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iPhone 4 Replaces iPad, Stretch Battery Life, Most Workers Use Mobile Phones in Bathroom, and More

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Compiled by Charles Moore and edited by Dan Knight - 2010.08.13

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I've Ditched My iPad for an iPhone 4

Gizmodo's Brian Lam says:

"Three months ago I couldn't imagine a life without my iPad's big beautiful screen. Today, I am living that life, having ditched my iPad for the iPhone 4, almost completely....

"It's mostly the screen....

"Here's where I feel a little terrible: Imagine if the iPhone 4 launched before the iPad? I can say with certainty that I would have not purchased an iPad. And now, I'm considering selling mine to help pay for a notebook computer that I need pretty badly...."

How to Stretch Your iPad's Battery Life

WikiHow says:

"Just as with an iPhone or iPod touch, the battery life of your iPad will be shorter during heavy use. However, there are some measures you can take to keep your device on and active for hours of enjoyment, and this article explains what you can do to lengthen the battery life."

Next Gen iPad: What Consumers Want Apple to Add

Vouchercodes' Nick Barber reports:

"Two thirds as many shoppers would prefer the next generation of the Apple iPad to support Flash or feature USB ports over a built-in digital camera, new research reveals.

"Almost half of consumers (48%) wanted USB connectivity to upload files and more than 44% called for support for Adobe Flash Player, according to the poll of 3,000 people commissioned by leading German shopping website, compared to just 29% in favour of a built-in digital camera."

Editor's note: It seems here that consumers have more common sense than Apple does. Lack of USB is my biggest gripe about the iPad, and having no Flash support is just dumb. cm

DIY iPad Stands You Can Make at Home

LapWorks president and chief designer José Calero says:

"There is no shortage of imagination when it comes to unique and creative ways of inventing an iPad stands. We are happy to present a few that we found on the Internet. They may not all be attractive but hey, they work. And more than likely, they were very low cost.

"Of course there are other ways to make an iPad stand with lots of different materials in lots of different configurations. If you should happen to come up with a creative way of making an iPad stand please do send a photo - we'd love to exhibit it on or site. Please send it to:

"If you would like to get an overdose of the many DIY iPad stands that creative individuals have come up with, go to YouTube and type in 'ipad stands'. Sit back with your bowl of popcorn and be dazzled.

"Good luck and do give one of them a try.

"PS - If You'd prefer to have something a little more formal, you can opt for one of our ready-made LapWorks iPad stands"

RIM BlackPad to 'Cost $500, Launch in November'

The Register's Rethink Wireless says:

"Late last month RIM acquired the domain, causing a snowballing of BlackBerry Tablet rumours. This week, news is that RIM has supposedly employed Taiwanese notebook manufacturer Quanta to make the devices....

"The latest rumour cites the device as having a 9.7" screen, at odds with the previous news that RIM had purchased a large quantity of 8.9" screens from manufacturer Hon Hai. Features that seem more certain are a front and rear facing camera, WiFi and 3G, BlackBerry 6.0 and a price of around $500. There's also speculation that it will be powered by a 1 GHz Marvell processor."

Majority of Workers Use Cell Phones in the Bathroom reports:

"According to, 57% of mobile workers (meaning people who primarily work on the road), use their unlocked cell phone while in the bathroom. And I'm not going to lie, I do this regularly myself. Polling 5,200 respondents, they found a host of interesting stats. Not only do we engage in dirty behavior, the majority of us also engage in extremely RISKY behavior. 54% of all workers admitted to checking their phones while driving, and in no surprise, in their never ending quest to make a sale, 66% of sales workers admitted to smartphoning behind the wheel. In one of the most disturbing responses, half of all health care workers admitted to using cell phones in their cars. We can only hope that statistic does not include ambulance drivers.

"It truly is an addiction...."

Mobile Phone Makers Don't Want to Talk About Radiation from Their Products

Hardmac's Lionel says:

"For many years the debate has raged. Are mobile phones and the relay antennas dangerous to health? One is still far from a consensus on the subject and the confrontations on this are still ongoing.

"...not all mobile phones are equal concerning the emissions . . . Some emit much more than others and the manufacturers are supposed to communicate on this subject . . . The mayor of San Francisco . . . has passed a law obliging the labeling on the packaging [to note] the rate of 'radiation' emitted."

"These manufacturers do not listen. The CTIA... has just started a legal proceeding against the city of San Francisco demanding that it cancel this regulation since it is in opposition with the US federal laws . . . Obviously, they do not want this information to disturb their marketing policies...."

Shootout: BlackBerry WebKit Browser vs. iPhone 4 and Android-based Samsung Captivate

CrackBerry's Kevin Michaluk reports:

BlackBerry Torch 9800"If there's one feature BlackBerry users have wanted to see improve on their devices more than anything else, it's the BlackBerry web browser. With BlackBerry 6 that wish can finally be crossed off the list, as the new web browser with WebKit rendering finally makes browsing the web on a BlackBerry an enjoyable experience. Compared to the old browser, it's a night and day difference.

"But how does the new BlackBerry web browser stack up to the latest and greatest devices from the competition? I wanted to know the answer to that myself, so with some help from Dieter we cleared the cache on the BlackBerry Torch 9800, Apple iPhone 4 and new Android-based Samsung Captivate and put the devices head to head to head in a one take, no messing around web browser shootout...."

Early Take on India's $35 Tablet: 'Fairly Impressive'

Prototype of $35 Indian tabletCnet Crave's Leslie Katz reports:

"Remember that $35 tablet out of India we told you about last month? If you want to see the much-talked-about prototype in moving color, a gadget show on Indian television just featured an exclusive hands-on that could help dissipate some of the skepticism about the device.

"'Everybody actually said, "It cannot happen, a $35 tablet," and not only does it exist, it works and it works brilliantly,' said Rajiv Makhni, co-host of the show 'Gadget Guru'...."

Apps & Services

Life Announces Photography Book and Wallpaper Apps for iPad

Life Wonders of the World for the iPadPR: Life today launches two new iPad apps: photography book "Wonders of the World" and a Wallpaper app containing 25 iconic Life photos.

Life Wallpaper for the iPad"Wonders of the World" features more than 100 photos of some of the most amazing creations in the world, old and new, man-made and natural. With accompanying text, the editors of Life take you on a visual journey to more than 50 sites, including the Grand Canyon, Eiffel Tower, Pyramids of Giza, and Galapagos. One of the first photography books for the iPad, the app includes a filmstrip tool for quick image navigation through more than 100 photos.

Life's Wallpaper app, featuring classic Life imagery, is the first in a series of themed wallpaper apps from Life that will allow users to use iconic photos for their iPad screen background. It brings Life photography to the iPad through 25 of the world's most beautiful and iconic photographs, captured by Life's legendary photographers. In the months to come, consumers can expect more than a dozen new themes such as Landscapes, Animals, Landmarks and Travel among others.

"Wonders of the World" is available from the App Store for an introductory price of $4.99, which will be valid until September 5, 2010.

The Life Wallpaper app is available from the App Store for $1.99.

Discover: Wikipedia in an eMagazine Format

Discover iPad appPR: Discover by Cooliris is an elegant and effortless way to read, explore, and search for information from Wikipedia in a beautiful magazine-style interface.

With its simple page-by-page navigation, intelligent search capabilities, and stunning graphics, you can easily flow from topic to topic and get immersed in new, interesting articles, without being overwhelmed by too much information at once.

Available only for the English version of Wikipedia. More versions coming.


  • Read, explore, and search Wikipedia like a rich, glossy magazine
  • Table of Contents - Pinch
  • Search - Swipe down
  • History - Swipe up
  • Wikipedia Hyperlinks - Tap and hold any word or phrase
  • Related Articles - Turn iPad to landscape
  • Random Article of the Day - Shake iPad
  • Facts, Maps & Stats - Swipe left of any article's main page

User Settings

Discover iPad appGo to your iPad settings > Discover to:

  • Clear history
  • Change font type and size
  • Change default cover

Tutorial & Help

Shake iPad to return to the cover, swipe right, and then rotate iPad to landscape to see the help menu.

New In Version 1.0.1

  • Based on user feedback, we have significantly reduced the frequency of the same ad appearing. It now appears once per user session, allowing for a much smoother user experience. More improvements coming!

Car Tell App Allows Access to Confidential Used Car Dealer Prices

PR: Confidential used car wholesale auction prices. Find out what dealers pay for their used car inventory. Discover the price beyond the blue book.

Car Tell iPhone AppAutomotive Data Systems (ADS) announces the release of Car Tell Auction Prices 1.0 for the iPhone. Car Tell Auction Prices is designed to empower and protect consumers during their vehicle purchase negotiations with used car dealerships. Car Tell Auction Prices provides users with highly valuable confidential pricing information showing what used car dealers actually pay for cars in their inventory.

With Car Tell Auction Prices you gain insider access to Automotive Data System's vast network of confidential wholesale dealer auction prices for your region or compare prices in other regions. In the dicey world of used car buying, knowing what a dealer paid for a specific year and model can give you the upper haggling hand. Being savvy to the real markup he has worked in to a specific vehicle's price can give you the negotiating leverage you need to land the fairest deal in the land.

Car Tell iPhone AppBefore you get in it, find out what they have in it.

This critically important information has, until now, been nearly impossible for the average consumer to access or attain. The simple to use app allows you to browse through 60k records from the last 30 days covering all makes from everyday passenger cars, hybrids, trucks, SUVs' and minivans to high end exotics like Lamborghini separated into East Coast, Midwest and West Coast regions. Sort by year, make, model and price or create custom detailed searches allowing you to filter the results down to mileage, year or price ranges for a specific make and model.

"With Car Tell Auction Prices, along with Web and WiFi technology, ADS is protecting buyers around the country from paying outrageous prices for used cars," said Laurence Gorman, Automotive Data Systems founder and CEO.

The product comes out of Gorman's two primary interests. In 1988, he started exporting American performance and exotic cars to Japan and has owned several car dealerships in the US since. His I.T. background drove him to found a software company whose product is aimed at car dealerships. Gorman was one of the first and largest pioneers of ecommerce car sales on the Internet in the late 90's.

Makes Covered

Acura, AMC, Astin Martin, Audi, Bently, BMW, Buick, Cadilac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Daewoo, Dodge, Eagle, Ferrari, Ford, GEO, GMC, Honda, Hummer, Hyundai, Infiniti, Isuzu, Jauguar, Jeep, Kia, Lamborghini, Land Rover, Lexus, Lincoln, Maserati, Mazda, Mercedes Benz, Mercury, Mini Cooper, Mitsubushi, Nissan, Oldsmobile, Plymouth, Pontiac, Porsche, Rolls Royce, Saab, Saturn, Scion, Smart Car, Sterling, Subabru, Suzuki, Toyota, Volvo.

Device Requirements

  • iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad
  • Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later
  • 1.1 MB

Car Tell Auction Prices 1.0 is $9.99 (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Lifestyle category.


Karvt Wooden Skins for MacBook, iPad, and iPhone

Karvt Wooden Skins for MacBookPR: Karvt skins are hand-crafted in the USA and offer customers a simple and effective way to completely remodel their Apple laptop, tablet, or smartphone. These skins are made of 100% real authentic wood that use a professional grade 3M backing adhesive that sticks perfectly to your computer or touchscreen device.

Karvt Wooden Skins for iPadKarvt is owned by Mac enthusiasts Kurt Barbee and Sean Herman. Sean is a designer by trade but also a scratch deejay and skateboarder at heart. He's traveled the world making music with some of biggest and best performing artists around such as the Godfather of soul, James Brown and Grammy Award Winning artists Arrested Development. His love of all things design, coupled with his constant monitoring of all things fresh , have led him to become a go to guy when someone seeks the services of a multidisciplinary designer.

Kurt is someone who has always been a huge fan of technology and has been inspired by the DIY attitude of the indie rock, punk and gig-poster subcultures. Kurts interest in computers and art finally merged a couple years ago when he started his own laser engraving company, which specialized in collaborating with artists from all over the world to extend their work in the new, exciting medium of laser engraving . These two decided to take their unique skill sets and produce a tangible product that employed aspects of beautiful design along with cutting edge technology.

Karvt Wooden Skins for iPhoneThey say because their Mac protects their livelihoods, whatever they may be - career, hobby, leisure-whatever it is, it's in the Mac. Our Macs take on our personality and its hard drive supplements our memory. These pieces of hardware come together and create a partner who not only listens but makes things more convenient for our daily lives. We constantly put our personalities into our computers, why not put some of that person on the outside? Why not feed our Macs superficial craving for attention? Why not show some personality on the outside of the computer? Lets face it, we love our Macs and iGadgets. Plain and simple, we are cooler then the other laptop, tablet, and smartphone owners. Why not rub it in their face that they have plastic skins & and we have organic, durable, wooden ones.

How It Works

Karvt skins are hand-crafted and offer customers a simple and effective way to completely remodel their computer. These skins are made of 100% real authentic wood that use a professional grade 3M backing adhesive that sticks perfectly to your notebook.

How to Apply

  • Step 1. Remove Backing.
  • Step 2. Center the Apple.
  • Step 3. Slap it on.

No seriously. Those are the directions. No more bubbles with cheesy vinyl sticker skins. Enjoy.

The Karvt skins come in bamboo, cherry, maple, pine, and walnut - available stained or unstained - and are backed with 3M adhesive for easy stick-on. The laptop skins all sell for $35, except for the "Artists Series" that uses laser etching to add a layer of design to the wood and which sell for $50.

The iPhone 3G skin is $15, and the iPhone 4 skin is $25. Karvt hand crafts each of there products in the US, and no part of the process is ever outsourced, the company says.

Griffin Technology Unveils CinemaSeat, Stylus, and New Cases for iPad

PR: Griffin Technology Inc. have unveiled their next series of devices for iPad: CinemaSeat, Stylus; and new cases: Reveal, Elan Form Graphite, and Outfit. These new accessories cleverly blend form and function for a wide range of uses.


CinemaSeat turns iPad into the perfect in-car entertainment system. This automobile solution holds iPad in a padded frame that gives easy access to controls and ports. On the back, a wide, adjustable strap routes around the car's headrest and holds iPad in place with Velcro closures, perfectly positioned for back seat riders to watch video, listen to music, play games, and more. A stretchy mesh pocket provides convenient storage for small items.


Griffin's Stylus for iPad gives users more control to write, sketch, tap, and drag on iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, or other touchscreen devices. Stylus is a balanced pointer with a soft rubber tip, custom designed to mimic a finger. The omnidirectional tip adapts to any writing style, right- or left-handed, providing more control while keeping the Multi-Touch display free of fingerprints and smudges. It is perfect for sketching, drawing, gaming, and photography apps, and any other where the user needs a finer degree of control than a finger allows. Stylus includes an integrated clip that securely attaches to bag pockets and pencil loops.


Griffin's Reveal case protects the back of the iPad with a clear plate of durable polycarbonate. Around the edges, inside and out, Reveal hugs iPad with a one-piece wraparound rubber cushion. The cushion is slightly raised in the front so that the Multi-Touch display never has to come in contact with hard surfaces. On the back, a thin, molded foot gives iPad stability on a tabletop, and cutouts around the rim give access to ports and controls.

Elan Form Graphite

Elan Form, Griffin's signature premium case, is two layers of durable protection for iPad in a simple, slim design. An attractive woven-look synthetic outer layer is bonded to an impact-resistant inner shell that snaps snug around your iPad. Elan Form Graphite provides complete protection as well as complete access to audio output jack, dock connector, Multi-Touch display, and all controls.


Sleek, stylish, hard-shell protection for iPad in a smooth matte finish. Outfit is a super-slim shell that snaps on and stays put, surrounding iPad in durable polycarbonate to protect against dings and dents. Outfit gives total protection for iPad, yet allows total access to the Multi-Touch display, audio jack, and dock connector. Now available in translucent Clear, Blue, Purple, and Smoke colors.

Griffin's latest accessories for iPad are now available at major retailers everywhere and online at


iPad Space Dock Stand: Low Profile Modern Design Carved from a Solid Rod of Aluminum

iPad Space Dock StandPR: Since the iPad burst onto the scene on April 3rd users have been searching for stands, carriers and other accessories to make using their iPad more friendly and convenient. LapWorks, Inc., a leader in laptop desks and desktop stand design, is proud to announce a new addition to its lineup of iPad stands that's sure to please iPad users everywhere.

iPad owners know just how cool and convenient this electronic device can be. The iPad does so much and can be used in so many ways that it's hard NOT to use it all the time. Eventually, the question becomes when do you put it down? As the multiplicity of variable uses grows, iPad owners eventually become aware that they can't hold their iPad in their hand all the time. Well . . . . maybe they could set it down every once in a while.

iPad Space Dock Stand with keyboardAnd for those times when they absolutely have to put the iPad down for whatever inexplicable reason, LapWorks has the perfect stand they can trust with their new iPad companion. It's called the iPad Space Dock named for the small amount of space is requires and for its futuristic docking design.

Naturally, the iPad Space Dock allows users to position their iPad in both portrait and landscape postures and the perfectly fitting docking channel is lined with a felt-like material to comfort the iPad while it is temporarily docked. The iPad Space Dock is not limited to one single incline angle either. The T-shaped support arm has three incline positions so users can select the best viewing or reading angle that works best for them. It's the perfect solution when you want to support your iPad in an upright posture but with minimal impact on your iPad's overall slimline profile.

iPad Space Dock Stand with keyboardFinished with a brushed aluminum surface, the iPad Space Dock is only 5-1/2" long by 1-1/8" wide and weighs just 10 ounces. The T-shaped support arm provides exceptional support and stability that allows users to enjoy viewing movies, reading books, news articles and YouTube videos all from a handsfree relaxed position. Display the iPad proudly with this elegant yet smartly designed stand on desktops, coffee table or any other space suitable for showing off the iPad's unique design.

The iPad Space Dock, adds yet another impressive product to LapWorks' already impressive lineup of computing solutions for students, travelers, businessmen and women, homemakers and computer users everywhere.

Price - $64.95

Introductory Price - $54.95

iPad Chair from Elite Home Theater Seating Custom Tailored for Optimum iPad Use

PR: Sitting in the sleek new "iPad Chair" designed by Elite Home Theater Seating, it's hard not to feel a bit like a Star Fleet Officer on the bridge of the Enterprise as you stare into a big beautiful touch panel. As the whisper quiet motor reclines the seat back while raising the foot rest, you are swaddled by the ergonomically designed chair. Strategically placed lumbar support, elbow positioning, and a seat cushion normally found in a European sports car, all combine to help create the ultimate iPad experience.

Elite Home Theater Seating iPad ChairWith the Luxa2 H4 iPad holder firmly securing the remarkable device in its tight grasp with its 6 rubber pins, you can now wield the power of the iPad in total relaxation with both hands free. The holder slides into the existing cup holder of the Elite HTS chair, and can then swivel and pivot 360 degrees. In addition, the iPad can be rotated vertically or horizontally, and can even be positioned flat like a table. Like malleable modeling clay, a dynamic mechanical joint hinge holds any position, and delivers all the pivoting action.

Company Founder and CEO Bobby Bala of Elite Home Theater Seating explains why he was inspired to create a more relaxing iPad experience. "The iPad is a user friendly, relaxing tool that allows you to complete tasks in a fun, efficient, and enjoyable way. The one drawback however, is that it can be a bit difficult to find the optimum ergonomic position when using it, especially since one hand is usually required to hold it. We wanted to enhance the iPad experience by increasing the comfort level of the user. Our testing indicates this increases the level of interaction and escapism with the device."

In addition to sitting back and reading a digital copy of the New York Times, or listening to your favourite music, the chair also becomes command central for providing complete home automation through the iPad.

Companies such as Crestron and Home Logic now offer downloadable apps that transform the iPad into a beautiful, large home theater touch panel. With the Crestron Mobile Pro G app made specifically for the iPad, your personal fortress can be controlled by simply tapping the screen to select movies, view various security cameras, adjust light levels, room temperature, and volume with just a touch.

Elite Home Theater Seating is a manufacturer of custom, hand crafted home theater furniture. Their user friendly, interactive website allows you to build your own custom theater seating. To build your custom recliner, or for more information on the iPad chair, visit:

View video on YouTube.


OtterBox Cases for iPad

PR: OtterBox and Apple fans alike have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of unbeatable protection for one of the most innovative products to date. With web, email, photos and video, the iPad can do almost anything and now it can go anywhere with Defender Series and Commuter Series cases from OtterBox.

Designed to accompany on-the-go lifestyles, the Defender Series case for the iPad combines a two-piece polycarbonate shell lined with soft felt, silicone outer skin and a self-adhering screen protector for rugged protection. An additional polycarbonate cover snaps over the face to protect the Multi-Touch display or can function as a built-in stand while browsing the web or watching a video. Silicone grip pads on the bottom of the case prevent the iPad from sliding when sitting on a flat surface. The case also accommodates the optional dock accessory.(*)

The OtterBox Commuter Series case is another option to keep the iPad pristine. Starting with a self-adhering screen protector, the device is then wrapped in durable silicone and fortified with a one piece custom molded polycarbonate shell that snaps perfectly over the outside. Layers not only safeguard the iPad from unsightly scratches and dings, but also make it easy to slide out of any backpack or briefcase. The case also features snap-off access to the optional iPad dock.(*)(*)

"The new Defender Series and Commuter Series cases for the iPad are truly one of a kind," says OtterBox founder and CEO, Curt Richardson. "This is OtterBox innovation at its finest; customers won't be able to find more complete iPad protection."

Defender Series Case for iPad

Environmental Protection:

  • Drop and shock - protection against drop, bump and shock
  • Dust intrusion - dust does not enter in a sufficient quantity to interfere with satisfactory operation of equipment


  • Layer 2: Black
  • Layer 3: Black

Dimensions of case only: 9.99" (253.75 mm) X 7.89" (200.53 mm) X 0.94" (23.98 mm)

Approximate Weight of case only: 12 oz (340.19 g)

Commuter Series Case for iPad

Environmental Protection:

  • Added protection against bump and shock


  • Layer 2: Black
  • Layer 3: Black

Dimensions of case only: 9.84" (250.14 mm) X 7.73" (196.47 mm) X 0.79" (20.31 mm)

Approximate Weight of case only: 6.5 oz (183.7 g)

Proporta Shine Case Adds a Feminine Touch to iPhone 4

Proporta Shine CasePR: Say good-bye to textbook leather cases for your iPhone, girls . . . It's not often that a case is just as desirable as the gadget or device it's housing. However, the new Shine Case for your Apple iPhone 4 from Proporta manages the trick in fine style. A sleek high gloss patent leather exterior is available in red, blue and black, fits like a glove and looks as stylish as can be.

Proporta Shine CaseBut it's inside that the Shine Case really comes into its own. An internal mirror makes it the ideal accessory - whether you want to check your make up before a night out or that all important business meeting (or see how bad your hangover face is on the way to work). And for a stylish yet subtle twist, the mirror is framed with a choice of lining nautical stripes, floral or zebra print.

Key Features

  • Dress to impress
  • High gloss patent leather in a choice of three colours
  • Internal mirror
  • Framed with a choice of three beautiful print linings

The Shine case is covered by Proporta's "Never Argue" returns policy - if you're not happy with your order, let them know and they'll refund you

The Proporta Shine case sells for $36.95

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