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iPad Overwhelmingly Satisfies, Shorts Shot with iPhone 4, Google Docs on the iPad, and More

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Compiled by Charles Moore and edited by Dan Knight - 2010.07.02

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The State of iPad Satisfaction: 98% Favorable

Technologizer's Harry McCracken says 6,000 iPad owners tell what they think in a reader survey, and the news is good. The survey report is intensely detailed with lots of charts and graphs, but the broad strokes are that a whopping 98% of respondents say they're satisfied with their iPads, and 96% think it represents good value. Although a majority are displeased with Apple's App Store approval process, more than half wish Apple had given the tablet printing capabilities (duh!), a memory-card slot, and a front-facing camera.

However, McCracken does observe that early adopters tend to be people who are extremely excited about a new product and inclined to be upbeat.

iPhone 4 Requires Tigers Users to Upgrade's Khidr Suleman reports:

"Mac users will have to upgrade their operating system if they want to be able to use an iPhone 4 on their machines.

"The Apple user guide states that Mac OS X v10.5.8 or later is needed to use the device . . . An Apple sales adviser confirmed that we would have to upgrade and . . . also said that Apple only sells [Mac OS X 10.6] Snow Leopard for machines with an Intel chip. He added that users who have older machines, running chips such as the G4, would have to purchase Snow Leopard from external sources such as Amazon. However, Snow Leopard is only available for Intel-based Macs. Interestingly, the iPhone 4 will work with Windows 7, Vista and XP Home and Professional editions...."

Editor's note: If you're still using OS X 10.4 Tiger on a G4 or G5 Mac and plan on moving to the iPhone 4, see our Best Mac OS X 10.5 Deals for current prices. If you're using an Intel Mac, you can go the 10.5 route or use the newer, Intel-only OS X 10.6 - see our Best Mac OS X 10.6 and Mac Box Set Deals for recent options. dk

iPhone 4 Requires Mac OS X 10.5.8

Gizmodo's Mark Wilson reports:

"For Mac users, the iPhone 3G and 3GS required OS 10.4 to sync. And while we're a little late on reporting it, we know it will affect some users all the same. iPhone 4 requires OS 10.5.

"...there's no real logic as to why, if older OSs can run iTunes, they can't sync with new iPhones . . . especially when you look at how well Apple supports iPhones on the PC. You can sync an iPhone 4 to any PC running Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP (SP3).

"In other words, Apple will reach back in time 9 years to make the iPhone compatible on PCs but only 3 to make it compatible with their own computers."

Ducati Films Short Documentary/Commercial Entirely with iPhone 4

You really have to take a look at this HD commercial for the Ducati Multistrada motorcycle and Pike's Peak International Hill Climb documentary that was shot entirely using iPhone 4s. The quality is amazing. You can check it out on YouTube at resolutions up to 1280 x 745.

Another Movie Shot on iPhone 4

Still with movies shot on iPhone 4s, "Apple of My Eye" is a short film by Michael Koerbel, shot and edited entirely on an iPhone 4. It's less dynamically breathtaking than the Ducati/Pike's Peak flick, but in some ways even more ambitious, and includes behind-the-scenes footage of the creative process in progress.

Also available on YouTube at resolutions to 1280 x 745.

iFixit Posts iPhone 4 Repair Guides

PR: We've had the iPhone 4 in our hands for only a couple of days, which happens to be just enough time to create a comprehensive set of repair guides! We hope you never have to use our guides, but we've got you covered if you do.

During our teardown, we investigated the repairability of the front and back glass panels. It turns out that you'll be able to replace the back glass with little effort, but you won't be able to replace the front panel without also replacing the LCD. The LCD, glass panel, and digitizer come as one unit in the iPhone 4, and they are inseparable without damaging the device. We re going to keep investigating to see if there are some methods of separating the LCD from the rest of the front panel, but the outlook [is] not so good, so to speak.

The good news is that whatever goes wrong with your beautiful iPhone 4 - whether you crush the home button, damage the front-facing or rear-facing camera, or short out the iPhone logic board while taking a swim - you can fix it, and we can help.

5 Big Blemishes for the iPhone 4

The Street's Scott Moritz says:

"Apple's redesigned iPhone is destined to be a knockout success. The phone scores high on style points with its sleek glass and stainless steel design, and it wins points for its multitasking software and improved screen.

"There are, however, a few shortcomings...."

Moritz lists the following (in bold, followed by my comments - dk):

  • A skimpy camera, as though 5 megapixels (MP) isn't good enough. I've seen 12" x 18" blowups from 6 MP DSLRs that look incredible. If you're planning to make prints larger than that, then you might want something better than 5-6 MP - but you may also end up with a lot of low quality pixels. See Busting the Megapixel Myth and High Megapixel Compact Digicams May Be Worse than We Thought for more information.
  • No Swype. Swype allows a user to enter a word by sliding a finger or stylus from letter to letter, lifting only between words. The technology was first used on a smartphone in late 2009. If Moritz is right, Apple may want to license this technology someday or allow Swype Inc. to offer it for iOS 4.
  • Video calling, which thus far has only caught on with webcam-equipped computers. Let's see if FaceTime catches on before complaining about its limitations.
  • iPhone 4 shortages. The iPhone 4's sellout popularity is now a strike against it?
  • No Verizon iPhone. For those of us on Verizon (or Sprint or T-Mobile), this is a disappointment, but for three years now people have left other carriers for AT&T just to get the iPhone. As a former Alltel subscriber pulled into Verizon's orbit, I have to say that things like voicemail are a step or more backward. Visual Voicemail, which the iPhone introduced three years ago, is a compelling reason to go iPhone, and AT&T was willing to create the infrastructure to support it after Verizon elected not to be Apple's exclusive US partner for the iPhone. Whether Verizon gets the iPhone or not, I'll seriously consider going iPhone when my current contract is up.

Curiously, the iPhone 4's antenna issues and discolored screens aren't even mentioned.

Troubleshooting Your Crashed or Frozen iPad

FourPX Articles' John C Arkin says:

"Most people might say that you should skip first generation devices (including the Apple iPad) altogether and wait for the second edition to come out. This is because most first generation electronics have bugs and problems that haven't been resolved yet. These bugs are usually fixed by the time the second edition of these devices is made available.

"Some of you, though, already have iPads and may have experienced some problems like crashing or freezing. There's no need to tear your hair out when this happens to your beloved Apple iPad. Below are some simple tips that you can use to troubleshoot your crashed or frozen iPad."

Retina Display Really Is Tack Sharp

Blogger Bryan Jones says:

"By now it seems that most people on the planet have heard of Apple's latest iPhone . . . One of the many compelling features of the new phone is the Retina Display. When Steve Jobs first invoked this term at the WWDC, my eyebrows were raised. Being a retinal scientist, I was immediately skeptical of just what he meant by retinal display. My mind immediately raced and I wondered if it might have been some of the interesting technology I got to see on my last visit to one of Apple's technology development labs. I will not say anything about that visit, but this Retina Display, a super high resolution display was new technology that I had not seen before...."

5 Ways iPhone or iPad Can Replace Your Mac

Mac 360's Bambi Brannan, who says she's been a devoted Mac user for almost 20 years (with three Macs at home), relates how she's finishing up two months of using an iPad 3G and a few days of using an iPhone 4. She notes that so many of her daily computing requirements have shifted to the smaller mobile devices that her MacBook Pro is now used mostly for synchronizing the iPad and iPhone, and asks what this all says about the future of computing devices.

Brennan thinks the future of personal computing is clear - it's mobile, and that while her intent is not to disparage the Mac, she can't gainsay the rapidly growing list of formerly Mac functions which have been transferred to her iPad and iPhone, including Mail, much Web-browsing, iCal & Address Book, even games, music, and photos.

iOS 4's Hidden Features

Macworld's David Chartier reports:

"We put together a primer for iOS 4, and then we gave you a comprehensive iOS 4 review of the most significant new features. Now it's time to explore more of the finer details of iOS 4 - the new features and polish that may not make it to Apple's product pages, but may still make someone's day."

Using the iPad as a Laptop Replacement in the Field

Blogger Lennie Symes says he's had several days using his iPad as his main device at the ISTE 2010 education/technology conference and has discovered several crucial tips to make it usable as a computer replacement.

"Why bother replacing a laptop?," he asks. "Two huge issues: weight and battery life. It is significantly lighter than a laptop, and slightly lighter than a netbook. At the end of the day my shoulder and my back thank me profusely! Also, I did not appreciate till now how much of a relief it is not having to hunt for an outlet at a crowded conference sometime during the day."

Symes notes that by 4:30 p.m. he still had 53% battery life left. His laptop battery would've been done about 11:00 a.m. [Editor's note: A current MacBook or MacBook Pro would provide 8 to 10 hours of field time.] He says that the key iPad ingredient for successful use at a conference is a real keyboard like the (foldable) Stowaway Bluetooth Keyboard he uses, or Apple's own Bluetooth keyboard, 2007 and 2009 models, which also work great, while another crucial accessory is a case that tilts the screen.

iPad Has Become Arm Candy for Hollywood Stars

Lindsay Lohan hiding behind her iPadForbes' Brian Caulfield reports that the paparazzi's favorite targets have all been busted stepping out with Hollywood's most buzzed about piece of arm candy, the iPad, noting that like the relatively cheap Toyota Prius, the $500 iPad is a status item even B-listers can afford.

Oklahoma State University to Launch iPad Student Pilot Initiative

Oklahoma State University will pilot an Apple iPad initiative during the Fall 2010 semester with select courses in the School of Media and Strategic Communications and the Spears School of Business at both the Stillwater and Tulsa campuses, OSU President Burns Hargis has announced.

This pilot initiative will provide valuable insight into the research benefits of the Apple iPad in the classroom, said Hargis. The iPad has had an amazing impact since being introduced and we are excited to be able to put this powerful and creative tool in the hands of students and faculty and see what happens.

Bill Handy, visiting assistant professor in the School of Media and Strategic Communications, and Tracy Suter, associate professor of marketing in the Spears School of Business, will lead the initiative. Each class will integrate the iPad differently but will focus on specific measurable outcomes.

"This limited pilot will be focused on fields of study where we believe we can best determine the higher education value of the iPad," said Handy. "We will evaluate the academic enhancement to the courses, how the iPad and its specific apps and web-based tools can be integrated in this capacity, and perhaps most importantly, how the integration of these mobile tools can expand the tactical abilities of students as they enter the workforce."

In both schools, the iPad will be used for academic purposes and to explore innovative uses and tactical uses specific to each school's industry needs.

"I certainly have ideas of how I would like to use an iPad," Suter said. "But collectively we will discover new uses a single individual might not have conceived independently. Putting the newest technology in the hands of students allows them to stretch the limits of how it can be used."

Cost savings for students will also be evaluated. In one case, students using the iPad in a single course will save more than $100 on a single textbook, which can be downloaded in an ePub format.

The iPad pilot being launched this fall will include approximately 125 students in five different courses.

OSU is leading the way in the integration of technology in the classroom. It is already using a variety of tools such as iTunesU and YouTube, along with other collaborative tools. OSU is also exploring the development of mobile applications to integrate current publications into an online and app platform, offering expense savings and enhanced distribution.

OSU has more than 32,000 students across its five-campus system and more than 19,000 on its Stillwater campus, with students from all 50 states and about 110 nations. Established in 1890, OSU has graduated more than 200,000 students who have made a lasting impact on Oklahoma and the world.

How to Jailbreak Your iPad (and 8 Things to Do with It)

PC World's Zack Stern says you can jailbreak your iPad and add multitasking, connect to a Bluetooth mouse, sync over WiFi, and more - all without waiting for iOS 4. Also, a jailbroken iPad can run all kinds of third-party apps far beyond the selection in Apple's App Store.

Stern tells us how.

Will Your Existing iPhone/iPod Accessories Work with iPhone 4?

Macworld's Dan Frakes says:

"We've been taking your iPhone 4 questions, answering them in a series of articles. But among the most common questions have been ones about whether or not accessories that work with previous iPhone - or iPod - models will work with Apple's latest phone.

"Given that new iPhone and iPod models have, in the past, included circuitry changes that that rendered existing accessories obsolete, as well as the fact that the iPhone 4's physical design is very different from that of its predecessors, these are valid concerns. As we do with every new iPhone, iPod, and iPad, here's a quick rundown of which accessories work - and which don't."

2007 iPhone Dock Works Better with iPhone 4 Than New One

Dvice's Charlie White reports

"We bristled at the fact that the iPhone 4 didn't fit in its predecessor's dock. But thanks to an astute commenter, we found out the first iPhone's dock, included free with the phone back in 2007, works beautifully with the iPhone 4. In fact, it works even better than the new one that's custom made for it."

Just How Dirty Is Your Cell Phone?

Technologizer's Ed Oswald reports:

"Put the bottom of your shoe to your face. Now, before you ask 'has Ed gone plum crazy?', hear me out. Putting your cell phone there is just as unsanitary: that's how much bacteria lives on those devices according to some microbiologists. Now that you re thoroughly grossed out, here's a possible solution Violight's UV cell phone sanitizer...."

Cisco Introduces Cius Tablet

The Cius tablet computer introduced by Cisco will inevitably be compared with Apple's iPad, although there are many substantial distinctions. The Cius (pronounced see-us) is smaller than the iPad, with a 7" diagonal, high-resolution color screen with contact-based touch targets display compared with the iPad's 9.7" multitouch screen. Notwithstanding its more compact dimensions, the Cisco unit is actually a bit heavier, weighing in just over 1.5 pounds (0.52 kg) to the iPad's 1.5 pounds.

However, Cius appears to be a much more mission targeted and focused device than the iPad, that mission being the enterprise sector.


Cisco pitches the Cius as "an ultra-portable, mobile collaboration business tablet" that offers access to essential business applications and technologies to drive productivity for users in the office or on the go.


The Cius' connectivity capability includes 802.11a/b/g/n WiFi, 3G/4G data, and Bluetooth 3.0, along with support for off-campus HD video (720p), a forward-facing, integrated HD (720p and 30 fps) video camera with zoom functions, and a rear-facing, high-resolution 5-megapixel camera that enables real-time, VGA-quality (640 x 480) video capture and still-photo capture, and Cisco TelePresence solution interoperability for "lifelike video communication with the simplicity of a phone call", HD Soundstation supports Bluetooth and USB peripherals, 10/100/1000 wired connectivity and a handset option, AnyConnect Security VPN Client function, and HD audio with wideband support (tablet, HD Soundstation). Mozilla's Firefox will be the default Cius Web browser.


Cisco Cius will support desktop virtualization, equipped standard with a virtual desktop client application, so it can act as a thin client on your Cisco Collaboration Architecture. As a virtual desktop client, Cius enables highly secure access to cloud-based business applications, while its Android operating system supports access to Android marketplace applications. Collaboration applications including Cisco Quad, Cisco Show and Share, WebEx, Cisco TelePresence, and IM. The device's contacts-driven interface simplifies collaboration.

In a pointed dig at Apple's non-swappable built-in batteries, Cisco highlights the Cius' detachable and serviceable 8-hour battery.

Cius is powered by the Intel Atom 1.6 GHz processor widely used in PC netbooks - faster and more powerful than iPad's 1 GHz A4 processor, and comes with 32-GB of flash memory, the same as the middle model iPad, but unlike the iPad it also supports Secure Digital cards.

The Cius' centralized software-as-a-service (SaaS) deployment model provides a number of benefits, including lower hardware costs; cloud computing eliminates the need for employees to carry around expensive laptops (and desk-bound workers to use more expensive PCs), so IT departments can replace these higher-cost clients with thin clients, which are less expensive to manage. Instead of bringing employees to where the work is, you can bring the work to where the employees are. In short, the new Cius as a thin client can either coexist with or replace a thick Windows PC client.


Cisco Cius operates on the Android operating system, delivering access to the diverse and ever-expanding Android developer community.

Customer trials of Cius are projected to begin in Q3 2010m, with the general product launch expected in Q1 2011. Pricing has not yet been announced.

Apps & Services

iResQ iPhone Repair Embraces New iPhone 4 Screens, Backplates, and More

PR: Along with iPhone 4 comes new potential for damage. Despite manufacturer assurances, iPhone 4 does not appear to be as unbreakable as promised. According to PC World, just a few drops on a flat surface from 3.5 feet can cause the chemically strengthened glass housing to shatter to pieces. When these iPhones fall, one of the longest-serving Apple Authorized Service Providers is ready to put them back together: iResQ. The Midwest's premier forerunner of Apple computer, iPod and iPhone repairs is equipped to handle the just-released iPhone 4.

The newest iteration of the iPhone dazzled audiences at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference and across the Web earlier this month. The iPhone continues to be one of the nation's top-selling smartphones. Since the 2007 iPhone debut, iResQ has made fast, quality repairs to the first-generation EDGE version, the 3G, and the 3GS right from the beginning, and this fourth generation is no different. iPhone 4 owners can now send devices with broken screens to iResQ for a complete digitizer or glass backplate replacement (and other assorted repairs) as it builds an inventory of numerous parts and capacity for future expanded services.

The new iPhone repair includes services for the usual broken, malfunctioning, and depleted iPhone parts including:

  • free diagnostics (shipping not included)
  • broken glass/digitizer repair
  • LCD screen repair
  • headphone jack repair
  • home button repair
  • dock connector repair
  • glass backplate repair

As always, due to high freight volume, iResQ shipping prices are a fraction of published rates. Customers can take advantage of low rates, or ship portable devices on their own if they prefer.

Centrally located in Olathe, Kansas, iResQ is an Apple-Authorized Service Provider that repairs Apple computers and portable devices in addition to the Sony PlayStation Portable. Servicing Apple products since 1994, its team of technicians boasts years of experience and multiple Apple Certifications. 24-hr. diagnostics and repair service cover the entire line of iPods, iPhones, iPads, Portable Macs, and Mac Minis. This includes the entire PowerBook G4 family, the iBook family, plus the MacBook and MacBook Pro systems, as well as all versions of the iPod except the iPod Shuffle.

iResQ is also an ideal solution for schools and computer repair shops. Its repair depot can handle large numbers of repairs quickly and efficiently, and it provides volume discounts.

For more information or to order repair services, call 1-888-447-3728 or visit

DocsPortal Brings Google Docs to the iPad

PR: Accessing Google Docs on the iPad just became much easier with the release of DocsPortal 1.0 from Kabuki Vision. With its stunning interface, DocsPortal makes it easy to browse, search, and view files stored in a Google Docs account. Files can additionally be e-mailed, imported, and exported from within the app.

DocsPortal automatically downloads and stores Google Docs files right on the iPad, so they can be readily accessed even without an Internet connection. Whenever an Internet connection is present, DocsPortal will sync with Google Docs, so that the latest file updates are always available.

"Using DocsPortal to access your Google Docs files is much simpler and more convenient than using a web browser", says Adam Shaw, founder of Kabuki Vision. "As a native iPad app, we can provide access to Google Docs in a faster, more powerful way."


  • Browse and search Google Docs files and folders quickly and easily
  • View Google Docs files with or without an Internet connection
  • Import and export Google Docs files to or from other iPad apps, such as Apple's iWork suite

Device Requirements:

  • Any iPad
  • iOS 3.2 or greater
  • 4.6 MB
  • Any Google Docs account

DocsPortal 1.0 is $3.99 and is available exclusively through the App Store in the Productivity category.

  • Screenshot 1:
  • Screenshot 2:

iRead PDF Free for iPad

PR: Aji, LLC has just released iRead PDF, an elegant PDF reader that offers annotation viewing on the iPad, entirely free. Based on iAnnotate, the developer's powerful PDF annotation tool, iRead is a full-featured PDF reader that supports tabbed reading, bookmarking, comprehensive library search, and gesture-supported browsing for PDFs. In addition, iRead provides support for viewing notes, highlights, underlines, or drawings added to documents using iAnnotate or other standard annotation tools like Adobe Reader or Preview.

iRead PDF shares iAnnotate's advanced interface, dynamic file-transfer features, and simple organizational tools. Users can transfer PDFs via email, from other apps, via iTunes sync or even by clicking any PDF web link in the integrated web browser. Reading and sharing PDFs couldn't be easier!

The intuitive drag and drop interface offers customizable toolbars, easy to access contextual menus, and tabbed document browsing. Users can search their entire library by keywords, add bookmarks and view which documents are "new", "unread", recently viewed, or "annotated".

"While annotation has always been our core focus, we've also built up a topnotch PDF reading app along the way. So we've decided to release that independently, especially due to the lack of annotation support in other iPad PDF readers." says Jim Brink, Founder of Aji. "We already have a ton of users who love iAnnotate's UI, custom toolbars, and functionality, so we feel we're in the optimal place to offer the perfect free PDF reader that also brings annotation viewing to everyone."

Use iRead to carry your entire PDF library or access documents from mail and the web on the go. Anyone who works with PDFs will love it!


  • Full-featured PDF reader: Continuous-scrolling page display with all standard scroll/zoom gestures supported, and full screen reading mode.
  • Easy transfer of PDFs: Send and receive PDFs via email, through iTunes sync, and by browsing to any PDF link.
  • Tabbed PDF reading: Quickly switch between multiple open documents. Tab setup and page locations are always remembered, whether switching tabs or quitting and returning to the app.
  • Document and full-library search: Search your entire PDF library to instantly find all documents with any keyword. Tabs sort new, unread, and annotated documents.
  • Fully customizable toolbars: Reposition and resize toolbars, and drag-and-drop to configure tools.
  • Comprehensive PDF support: View existing PDF annotations, internal and URL links, and PDF outline/bookmarks support. View fully integrated, standard annotations, just like Preview or Adobe Reader.
  • APS (Aji PDF Service): Free companion desktop application for easy sync with your existing desktop PDF collection. Recommended for large libraries of documents.

Device Requirements:

  • Compatible with iPad
  • Requires iOS 3.2 or later
  • 5.1 MB

iRead PDF 1.1.2 is free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Productivity category.

  • Screenshot (Copy Text):
  • Screenshot (Bookmarking):
  • Screenshot (Document Search):
  • Screenshot (Drag and Drop Toolbar):

TextExpander touch Now Available for iPad

PR: TextExpander touch, the iOS version of SmileOnMyMac's customizable typing shortcut tool, is now available as a universal application optimized for the iPad. The newly released version takes advantage of the iPad's larger screen, making it easier to create and edit snippets on the iPad.

The app remains priced at $4.99. Current users will be able to upgrade at no charge. TextExpander touch requires an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch running iOS 3.0 or later.

Over 30 iPhone and iPad apps have added TextExpander support. Users of these apps can expand their TextExpander snippets while typing within these apps. Among the apps that support TextExpander touch are Twitter for iPhone (formerly Tweetie), Osfoora, ToDo, Simplenote, iThoughts, Pocket Informant and Task Paper. A complete list of TextExpander-enhanced apps is available at SmileOnMyMac's website.

The latest version (1.1.5) of the TextExpander touch Software Development Kit (SDK) can be downloaded at SmileOnMyMac's website. The free SDK, which allows iPhone and iPad developers to support TextExpander functionality in their apps, consists of a TextExpander engine library and sample code.

TextExpander touch features:

  • Compose notes quickly and easily that contain frequently used text, addresses, phone numbers, email signatures, URLs, etc.
  • Automatically insert your notes into Mail and Twitter clients, or copy-and-paste into other apps on your iPhone
  • Supported in Twitter for iPhone, Twittelator, WriteRoom, Simplenote, Pocket Informant, Notebook and over 30 other iPhone and iPad apps
  • Add TextExpander snippets from your Mac via your local network
  • Save composed notes in an archive for reuse
  • Use multiple snippet groups
  • Add Predefined Groups such as accented words, symbols, HTML, and CSS

Tips & Tricks - iPhone Secrets Now Covers iOS 4 for iPhone

PR: iPhone Secrets has released a free update so that it now covers the new iOS 4 for iPhone and iPod touch. Available now trough the App store, it offers over 120 tips covering all aspects with using the new iOS 4 including multitasking, rotation lock and even finding the hidden hold calls button. Having already sold 1.7 million iPhone 4's, there is a lot of users who are looking to get the most out of their new gadget.

Instead of having to search the Internet for the answer, the guide gives all the tips they need right from their Home screen. The app aims to give quick and useful advice rather than the dry and boring information found in manuals. Our app offers examples related to the users that are easy to read and avoid use technical jargon.

The app is designed to look like a book as you swipe from page to page. You can easily dip in and out and constantly be learning something new, with quick and easy navigation between chapters and pages. On top of this, the app also allows users to email tips, as well as posting to Twitter to connect with as many people as possible.

Five star review from United States for the update:

"This was a great app before, learned several tricks and abilities of my iPhone that I didn't know about before (and I'm [sic] on my 4th iPhone) so I was very pleased to just get notified of the update for the iPhone 4 and iOS 4, a quick look of the new version looks like they have done a great job once again with this one." - SouthernGypsy

This is a completely free upgrade to users who have already purchased the guide, or it is available for download now to begin learning all the great new features of iOS 4.

Device Requirements:

  • Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad
  • Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later
  • 10.0 MB

Tips & Tricks - iPhone Secrets 4.0 is 99¢ (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Productivity category.


Anti Theft Alarm: Step Away from the Phone! Ends Device Theft

PR: LOLers Apps has released Anti Theft Alarm: Step Away from the Phone! 3.0 for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad users. This innovative iPhone security application has quickly risen through the rankings to become the #1 utilities app in Mexico and Chile.

Anti Theft Alarm: Step Away from the Phone! 3.0 brings peace of mind to iDevice users who worry about device theft. When a user arms the app, they have 5 seconds to put the device down before they hear a lifelike car alarm activation "chirp." Once it's armed, nobody can touch the Anti Theft Alarm protected device without attracting more attention than any thief wants.

The alarm sound is composed of 7 separate actual car alarm sirens and warnings which are blended together into one ear shattering alert. The device also vibrates, and a Viper car alarm-like voice commands the intruder to "Please step away from the phone!" Realistic strobing, police style lights serve as a visual aid, just in case the crook didn't get the message the first time.

This app was inspired by an actual car alarm and, like the real thing, it serves a dual purpose. First, it alerts the user to any attempted theft, and second, it lets the would-be phone snatcher know that they just messed with the wrong device!

Anti Theft Alarm: Step Away from the Phone! 3.0 features include:

  1. Audio Track of 7 different alarm/siren sounds all meshed into one loud and obnoxious alarm
  2. Viper-like car alarm system voice is super cool
  3. Lifelike car alarm activated and deactivated buttons and beeps! Really impress your friends
  4. 5 second arming delay to place or "setup" your phone in the perfect place
  5. Screen stays dark to mimic sleeping mode, so you can really catch the bad guys
  6. Alarm triggers and device vibrates repeatedly when moved, to startle thieves even more
  7. High-quality police light animation
  8. Advertisement free

Device Requirements:

  • iPhone 3G , iPod touch, iPad
  • Requires iPhone OS 3.1.3 or later
  • 3.7 MB

Anti Theft Alarm: Step Away from the Phone! 3.0 is 99¢ and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Utilities category. Promo codes are available for qualified reviewers. Please specify the website or blog you represent when making your request.

Primate Labs Brings Benchmarks to the App Store

PR: Primate Labs, developer of the cross-platform Geekbench benchmark, announces the immediate availability of Geekbench 2 for iPhone and iPod touch on the iTunes App Store. Geekbench 2 for iPhone features a completely new interface designed for the iPhone and iPod touch, and runs the same benchmarks as Geekbench 2 for other platforms.

What's great about Geekbench 2 for iPhone is that it runs the same benchmarks as Geekbench 2 on other operating systems. Users can not only compare their results between other iPhones and iPods, but also between iPhones, iPods, Macs, and PCs!

Accuracy: Geekbench 2 for iPhone runs a number of different benchmarks, all of which are engineered to simulate real-world usage scenarios. Geekbench quickly and accurately measure processor and memory performance. Geekbench also displays results for each individual benchmark and an average overall score for all benchmarks, allowing users to make both broad and narrow comparisons between devices.

Ease of use: Geekbench 2 for iPhone features a simple user interface with no difficult or confusing benchmark options to set, which takes the guesswork out of producing repeatable and reliable benchmark results.

Community: Geekbench 2 for iPhone integrates with the Geekbench Result Browser. The Geekbench Result Browser allows users to upload, manage, and share their benchmark results online. Users can also compare their results to other results; with over 250,000 results from different sectors and industries (including finance, government, media, and tech) the Geekbench Result Browser provides a rich database for comparisons.

Geekbench 2 for iPhone requires an iPhone or iPod touch running iOS 4 or later, and is available today on the iTunes App Store for $4.99.

Founded in 2007, Primate Labs specializes in developing cross-platform performance and system monitoring tools. Primate Labs is based in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.


USB Fever Mini Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad, Smartphone, Etc.

PR: USB Fever says their Mini Bluetooth Keyboard is probably is the smallest Bluetooth keyboard in the world.

USB Fever Mini Bluetooth KeyboardFeatures:

  • Compact & Portable: measures: 11.5 x 6.0 x 1.0 cm
  • QWERTY Design
  • With Multimedia Short Cut Keys
  • Ideal for tying emails, chat and playing games
  • Pocket Sized, sleek, slim
  • Compatible with Bluetooth 2.0
  • Lightweight (Net): 48g only (Approximately).

This accessory is suitable for:

  • Apple iPad
  • Cellphone (Smartphone)
  • Playstation 3
  • Laptop/Notebook


  • Home Multimedia PC
  • Presentation
  • Video Conference

OSs Supported:

  • Mac OS
  • Microsoft Windows Mobile/Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000
  • Nokia S60 System
  • Google Android System
  • Linux OS


iPlunge Phone Stand

iPlunge Phone StandPR: High-tech meets low tech, and this cool accessory for your phone was born. iPlunge is the perfect solution for your video emergencies - just squish it against the back of your iPod, iPhone, or any device with a smooth hard surface, sit back, and smile.

No plumbing required! Use it at work, home, train, plane, it works anywhere! Wow, what a handy stand!


Coming in August!

LimbGear iHood Hoodie with iPod Controls in Sleeve

PR: The LimbGear iHood Interactive Hoodie is an 80/20 cotton poly blend Hoodie that is available in either a pullover or zip-up. The pairing of LimbGear's performance apparel and PANiQ electronics grants the wearer the gift of music and liberation from tangled cords.


LimbGear InterActiveWear is comfortable and durable performance apparel designed to integrate mobile devices into the active lifestyle. PANiQ enables wearable Personal Area Networks with simple, cool and fashionable controls for your portable electronics.

Hoodie and touchpad are fully washable. PANiQ controller and iPod must be removed prior to washing.


You have to purchase the PANiQ Controller for full functionality of the Hoodie - sold separately.


  • LimbGear Hoodie - $69.95
  • Paniq Controller - $24.95

Zagg Introducing InvisibleShield Dry Nationwide Exclusively Through AT&T

PR: Zagg Inc. has announced that AT&T will be the first to offer the new InvisibleShield Dry. Zagg's new InvisibleShield Dry is available exclusively at AT&T stores nationwide.


"We are thrilled to offer InvisibleShield Dry to AT&T customers and provide them with our world-class scratch protection and electronics accessories," said Robert G. Pedersen II, CEO and cofounder of Zagg.

The InvisibleShield is a military-grade, virtually invisible, and indestructible film that protects thousands of gadgets from bumps, scratches, and dings with a lifetime guarantee. The InvisibleShield Dry is the next generation of Zagg's flagship product, and takes their original, award-winning scratch protection to a new level with the same protection in a dry-installed film.

"We look forward to bringing Zagg's InvisibleShield Dry technology to our customers," said Michael Cowan, Accessories Business Director for AT&T.

"Zagg has been developing and perfecting the InvisibleShield Dry over the past year, and we are very excited to introduce it," said Derek Smith, Vice President of Sales for Zagg. "Made from the same amazing material, the InvisibleShield Dry installs without moisture, filling a demand currently unmet in the marketplace."

The InvisibleShield Dry is available in AT&T stores nationwide.

USB Fever Mini Desktop USB Cradle for iPad

PR: Features:

  • Heavy Duty, no problems to make your iPad as a work and multimedia partner
  • As a Desktop Stand for your iPad
  • Custom-made for Apple iPad


This case is suitable for: Apple iPad

Color: White


iPhone 4 Defender Series Case

PR: Your iPhone 4 has become a big part of your life. With FaceTime video, Retina display, multitasking, HD video recording, and more, you've got a lot to lose. You won't find a tougher case than the OtterBox Defender Series for iPhone 4. This three-layer case will keep your precious iPhone safe from drops, scratches, bumps and dust. Relax, we've got the iPhone 4 covered.

About our Defender Series: An innovative three layer design protects your iPhone from bumps, drops, scratches and dust while keeping your iPhone fresh as new.



  • Apple iPhone 4


  • Three layers of protection
  • Complete interaction of the device's functions
  • Ratcheting belt clip holster included


Environmental Protection:

  • Case provides added protection against bump, shock, drop and dust intrusion. Case is not protective against water.


Take a Walk on the Wild Side - Waterfield Designs iPhone 4 Suede Jacket

PR: Waterfield Designs announces the super thin, custom-fitting Suede Jacket for the Apple iPhone 4. The new iPhone 4 Suede Jacket sleeve is available in classic black and a new eye-popping cheetah or zebra print Ultrasuede. Waterfield Designs, an innovative leader in custom-fitted laptop protection and designer bags and cases for consumer electronics, designs and manufactures all of its products locally in San Francisco.

The Suede Jacket sleeve is as thin as it gets and provides bulk-free, scratch protection for the iPhone 4. The case is a snug-fitting Ultrasuede cover constructed of 100% scratch-free, washable microfiber with stretch memory and no potentially scratching zippers. An optional strong, stretch-mesh, rear pocket is ideal for storing earbuds, credit cards or cash. When empty, the pocket lies completely flat.

"This is the slimmest case we make", explained owner, Gary Waterfield. "It protects your phone from getting scratched by other contents in your bag and pocket. And, with the vibrant animal prints, it's hard to misplace."

Waterfield Designs also offers the iPhone 4 Smart Case for both the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 3GS; and the iPhone Travel Case to stow the iPhone or other electronics and its accessories.

All iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS Suede Jackets are available for preorder from the Waterfield Designs website. Shipping begins July 1, 2010.

  • The iPhone 4 Suede Jacket
    Black: $10, with pocket $14. Cheetah or Zebra Print: $12, with pocket $16.
  • The iPhone 4 Smart Case - Three styles: Slip $39, Flap $45 and Clip $45.
    Six colors: Black, Copper, Pine, Green, Flame or Pearl. Available for preorder.
  • The iPhone 4 Travel Case - Three sizes: Small $35, Medium $37, Large $39.
    Six colors: Black, Brown, Green, Blue, Red, Silver. Available now.

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