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iPod 'Most Prized Possession', Cross-country Texting Kills Tour, iPad Here to Stay, and More

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Compiled by Charles Moore and edited by Dan Knight - 2010.09.20

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iPod 'Most Prized Possession' Among Facebook Users

PR: After new versions of the iPod were recently launched, the portable media playing devices have been voted "most prized possession" amongst Facebook users, coming out just on top ahead of the Blackberry and closely followed by iPhones and laptops.

Meanwhile, only 1% of respondents regarded their wedding ring as their most prized possession, whilst cars were the favourites of only 4% of people on the social network. Dogs got 9% of the vote and cats received 5%.

The survey was carried out in August on behalf of insurance firm Protect Your Bubble, with 12% of the 500 respondents voting for their iPods as their most prized possession, just outdoing the Blackberry, which received 11.5% of the votes.

The first iPod launched in 2001 and the devices are still hugely popular despite the massive surge in purchases of smartphones in the last 12 months, with new versions of the iPod nano and iPod touch recently hitting the shelves alongside the iPod shuffle and the iPod classic.

Stephen Ebbett, spokesperson for commented, "As online insurers it is particularly interesting for us to see what people regard as their most prized possession and with the iPod evolving so much since its release it has clearly won a place in our hearts. The popularity of the device over laptops and smartphones is quite revealing and we offer competitively priced policies to cover the entire range of gadgets."

"Perhaps some of the results show more about the demographics and preferences of Facebook users, with wedding rings and cars so far down the scale, but the iPod definitely seems to still rule as the gadget of choice."

Survey results in full:

  • iPod 12%
  • Blackberry 11.5%
  • iPhone 10%
  • Laptop 9%
  • Dog 9%
  • Games console 8%
  • MacBook 7%
  • iPad 6%
  • Cat 5%
  • Camera 5%
  • Television 4.5%
  • Car 4%
  • Video camera 4%
  • Other jewellery 4%
  • Wedding ring 1%

Apple products did astonishingly well in this survey, racking up 35% of the responses among four different devices, and probably in reality better than that, because it's a good guess that some of the generic "laptop" vote would've been applied to Mac notebooks as well. Speaking of which incidentally, when you combine the "laptop" and MacBook totals (cumulatively 16 %) the old laptop dusts the iPod in most cherished gadgets quite handily.

Protect Your Bubble is an online insurance provider trying to make personal insurance simple, easy and uncomplicated from buying a policy to making a claim. It currently offers gadget, travel, personal emergency, home emergency, car, life, car hire, home and pet insurance.

Cross-country TextKills Tour to Rally College Students Against Texting While Driving

Iconosys, the company that developed the Smartphone safety app that combats the growing social epidemic "Texting While Driving" (TWD) - SMS Replier - is taking to the road to raise awareness of the dangers associated with this addictive behavior via a cross-country tour of college campuses.

SMS Replier eliminates the need for TWD via a fully customizable auto reply to texts and calls plus other safety features. In concert with the cross-country outreach, called the TextKills Tour, Iconosys has developed a "Collegiate Version" of SMS Replier and plans to give away 100,000 copies, a $2,000,000 value, over the course of the tour.

Beginning Thursday, September 9th, the tour, led by Iconosys CEO and founder Wayne Irving II, departed southern California via a 36 foot motor home with stops at the University of New Mexico and the Art Center for Design College (both in Albuquerque, Sept. 10th), University of Denver, (Sept. 11th), University of Iowa - (Sept. 13th), Northwestern University (Chicago, IL, Sept. 14th), and University of Purdue (Sept. 15th). Other tour stops are set to include the University of Arizona and Wharton/University of Pennsylvania. The tour will culminate in Washington DC on September 21st at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administrations (NHTSA) second National Distracted Driving Summit.

Iconosys is partnering with, an advocacy group of the National Safety Council for victims of motor vehicle crashes involving drivers using cell phones, for the TextKills College Tour. Iconosys intends to raise money for during this college tour, including donating $2 from every sale of this special version of SMS Replier over the next 2 months to The app is available to everyone and anyone wishing to support this campaign from Iconosys' website.

The TextKills Tour will be documented and updates posted, including videos and images at each college and high school visited along the Tour route daily at

According to the NHTSA, in 2008, nearly 6,000 people died and more than half a million were injured in crashes involving a distracted driver. More than 20 percent of all crashes that same year involved some type of distraction, such as TWD.

At every TextKills Tour stop and at the Distracted Driving Summit, Iconosys plans to inform and educate about the dangers of Texting While Driving and other distractions while on the road as well as offer a "Collegiate Version" of SMS Replier to be known as the TextKills DriveReply (available on most Smartphones) for download to all in attendance.

"With the latest reports indicating that 100,000,000 Smartphones are sold per quarter, we have become a mobile world," commented Irving. "Iconosys is committed to developing viable, lifesaving solutions for the addictive and potentially destructive behavior that a growing reliance on these devices generates.

The worlds infatuation with texting has grown from 4.1 trillion text messages per year in 2008, to more than 1.6 trillion text messages per day in 2010. Iconosys Irving warns that the side-effects of this practice (death and injury due to car accidents) is yet to be fully realized. It seems to be an undeniable trend that the world is becoming more and more dependent on texting as a primary means of communication particularly teenagers who reportedly average over 4,000 text messages per month. This "always-on" aspect of our daily lives, which borders on an addiction for many, is opening the worlds eyes to the very real dangers of TWD.

"We feel that our app provides something akin to a medicinal relief for those who suffer from what I refer to as texting anxiety, where the text recipient hears that tone coming from his or her phone, and is compelled to pick up that phone and check for texting regardless of the circumstances, adds Irving.

Recently, an independent research firm picked SMS Replier as a best of breed technological solution to TWD. A copy of their study can be found at

Consumer Reports Still Doesn't Recommend the iPhone 4

A Consumer Reports blog entry notes that "Apple has quietly discontinued* its free-case program for the iPhone 4 effective October 1", yet says that it will continue to provide a case to the "small percentage" of buyers who need one due to the phone's antenna issue.

That's not good enough for CR, which contends that "putting the onus on any owners of a product to obtain a remedy to a design flaw is not acceptable to us. We therefore continue not to recommend the iPhone 4, and to call on Apple to provide a permanent fix for the phone's reception issues."

* Editor's note: Discontinued is past tense, and October 1 isn't here yet, so CR's use of the word is incorrect. Every company blog should have a good editor to catch things like that. CR, better to refer to Apple's soon to be discontinued or expiring soon free case program. (I also have issues with the hyphen in free-case.) dk

Can the iPad Hack It as a Laptop Substitute for Real Work?

Can the iPad ever replace the netbook or notebook? The Register's Tony Smith set out to determine the answer, taking only his iPad to Intel's Developer Forum and leaving his laptop home.

After four days of using the iPad as a laptop substitute, Smith determined that while the iPad "comes darn close," it's not quite close enough. Most of the tasks he put the iPad to were not impossible, just harder to achieve than they would be on a laptop or netbook. For example, with the exception of photo editing, there was nothing he needed to do that he couldn't do using the iPad, although he did pack along Apple's iPad Camera Connection kit and a Bluetooth keyboard.

Smith notes that the iPad's virtual keyboard lacks cursor keys, which are essential for quickly selecting areas of text for cutting and pasting, and that selecting and moving text in general is not well implemented on the iPad. Another big problem is not being able to see screens from two apps' simultaneously. Two particular deal-breaker productivity shortcomings Smith notes are a screen pointer and a mouse to steer it.

In the positive column, Smith reconfirmed that iPad battery life is well ahead of the laptop curve, and its diminutive AC adapter is more convenient to carry than any notebook power brick, not to mention that the iPad itself is easier to lug around and use while standing than a laptop.

Back on the downside, Smith found the iPad's poverty of connectivity frustrating - with his hotel's ethernet Internet connection for example - noting that had Intel or any other firm handed out press material on a USB stick or CD, he would have been out of luck, since the USB adaptor in the Camera Connection Kit only works with self-powered or externally powered devices, which rules out flash drives.

Smith observes that some of these issues will solved by competitive tablets that will have USB ports although he hasn't yet seen any with Ethernet, and he wouldn't want to use a 7" display tablet for this kind of duty, so nothing smaller than the iPad's 9.7" screen would do, but 10" Android-based tablets are on the way.

However, he affirms that he'll be taking a notebook with him next time, and that while relying solely on a tablet was an interesting experiment, it's not one he'll repeat on work trips.

'The iPad Is Here to Stay'

PC Mag's Tim Bajarin has posted the third and final installment of his "100 Days With the iPad" series of reports, with some final thoughts about the iPad and the future of the tablet market.

Commentator 'Can't Resist the iPad'

The Guardian's Dan Kennedy - like many of us Apple-watchers monitoring the prerelease hype about the iPad last winter - wondered why so many people were excited about a small laptop without a keyboard, reasoning that it would be much better if Apple instead unveiled a Macintosh netbook that you could actually do some work on, and questioning whether we really needed a third Internet device to carry wherever we go.

However, Kennedy says that these days, it takes every bit of willpower he can muster to walk into my local Apple store for, say, a cable, and not walk out with an iPad he can't afford. He still is of a mind that the iPad is geared toward passive media consumption rather than creation, but has concluded that it is the most amazing media-consumption machine he's ever encountered.

Link: Why, After All, I Can't Resist the iPad

Will Apple Merge iOS and Mac OS X?

The Mac Observer's John Martellaro notes that Apple currently has two very popular operating systems - the new iOS 4 and 10-year-old Mac OS X, which he notes has its roots in some things Apple would like to leave behind, particularly the PC world and the mouse. Martellaro discusses at length whether Apple will try to merge these two OSes.

Editor's note: Whether or not the two OSes get formally merged somewhere down the line, I think it's almost dead certain that there will be substantial convergence. cm

Other editor's note: I don't know what Steve Jobs means by "the PC world", but I don't think the days of "real" computers are going to end any time soon. For image editing and word processing, give me a nice big display, a good keyboard, and a mouse over a touchscreen interface any day. dk

Use a Smartphone or iPad as a DIY In-Dash System

Wired's Do It Yourself tutorial notes that most new cars offer onboard navigation and entertainment systems as a premium package. However, you don't need to take out a car loan just to have some fancy gadgets on your dashboard. If you're already toting around a smartphone or tablet, it's every bit as sophisticated as most in-dash units - so put it to use.

In this guide, contributors take a look at how to build your own touchscreen dashboard system on the cheap.

The biggest advantage of a DIY in-dash setup is that you can take it with you. While a car-bound system loses its usefulness when you reach your destination, you can take your custom, DIY navigation system with you.

Adobe Reignites Flash on iOS

The Register's Bill Ray reports that Adobe is steaming ahead with its Packager for iPhone, a program that recompiles Flash applications as iOS apps, now that Apple has cleared the technology for iOS devices.

Adobe will be supporting the Packager tool in Flash Professional CS5, for which it dropped support when Apple said that Objective C was the only permitted development language. Apple has recanted that position, and Adobe now reports that developers have already managed to get Flash applications approved for the App Store.

Apps & Services

PrintJinni Delivers iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad Mobile Printing to Epson All-in-Ones

PR: Epson America, Inc. and Thinxtream Technologies have announced a new mobile printing application, PrintJinni for Epson, that allows iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad1 users to easily print Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, and JPEG files from an email account to any WiFi-enabled Epson all-in-one. Unlike other mobile printing solutions, PrintJinni for Epson is an all-inclusive productivity tool that allows users to download, display, preview, and print email attachments that maintain accurate formatting.

"PrintJinni for Epson enhances the printing experience for mobile device users by delivering superior performance where it counts, whether at home, in the office, or on the road," says Gregg Brunnick, group product manager, Consumer Ink Jets, Epson America, Inc. "With the benefit to print to any WiFi-enabled Epson all-in-one, this convenient app keeps iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad users from being tied to one printer. PrintJinni for Epson offers the ultimate mobile printing freedom and superior print quality inherent in Epson's all-in-one solutions."

Additional PrintJinni for Epson Features:

  • Supports printing of Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents (Microsoft Office 2003 and 2007), as well as JPEG and PDF files from email attachments
  • Offers easy discovery of supported Epson printers and all-in-ones over the WiFi network
  • Provides simple setup and email attachment support for Gmail, Microsoft Exchange, Apple MobileMe, AOL, and other IMAP-based email accounts
  • Prints over WiFi without the need for an intermediate PC, additional software or printer drivers
  • Delivers secure encrypted communication for mobile printing
  • Receives and prints iWorks documents from the iPad2

Includes free upgrade to iPad-native printing support scheduled for release in fall 2010

"We are pleased to work with Epson to launch a robust mobile printing solution for their customers," says Robert Shibata, director of marketing, Thinxtream Technologies. "The rich functionality of PrintJinni for Epson will help Apple mobile device users leverage the superior printing performance and WiFi capability of Epson printers. Through this joint initiative, we are also looking forward to leveraging Epson's advanced printing technology expertise to upgrade and enhance the features of the PrintJinni application."

PrintJinni for Epson, expected later to be priced at $9.99, is now available in the US and Canada on the Apple iTunes Store for an introductory price of $6.99. This 30 percent discount is for a limited time only and includes a one-year subscription to PrintJinni Cloud Services.

  1. Supports Apple iPad (in compatibility mode) running iPhone OS 3.2.1 and above, iPod touch, iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS running iPhone OS 3.1.3 and above, and iPhone 4 running iPhone OS 4.0 and above.
  2. Send iWorks documents in PDF or Office format.

Link: PrintJinni for Epson (download link)

Parallels Mobile Lets iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch Use Windows Apps via Parallels Desktop 6 for Mac

PR: At the DEMO Fall 2010 conference, Parallels will premiere a new complementary Parallels Mobile app for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. The app and service allows users of Parallels Desktop 6 for Mac and Parallels Desktop 6 Switch to Mac Edition, which have launched at retail stores worldwide, to use their iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch to access and utilize Windows applications running on a Mac from any network, from anywhere, at any time.

The Parallels Mobile app, a client and a service built upon the MyParallels services platform, is complementary with either edition of Parallels Desktop 6 and can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store.

With Parallels' new mobile app and MyParallels service, people can freely perform tasks that have been unavailable or limiting to iPad users, such as printing, viewing Flash-based websites, and full use of productivity applications like Outlook.

"With the popularity of mobile devices skyrocketing, our customers overwhelmingly desire the ability to do more from anywhere without the restrictions that usually come from working remotely," says Serguei Beloussov, Chairman and CEO, Parallels. "With our new Parallels Mobile app and MyParallels service, we make it possible for Parallels Desktop 6 customers to access and utilize their Windows apps wherever they are."

Parallels Desktop 6 for Mac is simply the fastest, smartest, and most powerful version yet of the number one selling Parallels Desktop software for running Windows and Mac applications side-by-side on a Mac without rebooting. With more than 80 new and enhanced features, Parallels Desktop 6 delivers unprecedented advances in mobility, productivity, performance, and graphics - the areas people care about most.

"The Parallels Mobile app and MyParallels service is a great example of what DEMO is all about. It's an exciting innovation that changes peoples' expectations about what you can do with technology," said Matt Marshall, executive producer of DEMO. "We're thrilled that we got to see it live here first."

Don't Know Much About America's Civil War? There's an App for That!

PR: Civil War: America's Epic Struggle (US$.99) from MultiEducator, Inc. is a comprehensive interactive zooming technology multimedia course in American history.

America's Civil WarPublisher Marc Schulman says that "the enhanced visual and zooming technologies built into the Apple iPad are adding whole new interactive dimensions to the teaching of history".

Civil War is an application containing a diverse, comprehensive multimedia collection of the most important documents, maps, and photographs in the history of the Civil War at a tiny fraction of what textbooks and documents would cost.

More than just an ebook with links, the program contains interactive audio and visual educational features that can only be experienced with Apple iPod and iPad technologies.

The gives users instant access to hundreds of original documents, photographs, maps, video, presentations, and even statistics.

America's Civil WarWhen you open the app, the information can be sorted and organized 18 different ways. There are documents, maps, video and data tables. Categories of information cover things like battles, navy, Armies, Economics, Railroads, Music and more. They can be sorted chronologically or alphabetically. When you tap on a Major Battles you can change how the battles are sorted.

If you tap on a category a contextual listing opens up and tells you what else you can get access to. Tapping on the name of a specific battle, such as Fort Sumpter, brings up more choices and you can choose from text summaries, to multimedia presentations, to text articles on various aspects and reports of the battle to field maps, to a dozen or more photos.

Schulman explains, "You can zoom the photos, turn directions, watch screaming high-definition color videos with special effects and high fidelity headphones all on your lap top. The program does this in more or less detail for each of 26 different battles."

Schulman believes that this has significant implications to teaching and to education. "It brings education alive in ways people have not imagined. This has phenomenal implications to creative publishers and educators. The total experience is now what really matters."

In Civil War, he demonstrates these new capabilities. The application takes a lot of memory - 248 MB.

America's Civil WarAs an example, let's say you are reading the text summarizing a specific battle. A link allows you to explore a multimedia presentation on the battle. You can bring up maps of the geography and even link to maps of the terrain or of the battle itself day by day. You can link right to an account of the battle from the perspective of Confederate General Longstreet. Then maybe take a side trip to read a report written by Union General Grant. Then if you want more there will be anything between 20 to 100 photos of the battle - all of which are high quality and which you can zoom into and really explore up close, literally inch by inch. Then with a click, you can watch a video and listen to the sounds of the guns and artillery and the screams of men fighting on the battlefield.

Another nice feature is the ability to email the content of whatever is being used without leaving the program.

America's Civil WarCivil War: America's Epic Struggle contains over 1,000 high quality photos (all of which you can zoom into), one hour of multimedia presentations, over 100 high quality maps; and dozens of firsthand accounts. These resources combine to bring the story of America's most violent and dramatic war to life. You can create a "favorites" section or even e-mail your "favorites" section to a friend, with photos and videos and more.

Civil War is the latest release in the History on the Go series by MultiEducator.

  • Constitution contains the full text of the United States Constitution. It provides an explanation of each and every clause, and commentary on each of the amendments. The complete text of all 85 of the Federalist papers in also included. Users can zoom in on the photos of the authentic Constitution document.
  • World History includes 350 Primary Source Documents and Speeches written throughout the course of World History. From the Bible to Obama's Nobel Acceptance Speech, this application covers the breadth and depth of world history. The program also includes 19 audio and video recordings of famous speeches and addresses.

The History on the Go series by MultiEducator, Inc. are available online at the App Store. Civil War and World History cost $2.99 each, and Constitution is free.

Fair Auto Repair Goes Mobile with Free iPhone App

PR:, which claims to be the most comprehensive and unbiased free online auto repair resource, and winner of best automotive website of 20101, has announced the launch of the AutoMD Mobile iPhone App. Designed to empower car owners with the information they need to get fair repair cost estimates, the best shop for their needs and step-by-step DIY repair guides - whether by the roadside or at the repair shop - AutoMD Mobile is the most comprehensive and unbiased free auto repair app available.

"American car owners spend over $200 billion in car repairs every year, yet 88% of car owners surveyed say they have felt overcharged when getting their car repaired - and our data shows that they are probably right,2" says President Shane Evangelist. "Now, with the AutoMD Mobile App, car owners can have peace of mind by literally 'knowing on the go' what their vehicle repair should cost and the location of nearby shops able to service their needs. And, if they are DIY'ing it by the roadside or in the garage, the app provides quick access to step-by-step how-to repair guides."

AutoMD Mobile for iPhone is easy to use and empowers car owners to:

  • Get Fair and Objective Car Repair Prices on thousands of jobs, including real-time, vehicle-specific parts pricing
  • Find a Local Repair Shop from a database of over 400,000 shops with labor rates, matched for geography, specific job type and affordability
  • Know How-to Make the Repair with access to thousands of easy-to-understand "How-to-Repair" guides with step-by-step instructions for the most common repair jobs

AutoMD Mobile is part of's mission to serve as an advocate to empower car owners with the best and most affordable way to repair their vehicles - whether they're using a repair shop or are part of the growing population of DIYers. Unlike other repair sites, does not rely on revenue from repair shops or dealerships, so car owners can rest assured that AutoMD Mobile shop listings are completely unbiased and designed to help car owners choose the best, most affordable shop for their vehicle issue. Mobile App for iPhone is available free-of-charge for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad (with operating system 3.1.3 or later) at the iTunes App Store., a wholly-owned subsidiary of US Auto Parts Network, Inc. is a comprehensive and unbiased free online automotive repair resource designed to empower car owners with the best way to repair their vehicles. Backed by a team of automotive data specialists and certified auto mechanics who are advocates for the car owner, allows both car owners and DIYers to 1. Diagnose car problems, 2. Know how much auto repairs should cost, 3. Understand the steps needed and the time it should take with How-to Auto Repair guides, and 4. Find the right local auto repair shop at the right price for their issue and 5. Get your auto repair questions answered by the community. was named Best Automotive Website in the 8th annual American Business Awards, also known as the Stevie Awards.

  1. was named Best Automotive Website in the 8th annual American Business Awards, also known as the Stevie Awards
  2. AAIA Digital FactBook 2010; AutoMD National Repair Shop Report and Car Owner Survey 1/2010

MegaReader App Gives Access to 1.8 Million Free Books

PR: Inkstone Software announces the launch of MegaReader a highly customizable iPhone ebook reader that gives users the choice of over 1.8 million free books on the Internet.

MegaReader iPhone AppThe MegaReader app has been designed to tap into book catalogs such as Feedbooks, Project Gutenberg, Baen Free Books, Smashwords, and the Internet Archive allowing users to discover not only the classics (such as Sherlock Holmes, Pride and Prejudice, and War and Peace), but also up and coming modern indie authors and publishers.

"The MegaReader app is a fantastic way to explore the nearly two million public domain titles freely available from the Internet Archive's BookServer catalog. We are thrilled to contribute to Inkstone's efforts to bring the enjoyment of these books to readers around the world said Peter Brantley, Director of the BookServer Project,Internet Archive.

Once books have been downloaded to MegaReader over WiFi they can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime without the need for an Internet connection.

Inkstone Software Founder Patrick Thompson said one of the key features of MegaReader, apart from the millions of free books on offer, was the advanced personalization it provided. "Many reading apps currently available on the iPhone have rather utilitarian and confusing interfaces or they are very limited in the amount of customization you can do. We wanted to provide an elegant, easy to use interface that could be easily personalized to the reader's needs and tastes."

MegaReader displaying I, RobotMegaReader gives users the ability to select one of 19 predefined color schemes, or to come up with one of their own from 1000s of available colors. There are also 23 fonts, 100s of font sizes and a variety of margin widths, line spacing, and text justification to choose from.

Portrait or landscape modes can be locked depending on preference, and there is a built-in speed reading test that is used to calculate and display how long it will take to finish a chapter.

Users can easily navigate and search for books or authors from within MegaReader by browsing categories (such as mystery, action and adventure, romance, science fiction), viewing popular or recently added books, or looking at recommended reading lists and reviews.

The app is preloaded with 22 books to start users off, including works from Jane Austen, Dale Carnegie, Agatha Christie, Paulo Coelho, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Jack London, and Kurt Vonnegut. DRM-free books can also be imported over WiFi.

The app also works with iBookshelf and MyLibrary two popular cataloging apps to keep track of all physical and digital media assets and to customize book cover images in MegaReader.

MegaReader is available for $1.99 from the App Store. Screenshots and more information are available on the MegaReader website.

Bella Girl, a Beauty Assistant for the iPad

PR: Hong Kong based Mooee Company Limited introduces Bella Girl - Beauty Assistant for the iPad. Developed specifically for the smart ladies who require beauty tools to help them manage their beauty care needs. Bella Girl - Beauty Assistant consists of several beauty and shopping tools, a BMI calculator, a calorie counter, a beauty treatment timer, a size converter for rings, shoes and bra, a period and ovulation estimator, and smart compare for those avid shoppers.

Bella GirlDeveloping specially for nontechnical users, Mooee wanted to create an App just for the ladies who care about their beauty needs and like to have an App to keep track of those private information. Bella Girl - Beauty Assistant consists of a set of beauty and shopping tools for ladies:

  • Ideal Weight (BMI) - Find out where you stand in fitness compare to your peers
  • Calorie Counter - Find out the calories of what you eat or what you exercise off
  • Timer - Special beauty timer allows you to keep tract of your face mask treatment time, nails drying time, etc. etc.
  • Event Calendar - Specialized calendar to keep track of your beauty treatment schedules, your period and ovulation schedules
  • Converter - To convert rings, bras and shoes in foreign sizes
  • Smart Compare - To allow you to compare and decide which cosmetics to buy that is better value
  • Feature Highlights:
  • Bella Girl has a personal mode that remembers all your personal measurements and requirements so that you can access any tools and retrieve your personal data immediately, no need to reenter them
  • Bella Girl also has a guest mode, where you can share the App with your friends to use the beauty tools
  • Bella Girl has a privacy lock so your period and ovulation dates will not be visible to others
  • Timer has specific presets for you to set your nail polish drying time, hair coloring time, beauty bath soak or Jacuzzi time and most importantly your face mask time. It allows you to customize your specific brand of beauty products
  • Converter specially for ring, shoe and bra size converts between US sizes and other international sizes

Device Requirements:

  • Compatible with iPad
  • Requires iPhone OS 3.2 or later
  • 28.7 MB

Bella Girl - Beauty Assistant 1.0 for iPad is $6.99 and available exclusively through Apple's App Store in the Healthcare & Fitness category.

Builder Pro: Over 400 Formulas for Builders

Builder ProPR: New York based MultiEducator, Inc. announces Builder Pro 2.0 for iOS, the latest version of their reference, formula, and calculation app for builders. Builder Pro includes over 400 formulas used by builders, and includes the complete International Building Code 2006 (to be updated at the end of 2010), the complete International Plumbing Code, the complete International Mechanical Code, and half the Americans with Disabilities Act Codes and Drawings, and half of the National Electric Codes and Drawings. The International codes have been adopted by most states in the US and many places worldwide. Over the coming months Builder Pro will be expanded to include the whole codes as well as Plumbing, Fire, and Elevator Codes. When the codes are all completed the price of Builder Pro will go up; however, all version 2.0 users will receive free upgrades.

Optimized for full screen display on the iPad, Builder Pro provides an easy way for the user to quickly find what they may need. Fully searchable by key word(s), pages can be marked or saved as favorites, and recent pages are listed. The app includes over 400 formulas, plus hundreds of charts, drawings, tables, and calculation templates which perform all the math necessary based on values entered. MultiEducator has specifically designed the app to be easily expanded and updated, with new content released monthly. Included are more than 25 sections:

Builder ProMain Sections:

  • International Building Code - 35 Chapters with over 100 pages
  • Americans with Disabilities Act Codes & Drawings, including ADA 2008 Amendments
  • International Mechanical Code - with complete definitions, rules, and specs
  • National Electrical Code (first half; second half available soon)
  • Building Charts and Tables- Occupancy, Egress, Doors, Aisles, Building Heights, etc.
  • HVAC Charts - Ductwork, Pumps, Energy Values, Humidity, Air Change, etc.
  • Electrical Charts and Tables - Wire Size, Wire Gauge, Load, Voltage Drop, etc.
  • International Plumbing Code - 16 Chapters plus Appendices, over 200 pages
  • Plumbing Charts and Tables- derived from the International Plumbing Code
  • Plumbing Drawings - derived from the International Plumbing Code
  • Financial Calculations - derived from the International Plumbing Code
  • Concrete & Excavating - Coverage, Bricks, Slabs, Aggregates, Sidewalks, etc.
  • Costs Formulas - derived from the International Building Code
  • Materials Needed Formulas - derived from the International Building Code
  • Building Code Formulas - Code Calculation, Fire Resistance, Allowed Loads, etc.
  • Acoustical Formulas - Absorption, Reverberation, Volume, Surface Area, etc.
  • Boiler Formulas and Drawings - 15 chapters on boiler operation and steam flow
  • Condensation Formulas - Vapor Diffusion, Vapor Resistance, and Water Drainage
  • Carpentry Formulas - Loads, Lumber, Joists, Sheet Rock, Roofing, Stairs, etc.
  • Electrical Formulas - Batteries, AC/DC, Generators, Impedance, Motors, Wiring, etc.
  • Piping Formulas - 20 chapters including Weight, Pressure, Expansion, Sizing, etc.
  • HVAC Formulas - Refrigeration, Steam, Temperature, Heating Design, etc.
  • Plumbing Formulas - Pumps, Water Heaters, Water Flow, Water Temperature, etc.
  • Material Weights - tables pound/cubic ft., pounds/cubic yd., tons/cubic yd., etc.
  • Area Formulas - Area, Surface Area, Volume, Perimeters, Circumference, etc.
  • Conversion Formulas - over 200 formulas including Flows, HVAC, Power, BTUs, etc.

Version 2.0 of MultiEducator's Builder Pro adds native iPad support, allowing much more convenient operation on a larger touchscreen. Also new is: the completion of the International Building Code with 23 new chapters and 140 additional charts; completion of the International Plumbing Code with an additional 10 chapters and 60 charts; four more sections of the Electrical Code with 40 more charts; and a new Conversions section with an additional 60 conversion formulas.

"Our iOS Formulator Series for building professionals now contains 25 different apps," commented company President Marc Schulman. "Builder Pro 2.0 is a compendium of our four most popular: Carpentry Pro, Electrical Pro, Plumbing Pro, and HVAC Pro, making it a real value."

Device Requirements:

  • iPhone, iPod touch, iPad
  • iOS 3.1 or later
  • 44.2 MB

Builder Pro 2.0 is $17.99 and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Business category. Review copies are available upon request.

OCRKit Mobile: Mobile Text Recognition for the iPhone

PR: OCRKit Mobile is a Text Recognition specifically developed for mobile use and brings a fast, accurate and easy to use text recognition to Apple's iPhone. The new application OCRKit uses advanced OCR -Optical Character Recognition- technology to recognize the text in graphics which is particular useful for photos of documents while on the go. It allows to edit and furthermore copy and paste the text to other iPhone applications.

Unlike other offerings, OCRKit performs all image processing including the OCR directly on your iPhone. No image data is transferred to servers over the air, your data plan is saved and OCRKit just works while abroad.

OCRKit is developed with the main focus on usability and simple to use. By taking a picture of a document, letter, contract, poster, note or business card it recognizes the text and shows it on the screen. Ready for processing, which allows you to further edit and work with the text. Copy and paste it to another apps and exchange it with friends and colleagues. It helps you to easily bring graphical information fast and into a textual form on your iPhone.

The OCR requires a sharp image with macro focus, and thus works best with the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4. The 5 megapixel camera of the iPhone 4 and OCRKit can potentially replace an entry-level portable scanner for working with paper documents abroad.

OCRKit for iPhoneOCRKit comes with support for different OCR languages, including: English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.

OCRKit mobile features:

  • Streamlined and easy OCR for iPhone
  • As simple as taking a picture
  • Simply copy and paste text to other apps
  • Without any limits
  • Securely on your iPhone, no data is send to Internet services

Device Requirements:

  • iPhone and iPod touch
  • Requires iPhone OS 3.1 or later
  • 7.6 MB

OCRKit Mobile 1.0 is $4.99 or €3.99 and available worldwide exclusively through the Apple iTunes Store in the Productivity category. Promotion codes are available for qualified reviewers. Please contact us for free promotion codes, and specify which website or blog you are working for.


Apple Peel 520 Turns iPod touch into a Smartphone

PR: Does your iPod touch suffer from iPhone Envy? Not for long: GoSolarUSA Inc. announced a deal today with innovative Chinese developer Yosion to bring that company's cutting-edge Apple Peel 520 product to the United States.

Both companies signed a funding option agreement last week. Under the agreement, GoSolarUSA will work with Yosion to develop the Apple Peel 520, file for a US patent and distribute it in the US.

When used with Apple's iPod touch, the Apple Peel 520 functions as a protective skin that adds mobile voice and text messaging capabilities to the touchscreen media player. The startling new technology represents a more affordable alternative to purchasing Apples pricier iPhone, and with 275 million iPods already on the market, the Apple Peel could be an instant hit. Yosion announced last week that Septembers initial manufacturing run is already sold out.

We are so pleased to have reached this agreement with Yosion, said Tyson Rohde, President of GSLO. We see the Apple Peel 520 as a stunning breakthrough in mobile technology, and were proud to work with Yosion to develop this product for the US market.

The Apple Peel 520 is the creation of 22-year-old Chinese programmer Pan Yong. The gadget slips over the iPod touch's case and includes a battery, dock connector, and SIM card. Once the proper software is installed, the Apple Peel adds the ability to make voice calls and text messages using the iPod touch. When fully charged, the Apple Peels 800 mAh battery offers nearly five hours of talk time and 120 hours of standby use.

The Apple Peel 520 first made waves online in the US last month when it was featured on and earned positive buzz from, among other websites.

For right around $60, this device really does transform the iPod touch into a smartphone, Rohde said. If there is a hotter iPod accessory anywhere in the world, we certainly haven't seen it.

The option agreement signed by both companies on Wednesday requires that both parties negotiate in good faith to reach terms on a profit-sharing agreement. It has been filed as a material contract with GSLOs public filings.

Hold Your iPhone with the Smartphone Stand from newPCgadgets

PR: newPCgadgets has just introduced the Smartphone Stand, perfect for businesses like restaurants, hotels, bars, or anywhere else people gather with their phones. The Smartphone Stand holds most cell phones and smart phones, including the popular iPhone, Droid, HTC EVO, BlackBerry, and dozens more. newPCgadgets is a leader in the design and manufacturing of space-saving accessories for the mobile environment.

Smartphone StandThe Smartphone Stand holds most cell phones and smartphone's; including the popular iPhone, Droid, HTC EVO, BlackBerry, and dozens more. Fewer of your customers will misplace or forget their phones, because they are now in plain view.

Business owners can now provide their customers with a convenient stand to hold their smartphones at a comfortable viewing angle. Parents can use the Smartphone Stand to entertain their children with games or movies; professionals attending a business lunch or dinner will love the ability to view text messages and incoming calls faster. Anyone with a phone can benefit from the new Smartphone Stand.

The stainless steel construction ensures a durable product that is easy to clean and long-lasting. The stackable space-saving design allows you to place as many as you like at each table or workspace without taking up much space. Best of all, the price is very affordable. Prices are as low as $2.19 in quantity. Also, as a unique signage opportunity, private labeling is available in larger quantity orders.

Give your business, school, restaurant or hotel the competitive edge by providing your customers with the new Smartphone Stand from newPCgadgets. Additional details and ordering information are available directly from newPCgadgets.

modulR iPad Case and Accessory System Shipping

PR: modulR has announced the immediate availability of its Apple iPad Case and Accessory System. Unique from typical iPad cases, the modulR product line includes a protective, ergonomic iPad Case + Cover and interchangeable accessory attachments, including a wall mount and display stand. The Case and accessories are available now at and will be available in retail outlets soon.

modulR iPad Case and Quick Stand"The iPad is transforming computing, and modulR will transform the way people use their iPad"

"The iPad is transforming computing, and modulR will transform the way people use their iPad," says Josh Beatty, modulR cofounder and CEO. "The positive press, buzz and number of preorders we have received for our initial products have been very gratifying, and we're excited to be fulfilling orders."

Inspired by the promise of the iPad, modulR set out to extend the iPad's versatility to all areas of people's lives, helping to make the iPad more accessible, useful and practical. "modulR makes it easier for you to use your iPad everywhere you go," adds Beatty.

modulR takes an innovative, design-forward approach that allows users to incorporate iPads into their active, mobile lifestyles. Distinctive ergonomic nodes on the back of the modulR Case create a comfortable, secure grip for the iPad and also extend the iPad's uses. The nodes connect to an ever-expanding line of modulR accessories that allow you to mount, position and adapt the iPad to your needs - wherever and whatever they are.

modulR's innovative Case + Cover along with two accessories - a low-profile Slim Mount for wall mounting and a simple and elegant Quick Stand with two viewing angles for typing and tabletop viewing - are now available. They can be purchased separately or together as part of a limited offer $99 Starter Package.

Additional modulR accessories currently in development include a widely anticipated Universal Swing Arm, a stylish Shoulder Strap and simple Headrest Strap. These accessories will be introduced later this year.

IvySkin Reinvents iPhone 4 Cases with Multi-Touch Glass Screen SmartCase

PR: IvySkin announces the new generations of its line of protective cases for the Apple iPhone 4. The all new Quattro 4 cases as well as the SmartCase for iPhone 4 are the world's most advanced iPhone 4 accessory. Featuring interchangeable battery pack and patented Touch-Thru glass Multi-Touch screen, exclusive to IvySkin USA.

IvySkin SmartCaseThe all new Quattro 4 case for the Apple iPhone 4 offers the most comprehensive protection while providing a superior form and design. Throughout several generations of iPhones the legendary Quattro Series cases have set the performance benchmark for case design and protection. The new 4 is based on our award winning Quattro T4 design for the iPhone 3GS. The Quattro 4 features a patented Xylo Glass technology for the ultimate in Touch-Thru design. Authentic glass ensures that you will not lose any sensitivity while using these cases.

The all new SmartCase 4 for iPhone 4 is both iconic and legendary in design and performance, with features that are second to none in the market today. Fully understandable since it embodies much of what has been learned through 3 generation of iPhone case design. This case is stronger, more compact, and packed with features unlike any other iPhone case in its class.

As the market pioneer in delivering enhanced Polycarbonate protection for digital devices, IvySkin continues to provide superior and cutting edge solution for the new iPhone 4. The iPhone 4 embodies the notion of what IvySkin stands for; thoughtful designs that make no compromises when it comes to protection.

The Quattro 4 case retails for $44.99 and comes with Glass Touch-Thru scratch free screen in addition to the Polycarbonate shell that snaps on the back of the iPhone. It is now available in four colors at IvySkin online and at retail stores in the coming weeks.

The SmartCase 4 retails for $79.99 and comes with Quattro 4 case along with a 1500 mAh battery pack. In addition to the Glass Touch-Thru screen. It is now available for preorder in four colors at IvySkin online and at retail stores in the coming weeks. For additional information on these or other IvySkin products, contact PR representative Sara Cohan or 201-266-5555. Follow us on Twitter for live social updates.

Targus Announces New iPad Accessories

PR: Targus Inc. has announced the debut of new accessories for the Apple iPad, including cases, a charger and a Stylus. With the addition of the new accessories, Targus will have a complete collection of gadgets geared toward the iPad.

"Given the success we have experienced with the initial launch of our iPad cases, our new cases and accessories are anticipated to be a hit as well," says Al Giazzon, vice president of US marketing at Targus. "Each accessory was specifically designed with the iPad user in mind by incorporating practical features to heighten the utility of the device and meet the user's day-to-day needs."

Spruce Mini Messenger for iPad - TBM022US

The eco-friendly Spruce Mini Messenger is designed specifically for the iPad and constructed of recycled polyester material. It is PVC and nickel free to reduce harm to the environment during manufacturing. In addition to protecting and storing an iPad, the Spruce Mini Messenger features pen loops, a business card holder, and a mesh pocket for other small accessories as well as two additional zippered compartments. With an adjustable, padded and removable shoulder strap, the Mini Messenger is easy to tote. Available in black with green inner lining for an MSRP of $39.99.

Zierra Case for iPad - THZ023US/THZ02302US

The Zierra Case features a sleek, sharp design with additional pockets for business cards, photos or notes as well as a loop for stylus or pen storage. The soft inner lining keeps your iPad scratch free while the protective top grain leather exterior ensures your iPad is safe as it travels. The case also converts to a one-position stand for in-case viewing and the integrated screen cleaning kit keeps smudges at bay. Available in black (THZ023US) or red (THZ02302US) for an MSRP of $54.99.

Stylus for the iPad - AMM01US

Targus' new Stylus enables the user to easily draw, take notes or simply turn a page with a durable rubber tip that won't scratch the iPad's surface. The Stylus engages directly with the device and does not require power or software to operate - simply pull it out of the box and start typing. The Stylus for iPad is available for an MSRP of $14.99.

Mobile Charger for iPad (DC) - APD04US

The Targus Mobile Charger for iPad is small, compact and hooks up via your vehicle's 12V outlet for powering iPads, iPods and iPhones on the go - great for maximizing all of that time spent in the car. To maximize its usage, the device can also be used to power or charge other devices with a USB connection. The Mobile Charger is available for an MSRP of $24.99.

Targus' new iPad accessories are immediately available. These and other Targus accessories are available at as well as through leading retailers, VARs, e-tailers, and direct marketers.

Kensington's New iPad Accessories Deliver Continuous Power and Protection Everywhere You Go

PR: Kensington Computer Products Group has introduced three new iPad accessories to help boost productivity for users of the tablet computer on-the-go or in the car. Kensington's connectivity enhancers are designed to be the breakthrough iPad accessories for users in need of extra versatility and best performance everywhere they go, anyplace they stay. The clever new products are a natural extension of Kensington's celebrated line of smart made simple computing and smartphone accessories, now offering power and protection to bring unlimited use to the iPad.

Kensington's PowerBack Battery Case with Kickstand and Dock is an innovative, all-in-one design that integrates battery charging, protective casing, three-position kickstand and dock abilities. The built-in charger provides up to five extra hours of power for iPad, while the simple slip-on case protects the tablet computer in a compact and easy to carry form factor for use in all environments. The PowerBack's kickstand adapts to individual user needs by offering three convenient viewing modes for iPad: portrait mode is best for photo viewing and web browsing, landscape mode makes video watching a joy, and typing mode makes texting and emailing via iPad easy and comfortable.

Eliminate the need for multiple chargers with the Kensington Wall Pack Duo Charger that simultaneously powers two iPad, iPhone, or iPod devices from a single wall outlet. Featuring a low profile design that is ideal for everyday use at home or in the office, the extra power source also includes a detachable USB sync cable to sync devices from a computer. Kensington's PowerBolt Duo Car Charger offers a quick charge on the road to both an iPad and iPhone, iPod, or other mobile device, and features two power ports to simultaneously renew energy for maximum efficiency.

"We recognize that the iPad is the next generation of personal and professional technology, creating a new demand for convenient power and protection for an everyday digital lifestyle," said Juan Rodriguez, Senior Global Product Manager, Kensington. "We strive to develop products that help deliver user efficiency and complement all environments in which mobile users spend their time, regardless of whether it's at home, on the road, or in the air."

At the June 2010 Worldwide Developer's Conference, Apple announced1 its extraordinary success in iPad sales with an estimate that there is one iPad sold every 3 seconds. Since then, the high demand for the product continues to grow from business users in particular. In fact, according to a recent report2 by BusinessWeek, the future enterprise device of choice for mobile workers will be an iPad. As today's workforce relies more on the tablet computer to complete business tasks and transactions, accessories that extend connectivity of the iPad will become essential to achieving productivity.

PR: Kensington PowerBack Battery Case with Kickstand and Dock (K39249US; SRP $129.99)

The Kensington PowerBack Battery Case with Kickstand and Dock slips over the back of your iPad to provide power, protection and a convenient prop. With up to 5 extra hours of power, you'll have plenty of juice for app use, web surfing, and movie watching. The 3-position steel kickstand even holds your iPad handsfree in typing, portrait, or landscape modes.

  • Built-in 4400mAh battery provides up to 5 extra hours of power Micro USB charge and sync port lets you charge and sync without removing the PowerBack
  • Built-in speaker deflectors for clear, crisp sound
  • LED battery fuel gauge indicates charge amount
  • Soft touch finish case protects your iPad from bumps and bruises

Kensington Wall Pack Duo Charger (K39232US; SRP $29.99)

Simultaneously charge two iPad, iPhone, or iPod devices from a single wall outlet with the Kensington Wall Pack Duo Charger. It's 2.1 Amp ready to provide the quick charge your iPad needs and includes a detachable USB sync cable that you can use to sync your devices from your computer.

  • 2.1 Amp ready to provide quick charging for iPad
  • Low-profile design takes up just one wall outlet
  • Detachable USB wall adapter
  • Simultaneously charge two devices including two iPad, iPhone, or iPod devices from a single wall outlet
  • Detachable USB cable charges and syncs your iPad, iPhone, or iPod from your laptop or desktop computer

Kensington PowerBolt Duo Car Charger (K33497US; SRP $29.99)

Kensington PowerBolt DuoCharge two devices simultaneously with the PowerBolt Duo from Kensington. It features two charging ports: the powerful 2.1 Amp port has the juice you need to charge your iPad, while the 1 Amp port simultaneously charges your iPhone, iPod, or other mobile devices.

  • Two USB power ports
  • 2.1 Amp USB port has the power to charge your iPad
  • 1 Amp USB port charges your iPhone or iPod
  • Detachable USB cable charges and syncs from your computer or car
  • Ultra-small size
  • LED power indicator
  • iPhone and iPod touch models require iPhone OS 3.0 or later

These Kensington iPad accessories are currently available for preorder at and and other major retailers.

New Kensington iPhone 4 Accessories Take Power and Protection in the Car and On-the-Go to the Next Level

PR: Kensington Computer Products Group has introduced three new products to its collection of iPhone 4 accessories for continuous power on-the-go. An impressive handsfree car device designed with wireless connectivity, voice command control, sound amplification, securing and charging abilities for iPhone 4 makes the ultimate driving companion to make handsfree interaction while driving smarter and easier than ever before. Two additional juice boosting accessories include: a battery charging case for iPhone 4 with a card stand and a three port charge and sync hub. Kensington's new additions have taken productivity, safety and multitasking with iPhone 4 to the next level.

With Kensington accessories, iPhone 4 users now have enough power to complete their day while enjoying new or favorite applications, participating in FaceTime calls, creating HD video recordings, and more. The all-in-one Kensington AssistOne Handsfree Car Device with Voice Activation allows handsfree interaction with your iPhone so you can take full advantage of your phone - even in the car. Built-in Bluetooth connectivity allows wireless calling and media playback, while voice controls answer, decline, place a call, and even launch music - all handsfree. Kensington's PowerGuard Battery Case with Card Stand powers and protects iPhone 4 simultaneously and even includes a handy card stand that props up the iPhone during FaceTime chats for maximum comfort. And the Kensington PocketHub 3-Port USB and Sync offers a reliable standalone charge and sync ability for any iPhone or iPod, plus three additional USB ports for additional devices.

keniphonehub.jpg½"The beauty of the iPhone 4 is that it's so much more than just a mobile phone, so its accessories must hold up to the same rigorous, multipurpose use," says Jim Murakami, Global Product Manager, Kensington. "Whether it is voice activation, more talk time or an extra USB port, we have designed all of our iPhone accessories to do more of what you want, when you want and where you want it. These accessories offer ultimate convenience, power, and protection and should become a 'must have' for today's iPhone 4 user."

As the iPhone has transcended industry standards of multifunctional technology, so must the accessories that support it. The constantly interactive device demands accessories providing extended power, productivity and protection. Whether you are a business executive, road warrior or gadget junkie, time is important, sometimes critical. Kensington products keep pace with the 'always on' experience that an iPhone offers by matching the device's attributes of being grab and go, easy to use and just the right feature set.

Kensington AssistOne Handsfree Car Device with Voice Activation (K39200US; SRP $99.99)

Turn your iPhone into the ultimate travel companion with the Kensington AssistOne Handsfree Car Device with Voice Activation. Much more than just a secure mount for your iPhone, this car device adds handsfree talking, voice activated controls and amplifies sound for turn-by-turn directions and podcasts, all while charging. Even when you're in the car, your productivity can just keep on rolling.

  • Bluetooth connection pairs easily with iPhone for wireless calling and media playback
  • Voice controls let you answer, decline or place a call, as well as launch music-all handsfree
  • Multifunction button launches iPhone Voice Controls with a single tap
  • Flexible arm holds your iPhone securely - even when in a case
  • Built-in mono speakerphone and noise and echo canceling microphone
  • Audio AUX out port delivers pure sound through your car stereo (auxiliary cable not included)
  • Micro USB port charges iPhone with included charging cable
  • Low profile car charger

Kensington PowerGuard Battery Case with Card Stand (Black, K39260US, White K39287US, Blue K39288US; SRP $59.99)

Slip the Kensington PowerGuard Battery Case with Card Stand onto your iPhone 4 and you'll have hours of extra power for web surfing, calls, apps and more. Plus your iPhone will be protected by the PowerGuard's tough case. There's even a handy card stand that props up your iPhone for handsfree FaceTime chats.

  • Adds 4 hours of extra talk, 5 hours of video, 22 hours of music*
  • Provides the power you need to enjoy multitasking between apps, FaceTime calling and more
  • Insert the provided card stand and the two-position stand holds your iPhone 4 handsfree in portrait or landscape mode
  • Micro USB charge and sync port
  • LED battery fuel gauge
  • Soft touch finish feels great in your hand
  • Built-in volume control button
  • Three stylish colors to choose from: Black, White and Blue

* Extended talk time listed based on iPhone 4. As your Kensington PowerGuard is used over time, it will have a reduced ability to provide extended time and the time will decrease from that shown above.

Kensington PocketHubKensington PocketHub 3-Port USB and Sync (K33952US; SRP $39.99)

Stay connected to your peripherals while charging and syncing your iPhone. The Kensington PocketHub 3-Port USB and Sync has a built-in 30-pin connector port that lets you charge and sync your iPhone, plus three additional USB ports for connecting your camera, flash drive, mouse and other USB devices.

  • Three USB 2.0 ports let you stay connected to mouse, keyboard and more
  • Plug and play, and hot swappable for instant connectivity
  • Functions as a standalone charger for your iPhone or iPod
  • Compatible with iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, iPhone and iPod touch, 1st, 2nd and 3rd generations

These Kensington products are currently available for preorder at and and other major retailers. For additional information on the new and existing line of Kensington products, visit:

  1. Source: "iPad at WWDC: One Sold Every 3 Seconds, iBooks Gains Adobe PDF Support" by Kevin Tofel, June 7, 2010:
  2. Source: "Connected Workers Going iPad for Connectivity" by Kevin Tofel, August 24, 2010:

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