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$97 16 GB iPhone 3GS, iPad Outselling Macs, iCab Browser for iPad, Android on iPhone, and More

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Compiled by Charles Moore and edited by Dan Knight - 2010.06.01

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News, Reviews, & Opinion

Walmart Selling 16 GB iPhone 3GS for $97

PR: Just before Memorial Day weekend, Walmart announces that it has reduced the price on the 16 GB iPhone 3GS to its lowest price offer yet at $97 - a $100 savings on the smartphone purchased new and with 2-year contract.

"At Walmart we stand for the best prices on the brands and products customers want. As it is our commitment to always lead on price, we are going to reduce the price on this most popular Smartphone so our customers can realize these new savings as soon as possible," says: Mehrdad Akbar, Sr. Category Director for Wireless, Walmart US.

iPad Believed to Be Outselling Macs in the US

AppleInsider's Neil Hughes reports:

"A new forecast predicts Apple is now selling more than 200,000 iPads per week in the US, a total greater than the estimated 110,000 Macs sold stateside every seven days."

iPads Outselling Macs Two-to-One?

The Register's Rik Myslewski reports:

"Apple's iPad may be selling nearly twice as well as the company's venerable Macintosh - despite Cupertino's admission that it's having a hard time meeting demand, and despite having to delay its international roll-out by a month.

"That's the contention of a seasoned Apple-watcher at RBC Capital Markets. According to The Wall Street Journal's All Things Digital, analyst Mike Abramsky - who Yahoo! Finance rates highly for accuracy - issued a research note to his clients on Thursday that said, in part:

"'Checks indicate that US iPad sales remain strong post-launch, driven by rising consumer visibility to iPad's user experience, sustained PR/word-of-mouth marketing, 3G iPad launch, and broadening iPad apps/content.

"'We believe Apple is now selling >200k iPads/week, greater than US Macs (est. 110k Macs/week) and just below US iPhone 3GS first quart (246k/week).'"

Supercharge Your iPad Browsing with iCab

The Apple Blog's Jon Buys says:

"iCab Mobile (see below) is the browser for the iPad I've been waiting for. Using the same WebKit rendering engine as Mobile Safari, iCab brings a true desktop class browser to the iPad. Where Mobile Safari scales up from the iPhone, iCab Mobile has scaled down from the desktop version of iCab, one of the oldest Mac browsers still around."

UK Heat Wave Causing iPad Issues's Andrew Lim says that while you might be looking forward to a scorching hot summer, the iPad isn't, with users of gray market iPads reporting "iPad needs to cool down before you can use it" dialogs popping up during Great Britain's recent heat wave.

Tip: Don't leave your iPad in the sun.

4 Reasons You Don't Need an iPad

The New Republic's John B. Judis says:

"My wife wanted an iPad as soon as she saw Steve Jobs' announcement last January. She even had a place set out for it. It would go in the kitchen where it would be available for looking up recipes, as well as reading the morning newspaper. But life is disappointment: The iPad wouldn't come out for another four months, and when it did, it cost about $300 more than we could afford. Luckily, one surfaced around The New Republic offices, and I got a chance to play with it for several weeks. And so did my wife. She still wants one, badly - but I am less impressed.

"Here are four reasons - ranging from the immediately practical to the philosophical - why I would not buy one now...."

iPad: The 5 Biggest Annoyances

TechRepublic's Jason Hiner says that there's plenty to like about the iPad, "but there are also some serious annoyances that hinder the overall product experience." Here are his top five:

5. The impractical glossy screen
4. Docking only in portrait mode
3. It's awkward to hold
2. Lack of Adobe Flash
1. The umbilical cord to your Mac or PC

Using the iPad as a Work Machine

PC Magazine's Michael Miller says:

"The iPad is undoubtedly a good machine to consume content on, but how good it is for business applications? I've spent a good deal of time trying this out lately, and found a lot of limitations, but also a lot to like.

"First, using any device as a work computer depends a lot on what applications you actually want to use. My guess is that nearly every purchaser of an iPad already owns a personal computer (Windows or Mac), and the iPad makes no pretense of trying to be a replacement for those machines: It doesn't try to run Mac OS applications, for instance. If you expect that kind of computing, you'll be disappointed....

"The disadvantages are quite clear. The onscreen keyboard is usable for short things, but most of us are just not going to be happy writing long documents or spending a lot of time entering data on an on-screen keyboard that is relatively small, completely flat, and has no feedback. External keyboards are a choice, but they are still awkward.

"The process of getting documents on and off the machine is also convoluted . . . In addition, the lack of multitasking - or really fast application switching - is a notable drawback in a number of ways.

"...on the road and doing serious writing, taking and editing pictures, and uploading blog posts, at the moment there's no contest: I'll use a real notebook . . . When I'm commuting daily, though, I often find myself taking just the iPad...."

Editing Word Documents on an iPad

Macworld's Joe Kissell says that, unlike the iPhone and iPod touch, the iPad was designed with the needs of typists in mind. Some of us would take issue with that contention, what with the lame virtual keyboard, but Kissel maintains that the iPad's screen size, the virtual keyboard's reasonable size in landscape orientation, and support for external keyboards make the iPad a natural choice for word processing on the go.

And when it comes to reading, editing, and saving Microsoft Word documents, while there's there's no Microsoft Word app, Kissell says, you can work with Word documents on your iPad if you're willing to accept a few compromises - with the help of Apple Pages, Google Documents, and perhaps a third-party app like Byte Squared's $6 Doc2 HD or $8 Office2 HD, which connects directly to your Google Docs account and provides a native iPad editing interface.

What a Free iPad Bought Apple

Fortune's Philip Elmer-DeWitt says that Apple has managed to turn bad publicity into a public relations coup for less than $500 by presenting Diane Campbell - a disabled woman on a fixed income, who had saved $600 to buy an iPad - only to be told by a clerk at Apple's Palo Alto store that the company didn't take cash (a policy Apple had adopted to prevent black-market resellers from buying more than two) - with a complimentary iPad and reversing its no-cash rule, provided customers open an Apple account at the point of purchase, resulting in the kind of publicity money can't buy.

ChangeWave Surveys Measure Future Consumer iPad Demand, Reactions of iPad Owners

PR: The following is a brief summary of selected results from two new ChangeWave surveys on the Apple iPad - including a May consumer survey measuring future iPad demand (n=3,174), and a second survey of new iPad owners on their actual reactions to the new tablet device (n=153) by Paul Carton, Vice President of Research ChangeWave Research.

Back in our February Apple iPad survey report we found "The pre-launch demand for the new iPad is greater than the pre-launch demand for the original iPhone." It wasn't surprising, therefore, when in early May Apple announced 1 million iPads sold in the first month - and reported that sales had outpaced those of the original iPhone.

But now that the iPad has been on the market for several weeks, ChangeWave has just completed two brand new surveys:

  • A May survey of 3,174 consumers to measure future demand for the iPad, and
  • A second survey of 153 new iPad owners to discover their actual impressions of the new tablet device.

Here is a brief look at selected results from the ChangeWave report:

Future Demand Trends

Future iPad demandConsumer demand for the Apple tablet going forward is even stronger than the extraordinary pre-launch demand we recorded back in our February ChangeWave survey.

A total of 7% of respondents now say they're Very Likely to buy an iPad and another 13% say they are Somewhat Likely - the highest level of consumer interest we've seen to date, and far surpassing February's pre-launch demand survey (4% Very Likely ; 9% Somewhat Likely).

Shaking Up the eReader Market

We took a close-up look at the eReader market to gauge the iPad's impact - and the ChangeWave survey results show the iPad profoundly shaking up this market.

As part of our May survey, 245 respondents identified themselves as currently owning an eReader. We then asked this group to tell us which eReader they currently own.

Among eReader owners the Amazon Kindle (62%) remains the leader by a wide margin, but we note that the Apple iPad (16%) is already registering a 16% share of the eReader market just weeks after its initial release.

A Major Transformation in Content - The Rise of e-Newspapers and e-Magazines

Types of eReader content being consumedBack in February 2010 and once again in May, we asked eReader owners to tell us the type of content they were reading with their devices. When we compare the responses from February (before the iPad launch) with the responses from May (after the iPad launch) we find a major transformation in progress regarding eReader content.

Which of the following types of content do you currently read with your eBook Reader?

The percentage reporting they read Newspapers (18%) on their eReader has surged 7 points since February - as has the percentage who report they're reading Magazines (14%; up 7 points).

A close-up look at our May results has uncovered major differences in the type of content being consumed by iPad readers vs. all other eReaders.

Importantly, fully half of iPad eReaders (50%) say they read Newspapers on their tablet device compared to just 14% of all other eReader owners. Likewise, 38% of iPad eReaders say they read Magazines compared to 11% of all other eReader owners.

In short, more than 3 times as many iPad eReader owners say they read Newspapers and Magazines as do all other eReader owners.

New Owners Weigh In On Their iPads

We also asked 153 new Apple iPad owners a series of questions to garner their reactions to the new tablet device - beginning with their level of customer satisfaction.

Overall, how satisfied are you with the Apple iPad?

iPad Satisfaction RatingIn terms of overall satisfaction, the vast majority of owners believe the iPad is delivering on its promises - with three-in-four (74%) saying they're Very Satisfied with their new tablet, and another 17% say they're Somewhat Satisfied.

The iPad ratings are nearly identical to the highest rated Smart Phone among consumers - the Apple iPhone. But we note that Apple has now reached these nosebleed levels with a brand new product.

Note that the full ChangeWave Apple iPad Report contains additional findings on:

  • Key iPad Features Likely Buyers are Most Excited About
  • Timeframe for Future Consumer Purchases
  • New Owner Likes and Dislikes
  • How Owners are Using their iPads - Including 8 Most Common Uses
  • Features Still Missing from the iPad
  • Potential for iPad Cannibalizing Other Apple Products
  • Impact of Apple iPad on the eReader Market
  • Types of Content Being Consumed on eReaders
  • A Comparison: Apple iPad Owner Content Consumption vs. All Other eReader Owners
  • eReader Market Demand Going Forward
  • Future eReader Market Share - Apple iPad vs. Amazon Kindle vs. Sony Reader vs. Barnes & Noble Nook

How to Install Android on Your Pre-3GS iPhone

PC World's David Wang says:

"Maybe you want to liberate your iPhone from Apple's clutches. Maybe you just want to tinker with something new. Either way, you've seen Android running on the iPhone, and you want to try it for yourself.

"Here's how to install Google's Android OS on your iPhone. Be forewarned, though: This hack isn't for the faint of heart."

Android for iPhone 3G Available for Download

RedmondPie's Taimur Asad says:

"You can do pretty much everything that you would expect a normal Android phone to do but it is still not recommended for day-to-day regular use. The power management functions of Android for iPhone 3G are yet to be implemented so your phone will only last for an hour or so of Android use before the battery runs out. Yes, it is good only for showing off to your friends that you have Android running on iPhone 3G."

Apps & Services

iCab Mobile 3.2 Web Browser for iPhone, iPod touch & iPad

iCab MobilePR: iCab Mobile is a new web browser for the iPhone iPod touch, and iPad. It is probably one of the iPhone browsers with the richest feature set, providing many unique and useful features you won't find in other iPhone browsers.

You can download iCab Mobile through the Apple AppStore.

iCab MobileHere are some of the key features:

  • Optimized user interface for iPad and iPhone/iPod touch
  • You can organize your bookmarks in folders. Special "Offline bookmarks" can be used to save a web page so it can be displayed later without an Internet connection.
  • The "Scrollpad" feature can be used to scroll within large web sites extremely fast.
  • "Modules" can be used to add more features at any time. Modules can do simple things like increasing the font of a web page and also more complex things like posting the current page at Twitter (including the login and creating a tiny URL) and much more.
  • You can protect the access to iCab Mobile with a password. If access is protected with a password you can also enable a guest mode which allows restricted access to bookmarks and search engines and blocks/hides access to private data like History, form data, cookies etc.
  • Page-Compression via "Google Mobilizer" is supported. Useful if you want to or have to save bandwidth.
  • It is possible to open the displayed/linked page in an external app which can open the page (like Safari, but also the native YouTube app when visiting a YouTube video page) .
  • You can configure iCab Mobile to use smaller toolbars to save screen space.
  • There are different color schemes available. You can even select different schemes for the normal mode and the guest mode.
  • You can easily access the previously visited sites (History)
  • You can access all the web sites that are found in the address book
  • Support for Tabs. You can open links in new Tabs, in the current Tab or let the web page decide where to open links. You can also let the app open Tabs in the background.
  • The Fullscreen mode hides all toolbars so the web page can use the whole screen.
  • Privacy Settings: Private Browsing mode where nothing is stored in the history. Delete history and cookies manually at any time or automatically when quitting.
  • The download manager allows to download any file from the web. These files can be transferred to the Mac/PC and also displayed directly in iCab if the iPhone OS supports these file types (like audio, video, text, pictures)
  • Searching is one of the most important actions in the Internet. Therefore iCab Mobile provides same very powerful search features. You select between different search engines when searching in the Internet. The list of search engines can be extended very easy, just open a web page with a search form and touch the button "Add To Search Engines". You can not only search for web sites, you can also search within the content of a web site.
  • Filling out certain forms (for example for login-forms) over and over again using the virtual keyboard of the iPhone is nothing you want to do. iCab Mobiles lets you save the forms you've filled out manually so the next time you have to fill out the form, you can let iCab Mobil do this for you.
  • iCab Mobile supports Filters (URL-based filters). The app comes with a list of filters which do filter out many advertising banners. This list can be edited, so you can add new filters or remove/deactivate existing ones.
  • The URL completion feature helps you entering URLs in the URL field. Based on the letters you've typed in, you'll get a list of URLs from the history or bookmarks, which contain your input.
  • The app can start with a certain homepage but can also restore the web pages that were open when the app has quit before.
  • There's a build-in "help" which explains all the settings and features. tap the tools/settings icon at the bottom right to find the "help".

iCab MobileNew on the iPad:

  • "Real" Tabs implemented. Can be switched on (for faster access to the Tabs) or off (for more screen space). The old Tabs are still available.
  • Tab-and-hold on the bookmarks in the bookmarks bar can be used to open these bookmarks in (background) Tabs.
  • The progress bar is now drawn within the URL field
  • Downloads can be transferred to the Mac/PC through iTunes and USB as well.
  • The downloaded files can be opened in other Apps on the iPad which have registered themselves for the file types of these files.
  • Bugfix: Credentials for HTTP authentication are now properly saved
  • Bugfix: fixes an issue with AppStore-links and restoring the session.

New for iPhone/iPod/iPad

  • The filters list can be now also imported/exported.
  • Bugfix: When importing Bookmarks the "feed" URLs are no longer ignored.
  • Bugfix: In guest mode the standard bookmarks were used instead of the reduced set of bookmarks which were defined for the guest mode.

iPhone App Provides Instant Notification of Car Speed and Acceleration Violations

Safe DriverPR: You're Busted! Can you imagine getting an email message with a map and message like this one?

Vehicle: Mom's Car

  • Green - Trip Start: May 14, 2010 3:41 PM
  • Yellow - Speed Violations: 5 Top Speed 64 MPH
  • Pink - Excessive Braking: 5 (max 0.30)
  • Red - Trip End: May 14, 2010 3:51 PM

No news is good news for parents (or businesses) who install this amazing new application on their teenager's (or employee's) iPhone.

The brand new Safe Driver Program created by Chet Karella of Dangerous Decisions takes advantage of the internal GPS locator systems and accelerometer combined with the incredible speed of the 3G networks to provide the instant capability to know when an iPhone toting driver exceeds whatever speed or acceleration set points you want them to stay below.

The Safe Driver program documents Acceleration, Braking, Cornering and Speed.

Once desired set points are entered, the program records the speed and calculates the g forces experienced by the driver.

Safe DriverTwo versions are available: Basic and Pro

The Basic Safe Driver Program can be downloaded for free and allows a user to experience preset fixed G-force and speed limits. The violations are displayed and the last two trip reports are stored of the device for review.

The Safe Driver Pro version allows users to specify the speed and g force set points and identify how they want violations to be automatically reported and where.

When a violation occurs, the program will automatically send either a text message or an email message identifying the vehicle being used, the time the program started and stopped, the set point exceeded, the time of the infraction, and the duration that the set point was exceeded.

Safe DriverThe Pro version of the program also provides users with the added capability of receiving a detailed trip report via Email that displays a map with drop pins indicating location of the vehicle when application was initiated and shutdown, a list of the set points, summary of violations and peak speed reached if speed set point were exceeded, the id of the vehicle driven and a detailed list of any violations for that trip.

To encourage users to stay compliant, both versions also provide color visual and audio sound alarms when a driver comes within 95 percent of any set point limit (e.g., 55 MPH) identified by a user.

Designer Chet Karella says the programs are designed to be particularly useful for parents who want to monitor their newly licensed teen drivers, and for managers of truck and automobile fleets seeking assurance that their employees drive within speed limits and maintain safe driving behaviors on the job.

The Basic is free, and the Pro Version is $24.99.

The Safe Driver programs are available at the Apple iTunes Store.

Bell Micro Canada Announces iPad Rate Plans from C$15

PR: With a Bell Micro SIM card, get the most out of your iPad by running it on Canada's best network. It's the largest, the fastest and the iPad works best on it.

Until August 31, 2010, you'll also get a free subscription to Bell Mobile TV, which features popular channels including comedy, news, and weather. Data charges apply.

Bell offers two iPad plans with no long-term contracts. To help manage your usage, your iPad will notify you when your included data is running low, so you can top up without any interruption to service.

Price per 30 days data:

  • C$15, 250 MB + WiFi*
  • C$35, 5 GB + WiFi*

* Bell iPad plans provide free unlimited access to WiFi at all Bell hotspots including over 750 Starbucks locations.

Data is valid for 30 days from activation and cannot be carried over month to month. Plan must be renewed every 30 days or sooner if the included data is used up.

Bell Micro SIM cards are available at Apple stores or at participating Future Shop and Best Buy locations.


iRecord Music Audio Recorder Synchs Recordings to iPhone or iPod

PR: iRecord Music PMR-300 is a single button USB device allowing users to record, play, store, and sync music and audio to portable media players, including all iPhones and iPods

iRecord Music can directly record music and audio to popular portable media players (PMP), including all iPhone and iPod devices. The recorded files appear in the player's playlist for immediate playback.

iRecord Music PMR-300iRecord Music can also record to its internal storage space of 2 GB. The contents can later be synched to an attached PMP with a touch of a button, bringing unprecedented ease of use for sharing music and audio with family and friends.

The supported PMP's include the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, iPhone, iPod touch, iPod classic, iPod nano, Smartphones, PSP-Slim, PSP, Walkman, USB flash drives, and hard drives.

iRecord Music records audio from an analog source - including LP turntables, cassette players, Internet and satellite radio, TV, set-top boxes, DVR, CD/DVD players, VCRs, and computers. Virtually any analog source is supported by iRecord Music, with a gain selection switch that compensates for peak-to-peak variation of output signal levels of different analog sources. Supported audio codecs are MP3, AAC, WAV, and FLAC.

iRecord Music is also a voice recorder and an audio player. Meetings, lectures, and any other audio signal can be recorded using the onboard microphone in the clearest quality possible. The innovative USB cap of iRecord Music, housing a rechargeable battery, brings portability to iRecord Music when recording on-the-go or playing back from the local storage.

iRecord Music can be used as a standard USB flash drive as well. Any data can be transferred between a computer and iRecord Music.

iRecord Music's built in intelligence automatically recognizes when to act like a recorder, player, USB flash drive, or when to synchronize with a PMP.

iRecord Music is priced at $79.95. It can be ordered from and will become available from leading retailers, catalogs, and on-line merchants.

ProClip iPad Holders and Mounting Solutions for Use in Vehicles, Home, and Office

ProClip iPad holderPR: Consumer installable mounting solutions make Apple iPad easier to view and access while in the car, RV, at home, or at the office.

ProClip USA, Inc. announced a variety of iPad holders designed to securely mount Apple's new iPad in the car, home, and office. All holders, designed and manufactured by Brodit AB in Sweden, have a neat and discreet design and are custom made for the iPad. The iPad slides easily in and out of the holder allowing you to quickly take the iPad with you.

In the Car

  • Dashboard: Combined with a ProClip Vehicle Mount (see below), these new holders, attach to vehicle specific ProClip dashboard mounts. Once this two part solution (iPad Holder plus Vehicle Mount) is attached to the vehicle dashboard, it provides better viewing and easier access.
  • Headrest Mount: The iPad mount is mounted to the back of a front seat headrest. It comes with a tilt swivel so the iPad can be adjusted for optimal viewing. Installation is quick and will not damage the interior of the vehicle. The headrest mount fits most vehicles.

At Home and in the Office

  • Desk Stand: Designed to be placed on any flat surface e.g. kitchen counter, office desk, table, TV stand and more. It angles slightly backwards so the iPad screen can be viewed from a sitting or standing position. Easily take the desk stand with you, from room to room, and connect your iPad to computers, TV etc.
  • Wall Mount: (Available in Black or White): Designed to attach to a wall, this holder can also attach to any flat surface. Optionally, a Tilt Swivel Mount can be attached to the back of the holder. The holder keeps your iPad in an upright position and can be mounted on the wall in either a vertical or horizontal position. Place your iPad on the wall for better viewing and reception. A discreet slim design wall mount for your home, office, RV etc.

Holder options may include, docking pass-through connector for cable attachment, 12V charging via USB, cigarette lighter adapter and hardwire charging.

"Creating mounting solutions that keep up with current mobile devices and changing trends, is what we do best," says Bjorn Spilling, president of ProClip USA. "We offer mounting solutions that are custom designed for virtually every car in the world, and all popular handheld devices."

Mounting solutions are also available for other Apple devices such iPhones and iPods. All products available at

ProClip Vehicle Mounts provide the mounting platform to attach any ProClip holder or adapter. The ProClip Vehicle Mount is the only vehicle specific, consumer installable mounting bracket in today's global market. The mount clips into the dashboard seams, providing a very sturdy and tight fit. Average installation time is 2 minutes. No dismantling of the dashboard is required and there is no damage to the vehicle's interior.

Rugged Eco Extreme Speaker Case Protects Your iPod or iPhone

Eco Extreme Speaker CasePR: The Eco Extreme waterproof case works with every MP3 player and cellphone including the iPhone, iPod touch, Motorola Droid and Blackberry. Built with a rugged, rubberized protective body, this is a great choice for anyone on the go who wants to take their music with them.

The Eco Extreme case for your MP3 player is a top pick. It provides extreme durability, rugged housing and dynamic sound performance that will get your heart rate up but priced to keep your heart rate down.

Eco Extreme Speaker Case Take it to the Beach

There is really no place that the Eco Extreme case will not go. Take it to the beach, hiking & backpacking, on your camping or boating trip . . . If you can get there, it'll follow you.

Universal 1/8" Headset Jack

Our waterproof case connects to your iPhone, iPod or MP3 player via the 1/8" headset jack located on the inside of the Eco Extreme case. It virtually works with any audio device with a headset jack.

Rugged Industrial Design

The rugged industrial design protects your MP3 player from the elements when you're outdoors. The rubberized outer shell includes platformed feet to allow your case to stand vertically while it's open or closed.

Detachable Carabineer

Eco Extreme Speaker CaseThe Eco Extreme comes with a carabineer to clip on to your backpack to keep your hands free. Clip the case to the top of your tent, to a tree while sitting by the camp fire, basically where ever you can click it.

Eco Extreme Features

  • Waterproof case with built-in speaker
  • 3" full range forward firing speaker
  • Detachable carabineer clip allows easy transportation while leaving your hands free
  • Up to 30 hours Battery Life at average volume levels
  • Requires 3 AA batteries (batteries not included)
  • Uniquely designed exterior pressure release valve ensures your case is water tight but always easy to open at low and high altitudes
  • Spacious internal storage compartment can hold your keys, MP3 Player, credit cards, drivers license and cash, while keeping it all safe from sand, sun, and water
  • Industrial design includes a platform to vertically stand your case while open or closed
  • High impact shock resistant design withstands drops, falls and spills
  • Designed to play open or closed to play upright or onside

Technical Features

  • IPX7 Approved (International Weatherproofing Standard)
  • Powered by 3 AA batteries
  • Speaker Output 3W RMS
  • Frequency Response 200 Hz - 10 KHz


WaterGuard Waterproof Case for iPad

WaterGuard Waterproof Case for iPadPR: Made of UV-stabilized plastic, the WaterGuard Waterproof Case guards against any wet environment that the iPad might be exposed to. It provides great protection when you get stuck in a rainstorm or accidentally drop your bag on a wet surface. When using the WaterGuard Case, the iPad can be slipped directly into the WaterGuard pocket and the transparent surface provides full access to the iPad's touch interface and keyboard


  • Designed specifically for Apple iPad tablet computer (WiFi/3G Model 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB)
  • You can operate the keyboard and navigation interface through the case with ease
  • WaterGuard case protects against water, dust, dirt, sand and other elements.
  • You can wear around neck or shoulder with adjustable strap
  • Great companion when you use your iPad at the beach, near the pool side, in the bathtub or at the kitchen table
  • Ultra light weight - 3.0 ounces


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