percentage of charge required to complete any task

"Never run out of battery power again," advised Vignesh Badrinarayanan of vigu360. "Using Battery Manager you can know in advance exactly how long your battery will last."

Device Requirements:

  • iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch
  • Requires iOS 4.0 or later (iOS 5 tested)
  • 7.9 MB

Battery Manager 1.1 is free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Utilities category. The app is ad-supported.

BE Write HD for iPad on Sale for 99¢

PR: Minnesota based Resolvica, Inc. has announced that BE Write HD 1.3.5 for iPad app is on sale in the iTunes App Store. Now through November 19, 2011, the app, which regularly sells for 6.99, will be available for 99 cents. BE Write is a feature-packed app for creating great looking blog posts, emails, and other formatted documents. BE Write is a WYSIWYG HTML editor (no knowledge of HTML is needed). There is no need to toggle between the HTML view and the display view.

BE Write HDBE Write HD has many new and improved features, such as:

  • iOS 5 Support
  • Dropbox Support
  • Ability to take screen shots from the web, and even select which portion of the page to capture
  • Inserting images and backgrounds from the web and from saved images
  • Decorative frames to place around images
  • Better copy-paste functionality
  • Dictionary
  • Spell Checker
  • Improved link functionality - quickly and easily make hyperlinks out of text or images

As always, one of BE Write's most exciting, innovative, and just plain fun options is the drawing feature that lets users easily include handwriting in blog posts and emails. This means a person could include a few lines of text or an image in a page, and then draw an arrow, underlining, or some other image to highlight a particular feature in the text or image. This page could then be emailed, posted to a blog, or used in other ways.

With BE Write, users can create templates such as custom signatures or frequently used email messages that can be saved and used repeatedly, saving time and typing. BE Write has a built-in browser, a drawing editor, emoticons, and syncing to Google Docs. It also features a collection of "canned English" - frequently used expressions that can be easily inserted into a page.

Device Requirements:

  • Compatible with iPad
  • Requires iOS 4.0 or later
  • 15.2 MB

For a limited time, BE Write HD 1.5 is 99¢ (equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide through the App Store in the Productivity category. Alternately, connect to the App store from the BE Write website.

Remoter VNC: Access Your Computer from Your iPhone or iPad

PR: RafSoftware has announced Remoter VNC 3.2 for iPhone and iPad, an update to their productivity app that enables users to remotely control Macs via Screen Sharing, and Windows or Linux computers using the VNC or RDP standards right from their iOS devices. The app uses Bonjour and NetBIOS to make setup a cinch, and it features a novel and highly praised "virtual trackpad" that allows to control the mouse cursor intuitively. RemoterFusion, which provides sound redirection and easy setup, RDP, Telnet and SSH support are available as in-app purchases.

Remoter VNCThe app offers one of the fastest implementations of the VNC and RDP protocols on the iOS platform. Operation is intuitive, with a well thought out interface that allows users to either tap on the screen and have taps converted into clicks on the remote system, or use a unique "virtual trackpad" that gives users precise control, and ease of use. A drag or stylus mode on the iPad version is also provided, which gives users the ability of easily dragging items, or drawing on their computers directly from their iPad just by using their fingers or a stylus.

On Macs, setup is now ultra-simple with the RemoterFusion add-on. Port-forwarding and/or dynamic DNS is no longer needed in order to establish connections from outside the computer's network. This add-on also provides sound redirection, which allows listening to music tracks, or any sound playing remotely on the computer from the iOS device. RemoterFusion can be tested for free for 24 hours.

Remoter VNCOtherwise, local session setup is still simple, all the computers from the WiFi network are found using both the Bonjour and NetBIOS standards. The user then taps on the desired connection, and all queried information such as computer name, IP address, service port, and more auto-populates the setup screen. The user then only needs to enter the VNC password to complete setup. A button labeled "Advanced" reveals many useful advanced options, like color depth, server scaling setting, compression level and more.

The new RDP add-on allows connecting to Windows computers that include an RDP server (Remote Desktop Protocol). This allows connecting to these machines without having to install a server, as is the case with VNC.

Via the SSH add-on, the app allows users to establish secure and tunneled VNC, or RDP if the RDP add-on is also used, connections to their computer desktop. This add-on also gives users the ability of establishing terminal connections to any SSH server. Featuring full terminal control, including special keys such as Control, Alt, F1-F14. Terminal support implements font foreground and background color, a terminal buffer, and clicking. SSH authentication includes both passwords and private/public key support. A fully featured SSH Key manager allows users to create SSH keys using RSA or DSA. Passphrases can also be set, and independent SSH keys can be used for each SSH session.

The SSH add-on also gives users the ability of create up to five TCP tunnels. The tunnels can then be accessed while the app is in the background by any other app on the iOS device. Providing a VPN connection to the SSH server. Background connections can stay active for a full ten minutes.

The Telnet add-on enables users to connect to server computers using the Telnet protocol. Like with SSH, the app provides full color support, a terminal buffer, and special keys.

Both the SSH and Telnet add-ons allow for selection of text which is then synchronized with the device's pasteboard, and can then be pasted within the application, or into any other app.

The app's features a sleek connection selection interface that is controlled by swiping on the iOS device to graphically select the desired connection. For professional users that have many connections, a "Session Selection" screen is also available. This option presents a list view of all available connections. Sessions can be sorted by name, type or usage.

Wake-on-LAN support is also built-in, when the server session is setup using Bonjour or NetBIOS, the MAC address is automatically populated. Otherwise the field is provided to allow the user to populate it manually. Wake-on-LAN can then be sent either from the main screen of the app, or via the session selection screen.

Macros can also be created and run. Macro support is included for VNC, RDP, SSH and Telnet sessions, and a Macros manager allows for renaming and deleting of existing macros.

The app is extremely configurable, in the "Remoter Config" screen users can select from a variety of options to best suit their needs. Options such as trackpad type and acceleration, visual clicks, international keyboard support for OS X are included.

While connected to a server, the app supports both landscape and portrait mode, fullscreen mode, different preset zoom levels, along with a smooth pinch-to-zoom interface. Pasteboard synchronization is also supported for all connection modes. External keyboard support, either USB or Bluetooth is also provided.

Feature Highlights:

  • Fast VNC protocol 3.8 supported. Compatible with Mac Screen Sharing, the latest UltraVNC for Windows and Linux VNC servers
  • Universal Binary: iPhone, iPad and iPod touch! Buy once, run on all your devices! All iOS firmware versions (3.1.2 - 5.0)
  • Support for sound/music redirection from your Mac and easy setup without port-forwarding / dynamic DNS with RemoterFusion add-on
  • Support for RDP (encrypted connections supported), SSH, Telnet, VNC over SSH, RDP over SSH, and arbitrary SSH port tunnels via In-App purchases
  • Novel Virtual TrackPad allows for precise and intuitive control! right-click, and dragging. Scroll with a side-scroller bar! Three trackpad modes.
  • SSH supports public-key authentication. Included SSH Key management system to generate, email, copy to pasteboard the SSH keys
  • Support for recording and running Macros!
  • International keyboard support for servers that don't support direct input mode: German, Swiss-German, Russian, French, Danish and Spanish Keyboard mappings.
  • UltraVNC MS Login Authentication Support, Server-Side Scaling and Multiple Monitor support
  • Wake-on-LAN Support
  • Bonjour and NetBIOS computer discovery
  • Supports BOTH Landscape and Portrait orientations
  • Intuitive Pinch to Zoom and drag to scroll. Also presets: "Fit Height", "Fit Width" and "1:1"
  • Special Keys: Including: Esc, Tab, Alt, Up, Down, Right, Left, PageUp, PageDown, F1..F12, Control-Alt-Delete, Command, Windows-key, etc.
  • Support for 8bpp, 16bpp and 32bpp color depths
  • Fullscreen mode
  • Clipboard synchronization (Paste is universal, but copy requires server support)

New in Version 3.2:

  • New icon
  • Tap-And-Hold Menu: Easy access to right-click and double-click
  • New "reverse scrolling" option (like Lion's "Natural" scrolling)
  • View-Only Mode added
  • Added search box to session list
  • Sessions can now be organized into definable "folders", and only specific sessions can be displayed in session list
  • Added security PIN feature
  • Improved hostname resolution for NetBIOS and Bonjour
  • Greatly improved multitouch handling in trackpad. Now two-finger tapping works perfectly for right-clicking. Scrolling is also enhanced via two-finger on trackpad
  • Session list updates: Simple and extended modes
  • RDP: Added raw scan code character send mode for RDP. This is required for low-level RDP servers like VirtualBox. This is configurable in session editor on a per-session mode
  • Added support for secure RDP via SSL/NLA
  • Lots of other enhancements and bug fixes

Device Requirements:

  • iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch
  • iOS 3.1.2 or later (iOS 5 included)
  • Universal Binary
  • 8.7 MB

Remoter VNC 3.2 is now at the special price of 99¢ (xxx) with free lifetime upgrades, and is available worldwide through the App Store in the Productivity category. In-app purchases are available that enhance the functionality of Remoter VNC. The RDP add-on is $3.99. The RemoterFusion add-on is $2.99. The SSH add-on is 99¢. The Telnet add-on is $1.99. The Remoter Complete add-on is $5.99 and includes RemoterFusion, RDP, SSH and Telnet add-ons, plus free lifetime upgrades for all new and revised add-ons. Review copies are available upon request.


Flash Drive Connection Cable for iPad with Extra USB for Charging

USB Fever Flash Drive Connection Cable for iPad with Extra USB for ChargingPR: This cable allows you to connect your iPad to iPhone, iPod touch, camera, DC, Card Reader, Thumb Drive... so you can input your pictures/Videos (stored in a folder called DCIM), and at the same time, it has an extra USB socket for charging to make sure your iPad are always powered, especially when your battery is low.


  • Easy to download photos from your digital camera (with a DCIM Folder) to your iPad
  • Supports moving jpeg (.jpg) / Raw files from Camera to iPad.
  • An extra way to re-juice your iPad.

How to use?

  • Plug the 30-pin dock connector to your iPad
  • Plug your Thumb Drive / Card Reader / Camera (with a DCIM folder) or Keyboard to the USB socket for data input
  • Plug the USB A Male to your power source for charging.

USB Fever Flash Drive Connection Cable for iPad with Extra USB for ChargingThis accessory if compatible with

  • Apple iPad 2
  • all iOS firmwares.


  • Dock to USB Socket: around 20cm
  • Dock to USB Power connector: around 1 meter

Note: iPad only reads data (graphics files) from devices/memory cards with a folder "DCIM"


Origami Workstation for iPad and Wireless Keyboard

Origami WorkstationOrigami WorkstationPR: Inspired by the Japanese art of paper-folding, the Origami Workstation provides complete protection for your Apple Wireless Keyboard. It also folds quickly and easily into a stand that offers both horizontal and vertical iPad positions for flexible viewing options. Even better, it works with most iPad cases, so you can keep your iPad in its own case while you type.


  • Lightweight case for Apple Wireless Keyboard
  • Folds into stand for iPad
  • Offers horizontal and vertical iPad viewing
  • Secure snap-in keyboard attachment
  • Velcro™ tabs for easy closure and stand setup


Apple Wireless Keyboard for iPad

Color: Black


Adesso Compagno 2 White Bluetooth Keyboard with Case for iPad 2

PR: Adesso Inc. has announced the release of its new white Compagno 2 Bluetooth keyboard and carrying case for iPad 2, the WKB-2000CW. Available at several retailers, Adesso's WKB-2000CW has a MSRP of $99.99.

Adesso Compagno 2 White Bluetooth Keyboard with Case for iPad 2The Adesso Compagno 2 white detachable Bluetooth keyboard and white case are the perfect companions for your iPad 2. This unique and stylish white detachable Bluetooth keyboard includes a standard layout with iPad and Multimedia Hotkeys, to access iPad 2 shortcuts with one-touch. The keyboard is designed with a silicon material that protects it against spills and water, while also providing a fast and almost silent tactile response.

A contemporary white faux leather case accompanies your keyboard to protect your iPad 2 from the unexpected. This case not only protects, but it also provides multiple viewing angles for easier typing, Internet browsing, and video viewing. In addition, the Compagno 2 case design gives your two iPad 2 cameras full visibility and includes a magnetic closure that automatically wakes and sleeps your iPad when you open or close the case.

WKB-2000CW features the following:

  • White detachable Bluetooth keyboard allows users to work freely for up to 30 ft
  • Water resistant keyboard offers the ability to remove germs with liquid disinfectants or soap and water
  • Magnetic closure case design automatically wakes and sleeps your iPad 2 when opened and closed
  • Multiple viewing angles so you can easily answer emails, browse the Internet, or watch videos
  • Rechargeable polymer battery and power ON/OFF switch

Adesso's various product lines are available through Ingram Micro, Synnex and D&H direct vendors, eRetailers, including Amazon,,, PC Mall, CDW, Insight, Newegg and TigerDirect. In addition, they are also available at retail stores, such as Staples, Micro Center, Frys, CompUSA, CDW, PC Mall and PC Connection.

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