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AT&T Kills Unlimited Wireless, 3G Roaming Ripoffs, iPhones and iPads in Business, and More

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Compiled by Charles Moore and edited by Dan Knight - 2010.06.09

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News, Reviews, & Opinion

AT&T Kills Unlimited Wireless Data

Gizmodo's Matt Buchanan says:

"Unlimited, all-you-can-eat wireless data was a beautiful thing for Apple devices on AT&T, delivering streams of Pandora, YouTube videos, a million tweets, and hundreds of webpages without worry. And now it's dead.

"AT&T's new, completely restructured mobile data plans (more below) for both iPhones and iPads have officially launched the era of pay-per-byte data, which we've known was coming. We just hoped it would take a little longer. It's the anti-Christmas."

3G Roaming Ripoffs Follow iPad on Its World Tour

InfoWorld's Galen Gruman says that while wireless carriers typically offer roaming for the iPad 3G, prices are exorbitant, and that whether you're traveling for business or pleasure, a little planning lets you take your iPad with you without going broke.

Veteran Mac Fanboy 'Falling Out of Love with iPad'

The Register's Rik Myslewski says he's had his own "magical and revolutionary" iPad for nearly two months and is using it less and less each day - the fading relationship reminding him of a long-ago college fling with a young lovely. "High anticipation, fervent consummation, growing familiarization, decreasing fascination, and the inevitable: 'No, hon, it's not you. It's me.'"

Myslewski describes himself as "a fervent fanboi who has used Macs since literally the first day that the original Macintosh 128K became available in 1984," who has worked with and enjoyed PowerBooks, Quadras, Performas, iMacs, Power Macs, MacBooks, Mac Pros, and iPhones, even a Newton - a whirlwind affair with which he says reminds him most of his dalliance with the iPad; eagerly anticipating its release, bagging one as soon as he could, taking it on business trips for note-taking and email, having no problems with its much-maligned handwriting recognition, even playing the occasional game on it.

But with the iPad, as with the Newton before it, the novelty wore off, and the device's flaws moved to the fore, says Myslewski - the small display, unpocketable form factor, and nonstandard file system resulting in spending less and less time with it and soon returning to a real Apple laptop.

Down with the iPad

Journalist Cory Doctorow tells ABC's Dan Harris why he hates Apple products. The video interview's text preamble notes that the Canadian blogger and author has been denouncing Apple for years for products he says are far too restrictive, and as a longtime advocate for the loosening of copyright laws and an opponent of technologies like DRM that prevent copying, Doctorow believes that systems like Apple's iTunes music and app store prevent users from making the most of their products.

Waiting for the Next iPad

The Telegraph's Simon Heffer says only the second version of the iPad will be truly worth owning, and while he got his first Mac more than 20 years ago, he knows that know that until Apple rolls out version two or three, things will just keep going wrong with the iPad, so like a dieter at a feast, he's resolved to watch everyone else tuck in, do themselves harm, and wait until the fat-free version is available.

Editor's note: Two million iPad users worldwide seem to think the current iPad is "truly worth owning". dk

SquareTrade iPhone Insurance Half as Costly as AT&T's

AppleInsider's Daniel Eran Dilger reports:

"When the iPhone appeared, AT&T excluded it from its standard phone hardware insurance plan. Now it appears the company is ready to launch a plan specifically for the iPhone, at a rather steep $13.99 per month, significantly higher than third party warranties available from SquareTrade."

Editor's note: At $144 for two years paid in advance, it's 43% as much as AT&T's insurance. Apple's less comprehensive AppleCare for the iPhone costs $69 for two years of coverage. dk

Sick of the iPad's Smudgy Screen?

WSJ's Nick Burns says that while early adopters like to show off and share their glossy new iPads, one thing rubbing people the wrong way is the glossy 9.7" touchscreen's vulnerability to smudging and no one likes a greasy gadget.

40% of iPhones Sold to Business Users

AppleInsider's Daniel Eran Dilger reports:

"Ron Spears, AT&T's chief executive of its Business Solutions unit, told a conference audience this week that 40 percent of iPhones were being sold to business users and that the enterprise is viewing the device as secure, powerful, and even as a potential replacement for laptop purchases."

84% of Businesses Will Support Personal iPads

The Citrix Blog's Chris Fleck reports:

"This is the most striking statistic that has come out of a current survey that Citrix is conducting. The 494 respondents so far have indicated a high adoption rate and anticipation of the iPad as a business tool. To be clear this is not cross section of all businesses, rather it is mostly comprised of Citrix customers and those that have come to our website and have interest enough in the iPad to take a short survey.

"The high level of support for personal iPads seems to reinforce the notion that the iPad will be the door opener for BYOC at many companies."

Some of the other finding from the survey so far include

  • 80% will purchase and use the iPad for business
  • 84% of organizations will support personal iPads; 50% expect their organization to purchase for them
  • Primary app to be used on the iPad are productivity apps with 87% response rate
  • 90% of respondents will use iPad for business email, closely followed by the ability to view, edit, and create presentations. Nearly 60% of respondents indicated that they will use iPad for online meetings and to access critical business information
  • Largest benefits: 90% indicated increased mobility to work remote, at home, or anywhere, 74% indicated improved productivity and satisfaction

How to Transfer iWork Files to the iPad

Jumsoft says:

"Now that many of you have that magic device called the iPad, you naturally want to make the best possible use of it. That includes easily transferring iWork files from your Mac to the iPad so that you can take your ultra-slim friend to meetings and presentations. We have prepared a basic guide to make this task as smooth as possible. In this way, you can also get your favorite Jumsoft templates and themes for iWork on your iPad - just save them as ordinary Pages, Keynote, or Numbers files first."

iPhone-Sized Apple TV Could Appeal to Gamers

Sci-Tech Today's Adam Dickter says:

"Apple's slow-selling Apple TV may be revamped into a $99 iPhone-sized device that might appeal to gamers. The new Apple TV could run the iPhone OS and pull in cloud-based content. An analyst said some games for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch would work well if Apple offers a game controller. A new Apple TV could compete with Google's Smart TV."

Editor's note: If you've watched streaming videos from Netflix on your Wii, PS3, or Xbox 360, you know how well it works - even with 802.11g WiFi. Imagine a stripped down iPod touch connected to your TV, and you get the idea. Such a device could use a television as its only screen or have a built-in screen that can be used as a controller. Intriguing! dk

ChangeWave Smartphone Survey: iPhone a Continuing Threat to Competitors

PR: ChangeWave's latest New Smart Phone Owners survey focuses on the impressions of 1,009 new smart phone owners who purchased a handset over the past six months.

Mobile OS satisfaction ratingsThe smart phone market has consistently shown explosive growth in our ChangeWave surveys - and with manufacturers locked in an arms race to produce ever sleeker models with the newest technologies and fastest speeds, which ones are best meeting the nearly insatiable demands of consumers?

To find out, we asked 1,009 consumers who had purchased smart phones within the past six months to rate their new models and tell us why they chose them, how satisfied they are, and what they most like and dislike about them.

Customer Satisfaction Ratings

First, we looked at customer satisfaction with the new smart phones respondents had purchased during the past six months.

Smartphone Satisfaction RatingsThe following chart shows the percentage who said they were Very Satisfied with the smart phone they'd purchased - broken out by manufacturer:

There are no surprises in terms of the industry leader. As in our previous surveys, the Apple iPhone outperforms all others in terms of customer satisfaction - with 77% of new Apple owners reporting they're Very Satisfied with the iPhone they purchased.

Motorola comes in a strong second, with a highly respectable 64% of its new smart phone owners saying they're Very Satisfied - well above the industry average for recent purchasers.

In comparison, half of recent HTC buyers (51%) report they're Very Satisfied with their smart phone, as do 46% of recent RIM buyers.

Overall Smartphone likesLikelihood of New Owners Returning Their Phone

Overall, just 14% of new owners reported they're Likely to return or exchange their new smart phone for a different one (6% Very Likely; 8% Somewhat Likely). But when we look at the likelihood of returning smart phones by different manufacturers, we find stark differences.

Apple (7%) and Motorola (12%) buyers were least likely to say they'd be returning or exchanging their new smart phone for a different one.

Overall Smartphone dislikesIn contrast, Palm buyers (36%) were most likely to say they'd return or exchange their new smart phone. RIM (21%) also scored worse than average on this all important measure of customer contentment.

iPhone a Continuing Threat to Competitors

With rumors swirling about the release of a new iPhone that can be used on Verizon's and Sprint's CDMA cellular network, we asked respondents whether they'd have still purchased their new smart phone if the iPhone had been available at their cellular service provider at the time of purchase.

The results show the continuing threat the iPhone poses to the rest of the industry.

Nearly one-in-three new smart phone buyers (32%) say they'd have instead bought the iPhone if it had been available at their service provider and another 29% said they don't know.

Smartphone buyer's remorseNote that additional ChangeWave Smart Phone findings include:

  • Customer Satisfaction Ratings for Top Smart Phone Models including Apple iPhones (AAPL), the Motorola Droid (MOT), RIM Blackberries (RIMM), Palm Pre and Pixi (PALM), HTC Smart Phones, and others
  • Reasons Why New Owners Chose Their Particular Smart Phone
  • Key Likes and Dislikes
  • Operating System Satisfaction Ratings

Apple iPad: Magical or Mediocre?

Register Hardware reports:

"Apple reckons we'll flock to its "magical" device to use it as a browsing tool, as a media player, as an ebook reader, as a handheld games console, as a social media centric communicator and perhaps as all of the above.

"But it's expensive, and out of the box it's locked down by its manufacturer, it has a 4:3 aspect ratio display, no webcam, is too heavy to hold comfortably for extended periods of time and doesn't multitask worth a damn.

"Magical or mediocre? The Reg wants to hear from you."

Make Some Unsupported Devices Work with the iPad

Mac OS X Hints contributor mematron says:

"Some supposedly unsupported devices may still work with the iPad, for example some USB sticks and SD cards never before used with a camera. It is possible to then copy image/video files directly from a Mac or PC to the iPad using the storage media, and not just via a connected camera."

How to Self-Publish Books for iPad

Inc's Renee Oricchio says:

"The inevitable has finally happened. Apple now has a mechanism to self-publish through them without the need for even a middleman like Lulu, much less an agent or a book deal with a real publishing house."

Linux Smartphones to Grab 33% Share by 2015

PC Advisor's Lexton Snol reports:

"Linux-enabled smartphones, led by the success of Google's Android, will comprise 33 percent of the worldwide smartphone market by 2015. With more than 60,000 smartphones shipping per day, Android has catapulted ahead of other Linux mobile platforms."

Apps & Services

BP Oil Spill App

BP Oil SpillPR: Like many, I was shocked by the explosion, fire, loss of life, and resulting environmental disaster in the Gulf of Mexico That said, many of us don't truly recognize and appreciate the magnitude of this catastrophe.

This app shows the massive size of the spill and makes clear the extent of its reach.

The main screen shows the total amount of oil spilled in real time from the moment of explosion. Choose your own unit of measurement.

There are three estimates of spill rate to choose from. The first is from Purdue University's Professor Werely, whose software estimates flow rate based on video of the leak. The second estimate is from, of WV. They estimate spill rates from radar and satellite recon images. The third is from NOAA, and while still officially accepted, is increasingly challenged as too conservative.

There is a second screen with a timeline of events before and after the explosion. A third screen compares the relative size of this spill with other notable oil spills. Both screens are accessed via buttons on the main screen. I will update this application to keep the information current.

Oil Reporter App

PR: Oil Reporter enables people to report what they see and any impact to wildlife due to the Deepwater Horizon disaster in the Gulf of Mexico that happened on April 20, 2010. Oil Reporter was built by Intridea for CrisisCommons.

Oil Spill Response App

PR: This application was developed by NVision Solutions, Inc, a small, minority, woman-owned, Mississippi business, in response to the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.

The Oil Spill Response App allows users to report oil incidents that they find along the coastal regions. They can report oiled shorelines and wildlife as well as generic reports on oil related damage and oil related incidents.

Users can upload images along with their reports. If your device is location aware, geographic positions are transmitted to the device as well to aid in local response and recovery efforts.

AT&T Announces New Lower-Priced Wireless Data Plans to Make Mobile Internet More Affordable to More People

PR: AT&T has introduced new wireless data plans that make it more affordable for more people to enjoy the benefits of the mobile Internet. Customers can pick the new data plan that best meets their needs - either a $15 per month entry plan or a $25 per month plan with 10 times more data. Current smartphone customers are not required to switch to the new plans, but can choose to do so without a contract extension.

"AT&T helps mobilize everything on the Internet - your favorite websites, TV shows, music, games, and social networks. Virtually everything previously done while sitting at a computer can now be done on the go," says Ralph de la Vega, president and CEO, AT&T Mobility and Consumer Markets. "To give more people the opportunity to experience these benefits, we're breaking free from the traditional 'one-size-fits-all' pricing model and making the mobile Internet more affordable to a greater number of people."

Each plan includes unlimited access at no additional charge to more than 20,000 AT&T WiFi Hot Spots in the US. Customers can also use unlimited WiFi at home, in the office, or elsewhere if available. AT&T will also help customers manage their wireless data usage by sending free text messages after customers reach different usage intervals and by providing online tools, including a smartphone app that shows monthly usage information.

The new wireless data plans - including a new tethering option - will be available beginning June 7. Current AT&T voice and texting plans are unchanged.

More Choice

The new AT&T plans provide large amounts of data to enable people to enjoy their favorite online activities:

DataPlus. Provides 200 megabytes (MB) of data - for example, enough to send/receive 1,000 emails (no attachments), plus send/receive 150 emails with attachments, plus view 400 Web pages, plus post 50 photos on social media sites, plus watch 20 minutes of streaming video for $15 per month.1

This plan, which can save customers up to 50% off their wireless data charges, is designed for people who primarily like to surf the web, send email and use social networking apps. If customers exceed 200 MB in a monthly billing cycle, they will receive an additional 200 MB of data usage for $15 for use in the cycle. Currently, 65% of AT&T smartphone customers use less than 200 MB of data per month on average.

DataPro. Provides 2 gigabytes (GB) of data - for example, enough to send/receive 10,000 emails (no attachments), plus send/receive 1,500 emails with attachments, plus view 4,000 Web pages, plus post 500 photos to social media sites, plus watch 200 minutes of streaming video for $25 per month.2

Should a customer exceed 2 GB during a billing cycle, they will receive an additional 1 GB of data for $10 for use in the cycle. Currently, 98% of AT&T smartphone customers use less than 2 GB of data a month on average.

Tethering. Smartphone customers - including iPhone customers - who choose the DataPro plan have the option to add tethering for an additional $20 per month. Tethering lets customers use their tethering-enabled smartphones as a modem to provide a broadband connection for laptop computers, netbooks, or other computing devices. Tethering for iPhones will be available when Apple releases iPhone OS 4 this summer.

With the new wireless data plans, pricing for a smartphone voice and data bundle now starts at $54.99 per month for an individual plan, or $24.99 per month for an additional line on a FamilyTalk plan, $15 per month less than the price of the previous entry level bundle.

For new iPad customers, the $25 per month 2 GB plan will replace the existing $29.99 unlimited plan. iPad customers will continue to prepay for their wireless data plan, and no contract is required. Existing iPad customers who have the $29.99 per month unlimited plan can keep that plan or switch to the new $25 per month plan with 2 GB of data.

WiFi at 20,000 AT&T Hot Spots

The vast majority of smartphones that AT&T offers have built-in WiFi, which lets the devices automatically switch from the wireless network to a WiFi hotspot without prompting, making WiFi even more convenient and easy to use. This enables customers to use WiFi in the home, office, and at public locations where available. WiFi will generally provide consistently fast speeds and does not count against a customer's monthly data plan usage total. In addition, virtually all AT&T smartphone customers have access at no additional charge to more than 20,000 AT&T WiFi Hot Spots in the US.

Monitoring and Managing Usage

To help customers easily check their data usage, AT&T has made the information readily available in a number of ways3:

  • Customer Text Notifications On Data Usage. When customers begin to approach their monthly usage limit, AT&T will send three text notifications after they reach 65%, 90% and 100% of the threshold. Customers will also be sent emails if AT&T has their email address.
  • Data Usage Monitoring. Additionally, customers with iPhones and other select devices can use the free AT&T myWireless application to check data usage. The application is available for download in several smartphone app stores. Also, AT&T customers can call *DATA# from their wireless phone to check their data usage for the current billing period. They receive a free text message with their usage information. Customers can also go online to to see all of their usage information, past and present.
  • Data Calculator. The easy-to-use online data calculator enables customers to estimate their mobile data usage and get a better sense for which data plan is right for them. It's located at

Customers can learn more about the new plans online at, by contacting AT&T customer service at 1-800-331-0500, or by visiting an AT&T retail store.

  1. AT&T products and services are provided or offered by subsidiaries and affiliates of AT&T Inc. under the AT&T brand and not by AT&T Inc.
  2. Usage examples are estimates. Individual results will vary based upon customer's Internet usage patterns.
  3. Customers will see their usage reflected in their tools generally within 15 hours or less of actual data usage.

My New iPad, a User's Guide

PR: My New iPad guides you through dozens of simple projects that will have you doing useful things with your iPad right away - like surfing the Internet, sending email, listening to music, taking notes, reading ebooks, using iWork, and playing with digital photos. Since no one wants to read a long, dry manual to learn how to use their new toy, Wang takes a practical approach and keeps the tone light. You'll be using your new iPad immediately to do cool things you didn't know it could do.

My New iPadThe iPad is cute. It's lovable. It's fun to play with. And it's a bit mysterious.

My New iPad is your guide to getting more from your new iPad, Apple's latest magical creation. You'll learn how to do the things you want to do right now - like surf the Internet, send email, listen to music, take notes, read ebooks, and play with your photos.

Wallace Wang, best-selling author of My New Mac and My New iPhone, takes you step-by-step through the iPad's many useful features. You'll learn how to:

  • Find your way using the Maps app and the iPad's compass
  • Sync and share photographs, calendars, and contact information
  • Set up your email accounts and browse the Web
  • Shop on iTunes and the iBook Store for new music, movies, TV shows, and books
  • Customize your iPad by rearranging icons and changing the wallpaper
  • Set parental controls and control privacy settings
  • Edit Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files
  • Get organized with the Notes, Calendar, and Contacts apps
  • Discover the hundreds of amazing things your iPad can do with My New iPad.

Preorder: $24.95

iLounge Launches iPad Buyers' Guide

PR: Apple's iPad - the hottest gadget on the planet - now has its own buyers' guide, and as with every acclaimed publication from the experts at leading Apple web site iLounge, it's packed with surprises! iLounge's iPad Buyers' Guide has combined with The iPod + iPhone Book 5 to form an impressive 150-page look at all things iPod, iPhone, and iPad, providing readers with the ultimate resource for buying, maximizing, and even selling Apple's popular digital devices. Best of all, it's completely free.

"Millions of people have downloaded our prior iPod and iPhone Books," explains Jeremy Horwitz, Editor of the Book and iLounge, "so we wanted to offer readers great new content for this fifth edition. Starting with our extensive iPad Buyers' Guide and six amazing new iDesign feature articles, the Book provides a broad, fascinating look at the world of Apple products, outstanding third-party add-ons, and the way that they're created."

As the latest edition in the Book series dubbed "the iPod Bible" by readers, the iPad Buyers' Guide + iPod/iPhone Book 5 consists of three key sections designed to help prospective and current Apple users get the most from their iPads, iPhones, and iPods.

  • The iPad Buyers' Guide: Whether you're just curious about the iPad or already an owner, this 40-page section is packed with photos and easy-to-read information that will help you choose the right model, data plan, applications, and accessories, all based on iLounge's extensive comparative testing and research. After sorting through hundreds of recent releases, iLounge has picked top iPad cases spanning five different styles, and numerous new video stands, car accessories, and the iPad Camera Connection Kit are all featured, as well.
  • iDesign Addendum: Selected by iLounge's editors for excellence in industrial and software design, six leading creators of iPhone, iPod, and iPad products are examined in feature-length articles: Incase, Speck Products, and SwitchEasy are highlighted for innovative cases and electronic accessories, while edutainment-focused Duck Duck Moose, addictive game maker PopCap Games, and tool-maker Tapbots share details on past and upcoming App Store releases. iDesign explores each company's historic products, creative processes, and standards, including revealing iDesign interviews with their key executives and designers.
  • All Things iPod + iPhone: Spread over more than 60 pages, the All Things iPod + iPhone Guide covers the full lifespans of Apple's media devices - from purchase and initial connection to use, app downloading, media acquisition, accessorizing, repair, and eventual sale. Extensive sections on filling your iPod or iPhone with music, videos, books, and apps are paired with tips on buying the best Apple-related gifts, battery maintenance, cosmetic protection, and much more.

The Book also contains beautiful Around The World photographs and images of globe-trotting iPads, iPhones, and iPods submitted by iLounge readers, details on the upcoming fourth-generation iPhone, and looks at the top games for both Apple's devices and game consoles.

"Whether you're thinking of buying an iPad, iPhone, or iPod, or trying to learn how to maximize the one you already own, you'll want to grab the iPad Buyers' Guide + Free iPod/iPhone Book 5," says Dennis Lloyd, Publisher of the Book and iLounge. "Every page has been formatted for easy viewing on a computer monitor, tablet, or pocket device. And you can get it from iLounge right now, free of charge."

Downloads of The iPad Buyers' Guide + iPod/iPhone Book 5 in Adobe's device-agnostic PDF format are available now. iLounge's popular iPod- and iPhone-focused 2010 Buyers' Guide and past editions of the Book can also be downloaded from iLounge online.

Barnes & Noble Introduces Free BN eReader for iPad

BN eReaderPR: Barnes & Noble, Inc., the world's largest bookseller, has launched its free BN eReader app for iPad, offering the most personalized and easy-to-use eReading experience for Apple iPad owners. BN eReader for iPad users can customize the way they read with professionally designed or completely personalized themes, shop more than one million ebooks, newspapers and magazines in the Barnes & Noble eBookstore, and access their personal Barnes & Noble digital library, including most periodicals. BN eReader for iPad is the only eReading app that offers ebook sharing with friends.

BN eReader for iPad is designed to offer an easy, yet sophisticated, customizable reading experience. Users can choose from multiple ways to view their library, including professionally designed themes with elegant and complementary text and page colors, as well as fonts; and instantly switch between portrait and landscape views based on personal preference. BN eReader for iPad users can further personalize their reading experience with unparalleled options: literally millions of colors for text, pages, highlights and links; eight typefaces and five text sizes; and a variety of margins and customizable spacing options.

"We've designed the most easy-to-use, highly customizable eReading experience for the iPad. Ours is the only app that enables iPad users to share ebooks with friends, shop Barnes & Noble's vast catalog of ebooks and periodicals and access your personal Barnes & Noble digital library across multiple devices," said Douglas Gottlieb, Vice President, Digital Products for Barnes & "We believe our customers will appreciate the book-centric touches we've incorporated into our iPad app experience - including some extra large text sizes, ample margins, and line lengths and spacing inspired by classic book design conventions - along with the opportunity to fully personalize that experience to enjoy reading books whichever ways they like best."

Lend to Friends

BN eReaderUsing Barnes & Noble's breakthrough LendMe technology, BN eReader for iPad customers can share eligible ebooks with friends who can enjoy the titles on a NOOK ebook Reader, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and PC enabled with free BN eReader software. Last page read, highlights, notes and bookmarks will also sync across BN eReader for iPad and PC, and in early summer, with iPhone and iPod touch, with more to follow.

The LendMe experience was designed to be seamlessly integrated with the iPad. BN eReader for iPad users can simply choose an eligible ebook flagged with the LendMe icon, then access their existing contacts in iPad's onboard address book, tap the contact and send the lend offer - all without needing to type a single word. The friend can accept the offer and enjoy the ebook for up to 14 days, a unique feature offered only by Barnes & Noble. And BN eReader for iPad users will receive LendMe offers from friends within the application, showing them the eBook's cover and the message from their friend.

Additional features available in the BN eReader App for iPad include:

  • Shop the expansive eBookstore: Search, explore and browse through the Barnes & Noble eBookstore of more than one million ebooks, magazines and newspapers titles at directly by touching Add Books from the Library. There are more than a half-million free ebooks available, and free samples are available for all ebooks. Learn more from thousands of editorial and customer reviews. Pick a current bestseller, a classic or anything in between and download it wirelessly in seconds.
  • Access your personal digital library: All ebooks and most newspapers, and magazines purchased through the Barnes & Noble eBookstore, including those purchased on NOOK, are at your fingertips in your Library. Customers with large digital libraries will appreciate the search option that helps them find the desired book quickly.
  • Choose from two views: Library Grid view displays big, beautiful covers that are large and easy to read. Library List view displays a column with digital content titles and ebook covers next to a second larger section that provides rich product details for the selected ebook including the synopsis and more books from that author. Sort by recently read, author or title.
  • Get to your content, faster: The most recently read titles appear on top to easily get you back to your last great read. And an in-book search also helps you locate a particular word or phrase.
  • Take notes: Bookmark pages, make highlights and write notes. Simply tap a word or drag your finger across a section to highlight it or make a note. In addition to appearing on your iPad, your bookmarks, highlights and notes will also appear on iPad and PC enabled with BN eReader software. iPhone and iPod touch will be added soon, followed by other devices.
  • Read across multiple devices: Sync the last page read of the last ebook, magazine or newspaper opened on your iPad with BN eReader software-enabled PCs. Coming next month, both will sync with BN eReader enabled iPhone and iPod touch with more devices to follow.
  • Learn more: Tap a word on the touch screen and the in-text dictionary offers you the word's meaning. Want to learn more? Simply tap one of the options to take you to the Google or Wikipedia page on that word or term using the Web browser.
  • Follows the standard: Read ebooks, magazines and newspapers formatted in ePub, quickly becoming the industry standard.

The Barnes & Noble Digital Library Advantage

Barnes & Noble's Lifetime Library helps ensure that Barnes & Noble customers will always be able to access their digital libraries on a variety of devices as well as on In addition, Barnes & Noble's use of ePub format and Adobe technology allows customers to read all of their digital content across a growing universe of devices.

Get Started with Free ebooks

To celebrate the new addition to the BN eReader family, Barnes & Noble is providing customers who create new accounts and download the BN eReader software to their iPad or other mobile or computing device with another way to get a jump on their next great read. Barnes & Noble will preload three complimentary Barnes & Noble Classic Series ebooks - Dracula, Little Women and Pride & Prejudice - and 10 current bestseller ebook samples in new customers' digital libraries.

Barnes & Noble is also offering free ebooks from best-selling authors through its current Fun and Free ebook promotion, running over the next four weeks. Simply by visiting a Barnes & Noble store, show a bookseller your NOOK, an iPad, or other device with the BN eReader and receive a special weekly access code. Booksellers at the NOOK display in any Barnes & Noble store will gladly help customers download the free BN eReader software to their computing or mobile device so that they can enjoy the promotion. Additional information about the promotion can be found at

Look at all you get for free:

  • Free BN eReader app designed specifically for iPad
  • Exclusive LendMe technology that lets you share ebooks with friends using any of our free BN eReader apps or NOOK ebook readers
  • LendMe allows you to grab friends' addresses right from your existing iPad contacts
  • Free safe and secure library keeps your ebooks accessible for years and years to come
  • Ready to read in your library:
  • Ten free samples of current best sellers (with new accounts)
  • Three free classics
  • Free samples of any ebook
  • Adjustable font size so you can make the text as big as you want for reading ( 10 different sizes)
  • Multiple font types - so you pick the typeface you prefer
  • Background and text color options for easy reading in any light
  • Use our professionally designed themes or create your own
  • Tap or swipe to turn pages
  • Browse your library visually with big, beautiful color covers or in iPad style "list view" (like Apple's Mail app)
  • Synchronize your notes, highlights and current reading position with BN eReader for PC (and our forthcoming update to iPhone)
  • 24/7 shopping - no waiting
  • Free Merriam-Webster's Pocket Dictionary is built right in so you don't leave the page when looking up a word

The new BN eReader for iPad has been thoroughly tested to ensure an optimal reading experience. BN eReader for iPad is available through the App Store.

In addition to iPad, Barnes & Noble customers can enjoy their Barnes & Noble digital library across a range of devices including: NOOK by Barnes & Noble, previously announced ebook readers powered by the Barnes & Noble eBookstore, and a variety of other computing and mobile devices including iPhone, iPod touch, BlackBerry and HTC HD2 smartphones, HP computers, PC and Mac. Barnes & Noble continues to enhance its eReader offering and expects to add a BN eReader for Android next month and update its iPhone app in early summer.


  • Compatible with iPad
  • Requires iPhone OS 3.2 or later

Get a Free ebook a Week! - Limited Time Offer!

Grab our free app now and then just show it to a friendly bookseller at your local Barnes & Noble retail store and you'll receive a special access code, good for that week's hot free best-selling ebook. You can return each week from now through June 20th to receive an access code for a different free ebook each week. Redeem your codes online at, where they'll go straight into your Barnes & Noble Digital Library, then automatically download to your new iPad! No purchase required - while supplies last.

London Streetmuseum for iPhone

StreetmuseumPR: Streetmuseum gives you a unique perspective of old and new London whether you're discovering the British capital for the first time or revisiting favorite haunts. Hundreds of images from the Museum of London's extensive collections showcase both everyday and momentous occasions in London's history, from the great fire of 1666 to the swinging '60s.

Select a destination from the London map or use your GPS to locate an image near you. Hold your camera up to the present day street scene and see the same London location as appears on your screen, offering you a window through time. Want to know more? Simply tap the information button for historical facts.

Once you've got the hang of it, use Streetmuseum to create your own trails around London. At home, on the way to work, or enjoying a trip to the capital - whatever you're doing, Streetmuseum offers you a different outlook on London.

StreetmuseumOf course with thousands of years of turbulent history, London has changed many times so some streets or buildings may not exist today. Where precise locations aren't available, relish the challenge of identifying recognizable landmarks, which may offer you clues as to the current day site. A street name in the background or a church spire in the distance may be all you need to find the view. Reading the Museum's descriptions can also help you locate the right spot.

Want to continue your journey? Visit the Museum of London's spectacular new galleries of modern London and discover the story of what British folks believe is the world's greatest city and its people.

Hurricane HD for the iPad

PR: Kitty Code, LLC announces Hurricane HD for the iPad in conjunction with the beginning of their third season of Hurricane tracking on the iPhone and the start of the 2010 Atlantic Hurricane Season.

Hurricane HDReleased on April 1, 2010, Hurricane HD was the first hurricane tracking application created just for the iPad. Hurricane HD is the big brother to Hurricane, which has been tracking storms on the iPhone since September 2008. Hurricane was one of the first complex Weather Apps sold in the iTunes AppStore, and continues to provide excellence, value and worth to their customers.

Hurricane 3.3, is the latest release of their leading hurricane and tropical storm tracker for the iPhone and iPod touch, in the iTunes App Store.

Hurricane, the most popular and best selling hurricane tracker for the iPhone and iPod touch, returns with another great update for the 2010 hurricane season.

Hurricane introduced a whole new way to track tropical storm systems with a new highly detailed, zoomable map covering storms in both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. In the 3.2 update, Hurricane has received mapped, zoomable 3 and 5 day forecast cones. In addition, Hurricane contains a dynamic information page for each storm which provides you with animated satellite and radar imagery when available and the latest plots for active storms. Now in the 3.3 update, Hurricane introduces world satellites and a refined interface making the information you need easier to get to than ever before.

"The latest release of Hurricane builds upon the solid framework that our users have come to know and trust. The mapped forecast cone is an extremely important part of tracking hurricanes, showing you what areas could be affected. Hurricane takes this a step further, allowing you to zoom in on the forecast cone, effectively showing you the exact extent of the cone of uncertainty. Hurricane remains the only app performing this function to date on the iPhone and iPod touch and now Hurricane HD is the only iPad app with this critical feature", said Ilene Jones, Co-Founder and CEO of Kitty Code, LLC.

Hurricane HD forecastHurricane has grown a lot in the last few years, and has been very successful in showing users where storms are, regardless of their location in the world.

Features included in Hurricane and Hurricane HD:

  • Mapped, zoomable 3 and 5 day Forecast Cone
  • Animated satellite and radar imagery
  • Eastern and Central Pacific Ocean tracking maps to the existing Atlantic tracking maps
  • Eastern and Central Pacific historical tracking data
  • Storm information page puts important storm details such as storm specific animated satellite, radar, and forecast images and text at your finger tips
  • Fully zoomable tracking maps providing a greater level of detail
  • Integrated GPS to inform you of your distance from an approaching storm
  • Satellite images covering both the Atlantic and Pacific
  • An enhanced look that makes finding information easier than ever before

Features exclusive to Hurricane HD:

  • News tab featuring storm news and preparedness information.
  • Designed especially for the new iPad's size

When asked about the success of Hurricane, Ilene Jones, CEO of Kitty Code, LLC said "This year Hurricane is celebrating the opening of the 3rd season of tracking the tropics on the iPhone. When we created Hurricane, we created it for ourselves, because this was the information we wanted to know while we were not at a computer or in front of a TV. We have a passion for storms and storm tracking born of growing up in Florida where the threat of storms is never far from your mind. We wanted an interactive tracking map to tell us every detail of every plot, not just a pretty picture. We also wanted it to be useful all year, not just during the tracking season. Hurricane has been the leader in hurricane tracking technology on the iPhone since our launch in September 2008. We have taken the time to refine our interface every year making it ever easier to get the information you need when you need it."

When asked about Hurricane HD, and what makes it different from Hurricane on the iPhone, Jones said "Hurricane HD was released on April 1 which was the launch day of the iPad App Store, three short days away from the iPad launch. We were able to use the larger screen size to really create an experience worthy of the iPad, while putting as much information as possible at the user's finger tips. We completely redesigned the interface, and are continuing to refine it to create the best possible experience. Some of the features which are only on Hurricane HD are the News tab and the newly designed Satellites tab which is coming in Hurricane HD 1.2. The news page to give more information about upcoming and recently passed storms in addition to links on preparedness from the National Hurricane Center and other sources and the redesigned Satellites tab gives you just about every possible satellite image right at your finger tips. Hurricane HD truly is the best and easiest way to track a storm while on the go."

  • Hurricane Minimum Requirements: iPhone or iPod touch 3.0 or later
  • Hurricane HD Minimum Requirements: iPad 3.2 or later

Hurricane for iPhone and Hurricane HD are only $3.99 and available exclusively through Apple's iTunes App Store. More information about Hurricane for the iPhone and iPod touch and Hurricane HD for the iPad can be found at the official Hurricane website.

Halp! The Bad Advice Generator Is Now Free

PR: Sinecure Industries is out to ruin your life. How and why? Read on to find out. Esteemed humorologist Michael Mizov spent a year finding people whose lives serve as a warning for others. He carefully researched why those people ended up in their situation, what decision caused their train-wreck, what course of action was ultimately their final one, and carefully summed it up in a single sentence.

HalpAfter cataloging over 800 pieces of bad advice, Sinecure Industries put it into this app and is now serving it up for mass consumption. This advice will more than likely land you in the hospital, jail or the morgue - use it at you own discretion. In the event you DO follow the advice, please film it and upload to YouTube. We will include it on the Sinecure Industries YouTube Channel - but keep in mind that Sinecure Industries is not responsible for the outcome - and by downloading this app you agree to this fact.

Coming Soon:

  • Facebook and Twitter integration

Device Requirements:

  • iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad
  • Requires iPhone OS 3.1 or later
  • 0.4 MB

Good News! In a fit of altruism and concern over the greater good of the fate of the human race, Sinecure Industries is now giving this advice away for free. Halp 1.0.1 is free available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Productivity category.

All Cars Catalog: 48,000 Cars Updated and On Sale

All Cars CatalogPR: OOFsource announces that All Cars Catalog - 48,000 Cars 1.1 for the iPhone is on sale. Compatible with the iPhone, and iPod touch, the comprehensive app provides full search capabilities of over 48,000 vehicles, including 205 car brands since 1900, over 8,000 color photos, and detailed specifications for every listing. The app operates in full screen mode, displays photos in "cover flow", saves photos to the media library, and is one of the most extensive car catalogs in the App Store.

With a stylish two-tone, black steel mesh motif, the All Cars Catalog provides instant answers to nearly any car question. The Catalog opens with four large buttons: All Brands, All Years, All Categories, and Search! Tap Brands and 205 listings scroll alphabetically, from AC, AMC, Abarth to Zastava, Zender, Zundapp. The color logo of each brand appears next to its name. Selecting a brand takes the user back to the opening Catalog screen, but now the All Brands button reads the brand selected.

All Cars CatalogTapping All Years brings up the scrolled listing of years from 2009 to 1900. After choosing a year, the user returns to the Catalog screen to select from a list of 16 categories, including: cabriolets/sports cars, cargo vans, large/luxury cars, limousines, midsize family cars, military vehicles, minibuses, minicars, multipurpose/combi cars, offroad cars, pickup trucks, prototypes/concept models, SUVs, small city/economy cars, station wagons/estate cars, vans/minivans. Finally, the user presses the Search! button and the result(s) are immediately listed.

The app does not require the user to make a selection with all 3 buttons. For example, one can simply choose "limousines" from the Categories listings and hit Search! to bring up every manufacturer-offered limo ever made. Having reached his result(s) he can scroll to select any listing. Each entry begins with a color photo of the car (if available), and then continues with specifications neatly arranged under various categories: General; Main Features; Engine &; Transmission; Speed &; Acceleration, Exterior &; Interior; Steering, Brakes &; Tires; Dimensions &; Weight; and Pricing &; Other. All measurements are given in metric and US systems. There is also a switch at the end of the entry where the user can select the car as a Favorite, which adds it to the app's Favorites list.

Feature Highlights:

  • A comprehensive catalog of over 48,000 cars and trucks
  • Lists 205 brands manufactured from 1900 through 2009
  • 8,000 color photos and more than a million specifications
  • Complete database search capabilities
  • Enlarges photos, and displays photos in "cover flow" as in the iTunes Store
  • One of the most extensive car catalogs in the app store

"All Cars Catalog - 48,000 Cars 1.0 puts more than a million car facts at your fingertips," comments oofsource owner, Denis Berekchiyan. "Find the power/weight ratio of the 1991 Ferrari 348 TS Targa in 5 seconds flat."

Device Requirements:

  • iPhone or iPod touch
  • iPhone OS 3.0 or later
  • 20.0 MB

All Cars Catalog - 48,000 Cars 1.1 is 99¢ and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Education category. Review copies are available upon request.

Porsche Club of America Unveils iPhone App

PR: The Porsche Club of America announced today that the PCA iPhone App is now available for download on the App Store. The Porsche Club is the first car club to release an iPhone App. Members can stay connected with PCA regions, events as well as having PCA/Porsche related resource information right at their fingertips. Members can find Porsche dealers and Porsche related service providers using GPS or zip code, find tracks closest to you using GPS or zip code and much more.

Together with Blue Whale Web Solutions, Inc., the application has been accepted into Apple's App Store and is available for download for $4.99.

Porsche Club of America iPhone App"We are excited about entering into the mobile resource arena and giving Porsche enthusiasts the ability to take PCA with them wherever they go. Staying connected with PCA regions, their events and having PCA/Porsche related resource information at one's fingertips will be invaluable" said Vu Nguyen, Executive Director, Porsche Club of America.

The PCA iPhone Application has the following features:

  • Find Porsche dealers and Porsche related service providers using GPS or zip code
  • Find tracks closest to you using GPS or zip code
  • Find out what PCA region you are in using GPS or zip code, then link to that region's website
  • View events happening in PCA's 139 regions
  • Store your PCA membership number
  • Store your login
  • Renew your PCA membership
  • Join PCA

About Porsche Club of America:

While our cars are very exclusive, our club is not. For over 55 years, the Porsche Club of America has been dedicated to enhancing the Porsche ownership experience. Social, technical or competitive - no matter your interest, the PCA has something to offer every Porsche owner. Membership is open to all Porsche owners, co-owners, or lessees, who are 18 years of age or older. The Porsche Club of America has grown to over 100,000 members and 139 Regions throughout the United States and Canada. The Porsche Club of America offers driving experience, technical assistance and camaraderie second to none.

Best Cat Apps for the iPhone

Cnet Crave's Luke Westaway reports:

"As loyal denizens of the Internet we don't have to tell you that the digital age has been a golden time for the feline race. With the advent of lolcats we've seen our furry companions hoisted high upon our shoulders and championed as heroes of the Interweb - whether pawing at an iPad or riding high on a Roomba, their zany antics capture a youthful exuberance that has long since departed our own dried-up, crusty souls.

"No corner of the digital world is safe from cat-mania, and the iPhone is no exception. Indeed, its portable, quirky interface is the perfect vessel for cat-based magic. Join us as we take you through some of the finest cat-based applications ever to grace the iPhone's lovely screen...."

Office iPad App Includes Dropbox Integration

Office2 for iPadPR: Byte Squared announces the release and immediate availability of its office application for the iPad. The product, named "Office2 HD", provides DOC compatible document editing and XLS compatible spreadsheet editing, including tight integration with Dropbox, Google Docs, MobileMe iDisk and several other cloud based services.

Word Processor Features:

  • View, create, edit and save documents in Word 97-2003 (.doc) format. Compatible with Microsoft Word, NeoOffice and any other .doc compatible word processor
  • Character formatting, including text and fill color, bold, italic, underline, font face and size
  • Paragraph formatting including alignment, indenting, bullets and numbering
  • Support for tables, including table creation
  • Support for images, including inserting of images from the camera roll or pasting from other programs
  • Searching of text within documents
  • Undo and redo, up to 100 undo levels
  • Copy and paste within the app in addition to copy and paste of text and images from other applications, including Safari
  • Auto-correction and auto-completion are supported

Spreadsheet Features:

  • XLS compatibility with support for multiple worksheets
  • Multiple cell types, including Numeric, Date, Time, Date/Time, Currency, Percentage and Text
  • Cell formatting options, including bold, italic, text and background color, cell sizes and alignments
  • Merged cells, text wrapping and freeze panes
  • Copy/cut/paste operations
  • A range of functions, including date/time, math, statistical, string and trigonometric functions

Organizing Documents:

  • Access documents stored in Google Docs, iDisk and any WebDAV server, including open, edit, save, delete and rename
  • Create or delete folders
  • Move or copy documents between folders locally
  • Move or copy documents between Google Docs or iDisk accounts and the local folders
  • Move or copy documents within folders in Google Docs or iDisk accounts
  • Email documents as attachments
  • Open .xls and .doc email attachments from the iPad Mail app into Office2 HD

Byte Squared CEO Simon Bates said: "This is the only iPad app to allow direct editing of document or spreadsheet files stored in Google Docs, Dropbox or iDisk accounts. Accessing files in the cloud is fundamental to today's mobile users and we're please to offer the only app that provides that capability."

Supported Languages:

  • US English, Arabic, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Swedish

Device Requirements:

  • Compatible with iPad
  • Requires iPhone OS 3.2 or later
  • 3.1 MB

Office2 HD 3.3.1 is $7.99 (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Business category.

PocketJustice: Free US Supreme Court Cases iPhone App

PR: US Supreme Court multimedia website Oyez, in collaboration with the legal portal Justia, has launched the free iPhone application PocketJustice.

The application provides hours of audio of the US Supreme Court's groundbreaking cases. From their iPhones, users can now listen to Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan argue her first case as Solicitor General in Citizens United v. FEC, or hear the questions of the Justices during oral arguments of such landmark cases as Bush v. Gore and Roe vs. Wade.

"Our goal at the Oyez Project is to make the work of the Supreme Court of the United States accessible to everyone," says its director, Jerry Goldman. "PocketJustice 2.0 brings oral argument recordings synched to transcripts for iPhone users. Flip. Tap. Listen!"

Justia's CEO Tim Stanley agrees, "It has been rewarding over the years to work with Jerry Goldman and the Oyez team to bring free US Supreme Court resources to the Internet community. The PocketJustice application expands the great work of Oyez and the US Supreme Court to a new platform. And best of all, the basic version is free."

Along with audio, users who download PocketJustice can also read biographical sketches of all the justices, access visual representations of votes of all Supreme Court cases and review abstracts of the 100 most important US constitutional law cases.

Features include:

  • Access to the oral argument audio of the Top 100 Supreme Court Cases
  • Access to the opinion text of the cases
  • Summaries of the cases
  • Visual representations of the Supreme Court Justices' votes
  • Search across all data fields
  • Favorite selection identified in table view
  • Audio download automatically identified as a Favorite

Auto updating of cases and case data

The Oyez Project is a multimedia archive devoted to the Supreme Court of the United States and its work. It aims to be a complete and authoritative source for all audio recorded in the Court since the installation of a recording system in October 1955. The Project also provides authoritative information on all justices and offers a virtual reality 'tour' of portions of the Supreme Court building, including the chambers of some of the justices.

Justia Inc. is a legal media and technology company focused on making legal information, resources and services easy to find on the Internet. Justia provides Internet users with free case law, codes, regulations, legal articles and legal blog databases, as well as community resources. The company also provides legal blog and Web development services for law firms, educational, public interest and other socially-focused organizations.

Book Self-Publishing Possible at iTunes Connect

PR: Apple's iTunes Connect says:

"Use this application to tell us more about yourself and the content you are interested in distributing. We will contact you with your application status after we have reviewed it. Due to the high volume of applications we receive, we may not be able to get back to you as quickly as we'd like. While we're reviewing your application, it is not necessary to apply again.

"This application is intended solely for use by persons who either own or control a catalog of content for digital distribution, or are an authorized representative of someone who does.

"Select the content type you are interested in applying to distribute. You can apply for more than one type, but they have separate applications."


WaterWear for iPad Water Resistant Sleeve

WaterWear for iPadPR: WaterWear for iPad/PC Tablet has adopted a transparent durable material to keep out dust and water that still allows you to operate your iPad or Tablet PC from the outside.

With WaterWare you can enjoy movies and YouTube or other videos on your iPad, listen to music or browse the Web in the comfort of your bathroom, kitchen, at the beach, or other places where wetness or grit may be encountered.

WaterWear for iPadWaterWear for iPad/PC Tablet protects the device with its 'special triple strong guard mechanism,' behind its specially treated closure, secured by Velcro.

While inside the WaterWear sleeve, your iPad's touchscreen can be manipulated while you cook in the kitchen for example, without worrying about what dirt and water from your hands could do to the machine.

The product comes with removable straps, hooks and a towel rack or shower bar hanger. The strap can be used to best position the iPad for convenient viewing and access.

Prospective buyers note well the manufacturer's disclaimer that WaterWear not a product to ensure waterproof performance.

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