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Does iPhone OS Need Multitasking?, iCab Comes to iPhone, Canada's Proposed iPod Levy, and More

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Compiled by Charles Moore and edited by Dan Knight - 2010.03.19

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Does the iPhone OS Need Multitasking?

PC World's Tony Bradley notes that as the one year anniversary of the iPhone 3GS launch approaches, one of the most-wanted and most-speculated about features for the next-generation iPhone OS is true multitasking capability among apps, and that multitasking, or lack thereof, has been one of the most prominent complaints about the iPhone as a serious business smartphone.

Bradley observes that the iPhone OS is already capable of limited multitasking and cautions that adding true multitasking will introduce several negative issues, but in the end he agrees that basing the iPad on the iPhone OS changes the equation as regards multitasking entirely.

iPhone OS 4.0 to Deliver Multitasking?

AppleInsider's Kasper Jade and Prince McLean report:

"Apple this summer will go a long way towards silencing critics and catering to one of the most prevalent demands of its iPhone user base, when it introduces a multitasking solution through the handset's 4.0 software update that will finally allow several third party apps to run concurrently and in the background."

Less Is More: The iPad Paradox

Computerworld's Mike Elgan notes that the "haters" say the iPad lacks multitasking, a webcam, Flash support, a USB port, massive storage, a removable battery, CD and DVD support, RAM upgradability, multiple OS support, and other features, while the "lovers" are less clear about why they want one.

Elgan proposes the same list, suggesting the paradoxical conclusion that the iPad is desirable for what it doesn't do - can't do - as much as for what it can do, and observing that many people don't buy consumer electronics for the quantity of features but for the quality of experience.

Consequently, while technical or power users will be frustrated and annoyed by the iPad's limitations, for a large proportion of users having more features degrades the experience due to information overload and runaway gadget complexity, along with many other nuances and elements of the growing overcomplexity of our lives in general.

Elgan astutely observes that relentless expectation of more and more features, combined with calls for backward compatibility, may result in systems that do everything, but that are so feature-overloaded and complex that some people can't get them to do anything, and that minimalist simplification phenomena like Twitter are reactions to oppressive technological overkill, contending that the less-is-more world is here, so we'd better get used to it.

iPad 2.0: What's Next?

T3 Magazine asks:

"What will the iPad successor bring to the table?

"As the the first scramble for Apple iPad pre-orders begins, we of course still have a bit of a waiting to do before we get our hands on the 'revolutionary' device. In a bid to fill the iPad-shaped void in our lives, we've stared into the future to see what the next installment of the iPad could have in store for us.

"As we anticipate more outings of the iPad as we now expect from the iPhone, here's is our thoughts on what the follow up to the iPad could be packing."

  • Smart bezels
  • Dual connectors
  • 3D screen
  • Flash support
  • Multitasking
  • Camera

5 Features the iPad Needs for Enterprise

PC World's Tony Bradley notes that the iPad - the WiFi version at least - will be shipping soon, but it seems safe to assume that early adopters are not looking to revolutionize business computing, suggesting that there are five features the iPad lacks that inhibit it as a better-rounded device for business use:

  1. Expandable storage
  2. USB ports
  3. Video camera
  4. Multitasking
  5. Alternate browsers

Editor's note: Apple's iPad Camera Connection Kit addresses the first of these issues, iPhone OS 4.0 is expected to resolve the fourth, and iCab Mobile (below) takes care of the fifth. dk

Will the iPad Cause Apple's Fall from the Top?

Mac 360's Bambi Brannan says that there seem to be two schools of thought on Apple's iPad. It's either, "I want one because it'll change the world" or, "the iPad will be a big flop and Apple is doomed," noting that one school which hasn't weighed in on the iPad divide yet is actual iPad customers, but predicting that according to some at least, Apple's string of successes is about to come to an end and the company is doomed.

"Apple sits on top of the mountain," says Brannan. "Steve Jobs has a golden touch. Apple products are hip, chic, trendy, and highly profitable. What could possibly go wrong?"

Plenty, according to some analysts, although Brannan isn't buying the crepe-hanging.

iCab Mobile 2: The Way Mobile Browsing Should Be

Fairer Platform says:

"Mobile iCab is easily the best browser for the iPhone and iPod touch. Although some will be put off by the fact that this app isn't free, it is much faster and offers tons slick features not found Mobile Safari, making it worth every penny and then some.

"Alexander Clauss' truly superb iCab Mobile 2.0 (iTunes, $1.99) was released earlier this month and, after spending time using and trying the many new features, I can once again wholeheartedly recommend this browser for the iPhone and iPod touch."

Do More from Your iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch

A new Apple Knowledge Base article says:

"Easily access your documents while on the go by using's redesigned Sign In and Shared Documents pages for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. The new interface is optimized for scrolling with your fingertips, and makes it easy to find your documents faster. You can see a high resolution view of your document right on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch and even download it to edit with Keynote, Pages, or Numbers on your iPad.

"Visit using Safari on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch to access and view your shared documents."

Canadian Member of Parliament Introduces Private Copying Levy Bill - The Dreaded 'iPod Tax'

Technology analyst and critic Michael Geist, who is Canada research chair of Internet and e-commerce law at the University of Ottawa, reports in his blog that New Democratic Party (NDP) Member of Parliament Charlie Angus has shaken up the copyright reform process with a pair of proposed measures, one being a private member's bill that would expand the scope of the private copying levy to include digital audio recorders (DARs) such as iPods. Angus's Bill C-499 comes as a response to earlier court cases that ruled that DARs are beyond the scope of the current law.

The second initiative is a motion (M-506) that calls for support to reform the Copyright Act's fair dealing provision by adding the words "such as" to make the current list of fair dealing categories illustrative rather than exhaustive. In addition, the motion codifies the six criteria discussed in Canadian case law for determining whether a particular use of a work qualifies as fair dealing.

Geist says he's supportive of Angus' effort to push copyright issues into the spotlight, particularly the motion on fair dealing.

Canada's Conservative Government Opposes 'iPod Levy'

The Canadian Press reports that Conservatives are Canada's new iPod freedom fighters, with the governing party's cabinet ministers and Members of Parliament mounting a "vigorous" defence against the opposition socialist New Democratic Party's (NDP) push to have a levy applied to all new MP3 players, hard drives, and laptops, proceeds of which would theoretically be distributed among Canadian music artists the same way as Canada's current 29¢ levy on blank CDs and cassettes is. Reportedly, $180 million has been distributed since the levy was first imposed in 2000.

However, it's doubtful that NDP MP Charlie Angus' private member's bill, which is supported by the also lefty Bloc Quebecois party, will get anywhere, since it's arguably a tax measure, and legislation regarding financial changes must be supported by the government, although the opposition leading Liberal Party in Canada's minority - and at least one Conservative - have agreed to continue discussion of the issue in committee.

However, the Conservative government's Heritage Minister James Moore is quoted: "This is a very serious hit to consumers that could impact them, and if the NDP are as committed to raising taxes this week as they always have been, then this is a real threat," adding that a new levy is just not on as far as the government is concerned, and that "it's not in the interest of the music industry to make it more expensive to buy the devices on which they're listening to Canadian content,"

Canadian music biz and recording artists have lobbied stridently for revision of Canada's Copyright Act, and the Canadian Press reports that a spokesman for the Canadian Private Copying Collective lobby expressed disappointment that the Conservatives aren't perceiving this "iPod levy" initiative as an issue as of property rights of businesspeople.

Responding to pressure from US regulators as well as domestic vested interests, the government has indicated it will address making changes to Canada's Copyright Act, but movement on the file has been slow in coming.

Apple to Replace iPads in Need of New Battery for $99

AppleInsider's Slash Lane reports:

"Apple said this week that it will offer a Battery Replacement Service for its new iPad tablet that is similar to the one offered for iPhones and iPods, only this time the company plans to replace the entire device rather than swap out its depleted battery."

Apple Dishes New iPad Details on 3G, iBooks, More

Macworld's Dan Moren reports:

"The availability of pre-orders isn't the only new development in iPad-land. Apple also updated its site with a plethora of new details about its latest and greatest device, from information on the 3G networking capabilities to a more in-depth description of the iBooks application. Let's take a look at what caught our attention...."

An iPhoneographer's Six Favorite Apps

Macworld's Heather Kelly reports:

"There are 2,920 photography apps available in the App Store, and more are being added every day. Sorting through and testing each new release - every faux film filter, cropping, and tilt-shift tool - could amount to a full time job. Thankfully, Glyn Evans narrows it down for you on his site"

Jef Raskin: Unofficial Father of the iPad?

Mike Cane's iPad Test says:

"Jef Raskin was the father of the Macintosh.

"Those of you who don't know the history, go catch up on that by reading his Wikipedia entry, then come back here for the rest.

"Raskin, now unfortunately deceased, did a lot of thinking about what makes a good user interface....

"I'm going to excerpt a variety of sentences from him because he seems to make part of the case for the iPad. In fact, some of these excerpts make me wonder if he should be acknowledged as the unofficial father of the iPad."

Further Reading

Freescale Demos Prototype $200 Tablet That Runs Android, Chromium OS, Linux

PC World's David Pierce says that many have tried to build and sell a $200 tablet; none have succeeded, but if the tablet prototype Freescale showed off at Mobile World Congress becomes reality, the dream may finally come true.

Freescale's i.MX5 is a 7" tablet that comes in multiple colors and can run three different operating systems: Android, Chromium OS, and Linux. The demo tablet is used with a keyboard and mouse, but touch features exists as well. The Chrome Source reports that there was another demo tablet running a capacitive touch version of Linux.

Pierce observes, and your editor enthusiastically agrees, that the choice between keyboard and mouse input and touch input gives potential i.MX5 (memo to Freescale: please come up with a more euphonious and memorable name) user a major benefit missing on the more than twice as expensive iPad, not to mention all the ports, inputs and connectors missing as well on the the iPad.

Sounds pretty sweet to me, and I hope it does get marketed

How Do You Use Gmail on Your iPhone?

TiPb's Rene Ritchie says:

"Gmail may only be the 3rd most popular email service on the planet (behind Yahoo! and Hotmail) but it ranks first in the hearts of geeks everywhere and can be used in a variety of ways on the iPhone...."

Android-based Dell Mini 5 to Be a Headache for the iPod touch

9 to 5 Mac's Seth Weintraub says that Dell's new Android-based Mini 5 (Streak) details were leaked to Engadget last week and seem to have some of the features desired on future iPod touch devices. Specifically: cameras, a better screen both in size and resolution and 3G data. These look like they could be very popular devices if priced low - which Dell is known for.

The Bible Is King of the App Store

Gizmodo's Jesus Diaz says:

"We know that ebooks represent the most numerous application type in the Apple Store, even topping videogames....

"The Holy Bible has more than a thousand applications at the App Store. We counted up to 1,001."

"Pride and Prejudice is one of the most popular, with 48 copies . . . Dracula has 34....

"But the Bible beats all of them down by a wide margin."

Apps & Services

PayPal Launches New Send Money 2.0 App for iPhone

PR: PayPal has unveiled a new Send Money application for iPhone. Version 2.0 of the PayPal Send Money app gives PayPal and iPhone customers around the world secure mobile access to their money and convenient features for everyday life, including Bump money transfers, Split Check and Collect Money.

PayPal Send Money 2.0"Competitive Landscape: Mobile Devices, Worldwide, 4Q09 and 2009."

With "bump" users can put two iPhones together, and funds are quickly transferred between their PayPal accounts. The Split Check feature lets users conveniently divide and quickly reimburse each other for the cost of a meal, including tip and tax, for up to 20 people. Collect Money allows users to request money from multiple people for a joint gift, team dues, concert tickets, and more. Users can send gifts of money on the spot for birthdays, anniversaries or any moment of impulsive generosity.

The new Send Money app comes at a time when smartphone sales have surpassed 172.4 million units in 2009*, and consumers worldwide are expected to spend $119 billion** by 2015 through their mobile phones. PayPal mobile transactions have increased nearly six-fold, from $25 million in 2008 to $141 million in 2009.

PayPal Send Money 2.0"Today, you leave the house with three critical things: your phone, your wallet and your keys," says Osama Bedier, PayPal's vice president of platform and emerging technology. "PayPal Send Money lets consumers access their wallets through their phones. Because with PayPal, the wallet lives in the cloud - the mobile phone is just one device customers can use to access it."

With the new PayPal Send Money app, users can set reminders for recurring payments, donate money to their favorite causes, and manage their PayPal accounts - all from the iPhone. For international transactions, it also features a global currency calculator and 15 languages. PayPal Send Money requires a PIN or password for every transaction to help prevent unauthorized use.

The application is now available to download for free at the Apple iTunes store online or the Apple App Store from any iPhone or iPod touch.

* According to a Gartner Inc. study published in February 2010 titled "Competitive Landscape: Mobile Devices, Worldwide, 4Q09 and 2009."

** According to a study published by ABI Research study in February 2010 titled "Mobile Commerce"

iCab Mobile (Web Browser) for the iPhone and iPod touch

iCab for iPhonePR: iCab Mobile is a web browser for the iPhone and iPod touch. It is probably one of the iPhone browsers with the richest feature set. It provides many unique and useful features you won't find in other iPhone browsers.


iCab Mobile comes with several default search engines you can choose from but you can easily add new search engines with a simple tap of your finger.

It's also possible to search within a web page.

Filling Out Forms

Filling out forms manually again and again isn't much fun on the iPhone. Therefore iCab Mobile is can save web forms and restore the form content later with a simple tap of your finger. The saved forms data can be password protected.

International Domain Names (IDN)

iCab Mobile fully supports international domain names (domain names with language-specific characters).


There's a build-in and customizable URL-based filter. The default filters block many advertising banners. You can edit the filters, add new filters or remove existing ones. You can also switch off the loading of images to save bandwidth.


iCab Mobile supports Tabs. The Tab overview panel lets you switch the Tabs, delete them or open new ones.

You can also open links in new Tabs (either in the background or in the foreground), or let iCab Mobile ask where to open the link. All this can be configured separately for links which open a page from the same domain or links with open a page from another domain.

When quitting, all Tabs are saved so they can open in Offline mode when no Internet is available the next time iCab is launched.


The bookmarks can be organized in folders. You can easily import/export the bookmarks from/to your PC/Mac browser.

Bookmarks can be also saved as "Offline Bookmarks". These bookmarks can be opened without an Internet connection. This is an easy way to save web pages on the iPhone.

Fullscreen Mode

iCab Mobile provides a fullscreen mode where the whole screen is used to display the web page. No screen space is wasted for toolbars.


iCab Mobile has a build-in Download Manager. If you click a link that can't be displayed, you'll get asked if you want to download the file instead. You can also force the download of a link (tap a link for a longer time until a popup menu opens). All the downloads can be exported to a Mac/PC/Linux computer.


Scrolling within very large web pages can be time consuming. The "Scrollpad" feature lets you go to any location within the web page instantly. Tap with three fingers on the screen to activate the Scrollpad.

iCab for iPhoneGuest Mode

iCab Mobile itself can be password protected. When password protection is on, it's possible to enable a guest mode with limited privileges which is available without knowing the password. You can configure which bookmarks and search engines are available in Guest mode.

Other Features

  • iCab lets you visit web pages if the server certificate is unknown, expired or otherwise "untrusted". You'll get a warning and then you can decide if you want to visit the web page nevertheless.
  • iCab Mobile supports autorotation, but you can also lock it into portrait or landscape mode.
  • When "Private Browsing" is enabled, no history and cookies will be saved anymore.
  • The application provides a built-in help, where you can read about all the features of iCab Mobile.
  • The history saves all your visited web sites, so you can easily revisit the pages later.
  • You can configure iCab Mobile to automatically add all the web address of your address book into the bookmarks.
  • When launching iCab Mobile, it can either open an empty page (fast), open the homepage, open the last active Tab, or restore all Tabs which were open when the app was quit before.
  • Page-Compression via "Google Mobilizer" is supported to save bandwidth.
  • You can select between different color schemes.

New in Version 2.2

  • Fixed a bug in the Download Manager for iPhone OS 2.x
  • New option in the Settings App to restore the last session either offline or online.
  • Reloading an offline loaded web page will now reload the data from the Internet instead of just reloading the offline data again.
  • Cookie-Manager implemented which allows to inspect all Cookies and allows to delete individual cookies. So you no longer have to delete all cookies if you only want to get rid of a certain cookie.


iBrr Bluetooth Receiver & Remote for iPhone

PR: Announcing that Techno Gurus, the developers of iBrr Bluetooth Receiver and Remote 1.0, has launched a new application in a new niche. This is a brand new app that uses peer-to-peer networking via WiFi or Bluetooth technology to transform an iDevice into a remote control. iBrr also provides a secure way to ensure that others have no access to the device.

iBrr Bluetooth Receiver and Remote is the original peer-to-peer music control app, and remains the most feature-rich device to device remote available in the app store. iBrr is easily the best-designed and easiest-to-use app for turning iPhones, iPads or iPod touches into a receiver and remote set. One device is used to control the music playing on the other, which is usually connected to a stereo or speaker system via the headphone jack or an Apple-brand docking station.

Devices can be mixed and matched. That means that an iPhone can be paired with another iPhone, an iPod touch or even the new iPad. Models don't have to be current; an old one can be used with a new one. iBrr is the perfect answer for what to do with that "old" iPhone when a user has upgraded to the 3G or 3GS.

This is a feature rich application, allowing not only for remote play, skip, repeat and fine volume adjustment but it also gives users the freedom to choose who gets to operate the controls. iBrr allows the user to share control with others in their home or office, or they can keep it private by setting up a separate ID, solely for their own use.

There are a couple of automatic options. iBrr has an AutoConnect function that takes care of putting the app into use and connecting the two devices right away when you launch it. People using an iPhone as the remote can also set the application to send out a pause command to the device that's acting as the player. When a call comes in, this feature automatically pauses the music to allow users to answer the phone. The same function will also pause the music if the controlling iPhone's alarm goes off (set using the built-in clock application).

The iBrr interface is very user-friendly, featuring larger than normal control buttons that users just have to tap to use and larger text for song and artist information.


  • Great use for second device
  • Allows freedom of movement while enjoying music
  • Turns any combination of iPhone, iPod touch or iPad into a receiver and remote set
  • Can work up to 4 or 5 rooms away or 2 or 3 decks on a vessel
  • Can be set to automatically pause for incoming calls or alarm settings when an iPhone is used as the remote
  • Finer volume control - Twice as many volume control divisions as the device's built-in volume buttons
  • Large, easy, tap screen controls
  • Connects automatically
  • Allows for a private security key to control access
  • Also works when devices are connected to the same WiFi LAN
  • Currently selling at a special introductory price
  • New version upgrade free with purchase

Freedom of distance from the device playing the music depends on a user's range and the structure of the building or vessel they're in. Using Bluetooth, iBrr can work up to four or five rooms away or two or three decks on a yacht. The app also works when the devices are connected to the same WiFi LAN, so in this instance, it of course depends upon the number and location of WiFi access points and can therefore be quite far indeed.

iBrr is a development of Techno Gurus, a company renowned for providing custom designed entertainment systems for yachts and select homes. The iBrr app offers the benefit of the company's specialized know-how and insistence on quality. That should instill customer trust because you don't become known to the wealthy elite unless you're good. Really good.

As this is a new release, Techno Gurus are offering the app at a low introductory price. They are including the next upgrade for free with purchase of iBrr 1.0. As the new version promises some exciting new features, such as a sleep function, remote selection of playlists and gesture controls, this app is one that music fans are not going to want to miss. The technology of iBrr Bluetooth Receiver and Remote allows complete music control freedom, the very latest technology and a free outstanding upgrade. What more could a music lover ask for?

Device Requirements:

  • iPhone or iPod touch 3.0 or later
  • 1G iPhone or 1G iPod touch requires OS 3.1 or higher
  • 0.5 MB

iBrr Bluetooth Receiver and Remote 1.0 is $4.99 and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Music category. Promo codes are available for qualified reviewers. Please specify the website or blog you represent when making your request.

GardenPilot App for Gardeners

PR: Today's gardener can now research garden plants with GardenPilot from 10-20 Media, a powerful plant search tool on the web and on the iPhone. GardenPilot features over 12,000 beautifully illustrated 'plant information pages' to help the consumer cultivate success in the garden and landscape. GardenPilot allows the user to research plants by category, by branded collection, by a number of relevant characteristics, and then search for retailers that sell the plants locally.

GardenPilotToday's release of GardenPilot and Version 2.0 of the iPhone app feature branded collections such as Proven Winners, Hort Couture, Plants That Work, All America Selection Winners, Knock Out Roses, Southern Living Collection, Easy Elegance Rose Collection, Gardener's Confidence Collection, Anthony Tesselaar Collection, Tropicanna Tropicals, Flower Carpet Roses, Terra Nova Nurseries Collection, Savvy Succulents and many more outstanding plant collections.

The GardenPilot iPhone App includes beautiful images and useful information. It will introduce you to the best the gardening marketplace has to offer, and will help locate your plants of choice at your local retailer.

  • Displays over 14,000 plants.
  • Browse Vegetables, Herbs, Perennials, Annuals, Trees, Shrubs, Roses, and more.
  • Search Plants by Common and Botanical Names as Well as Plant Attributes.
  • View Plant Images and Useful Information.
  • Find Local Plant Retailers.
  • Read Educational Articles.

10-20 Media's CEO, Steve Cissel, notes this moment in time for the consumer: "Never before has the consumer had such a powerful garden resource at their fingertips. This will help the novice and the professional fulfill their inherent desire to be in the garden."

Become a Facebook GardenPilot Fan to see what GardenPilot has to offer. The GardenPilot marketplace 'Navigator' is the plant search web app developed to mirror the iPhone app. Here you will also find the link to GardenPilot on the App Store.

GardenPilotDevice Requirements:

  • iPhone and iPod touch
  • Requires iPhone OS 2.2.1 or later
  • 0.8 MB

System Requirements:

  • GardenPilot iPhone App requires broadband connectivity.
  • Green Thumb not required

GardenPilot 2.0 is $2.99 and available exclusively through the App Store in the Lifestyle category.

YouTube Video:

Plants 1.0 for iPhone and iPod touch: Plant Care Made Easy

PR: Tuparev Technologies introduces Plants 1.0 for the iPhone and iPod touch. The Plants application consists of a photo reference guide to plants, and a plant maintenance scheduler. Using its simple, stylish interface, the user can easily provide all her plants at multiple locations with individualized care. Watering, re-potting and fertilizing are now done efficiently, correctly and on time.

The opening screen is a 3D bulletin board entitled "Tasks". The "Tasks" screen displays icons for watering, re-potting and fertilizing. A number appears on each icon indicating the number of plants requiring that type of care each day. Selecting the appropriate icon brings up the corresponding schedule. Plants are listed by location, and each has its name, photo and date of next scheduled action.

Cards on the bottom of the board enable navigation to "My Plants" or "Green Spots". Selecting "My Plants" brings up another bulletin board where plants from all locations are listed by name, by location, by action, or by the date of the next task. Selecting a plant opens the reference library where complete information is given regarding the plant's maintenance requirements, species, etc.

Navigating to "Green Spots", push-pin plastic icons on the bulletin board represent the various locations where plants are being taken care of (i.e. My Apartment, My Office, Mom's House). Cards on the bottom of the board enable navigation to "Tasks" or "My Plants". "Having beautiful plants in our environment can have such a positive effect on us. Using Plants, it's easy to give them the care and attention they deserve.", commented CEO Georg Tuparev.

Feature Highlights:

  • Give Your Plants the Individualized Care They Need
  • Manage Plant Care at Many Different Locations
  • Easy to Use Plant Maintenance Scheduler
  • Keep Track of Which Plants Need Watering, Fertilizing or Re-Potting
  • Stylish, Imaginative Graphical User Interface
  • Authoritative Library with Photos and Information on Hundreds of Plants
  • Learn the Latin Name For Every Species of Plant You Own

Device Requirements:

  • iPhone and iPod touch
  • OS 3.1.2 or later
  • 9.2 MB Storage

Plants 1.0 is available at the special introductory price of $2.99 from the App Store in the Lifestyle and Reference categories. Review copies are available upon request.

Have Fun Learning the Bible in a Game Show Setting with Biblicious

PR: Pariahware, Inc. announces the release of Biblicious 1.0, a game for iPhone and iPod touch. When launched, the player can choose a single player game, a practice game, or a fill in the blank game, called Mix and Match. The player can choose from a 10 question game to a 50 question game, as well as questions from the Old or New Testaments, or the entire Bible.

"Biblicious if finally here, and it simply fun!", stated Christian Miller, President of Pariahware, Inc. "Biblicious will make you laugh while you are learning, whether by yourself, or in a group. Since there is no lite version available, interested parties can see the game in action by visiting the Biblicious web site."

When Biblicious is launched, Flip Ant, the game show host, will introduce himself. After a game mode is chosen, he will ask you the number of questions you wish to play, and from where in the Bible, you'd like the questions to originate... the Old Testament, New Testament, or the entire Bible. From there, you can listen while Flip explains the rules of the selected game type. There are three styles of play.

Single Player mode presents the question, the multiple choice answers, and manna reward. When Flip finishes reading them to you, the manna begins to decrease. After some time, the wrong answers will begin to disappear to help the player choose the correct one. If answered correctly, the remaining manna is added to the score. Answered incorrectly, and that amount of manna is deducted. The object of the game is to collect Manna by answering the presented questions correctly so you can enter your name in the Manna Leaderboard.

Practice mode is similar to Single Player mode except that there is no time limit, and is not ranked on the Manna Leaderboard. This mode allows for discussion in a group setting, or the ability to research and look up the correct answer.

The Mix and Match game displays a Bible passage on the screen with a missing word a possible answers float by. Choose the correct answer to gain manna. It is a quick 10 question game when there isn't much time to play.

In addition to the three game modes available, Biblicious gives fans the ability to visit the Pariahware Schwag Store where items that have the Biblicious or Pariahware logo on them can be acquired. New questions can also be submitted for possible inclusion. And, users can sign up for the Pariahware Newsletter, follow Pariahware on Twitter, or become a Pariahware Fan on Facebook.

Device Requirements:

  • iPhone and iPod touch
  • Requires iPhone OS 3.1.2 or later
  • 32.7 MB

Pariahware's Biblicious is available in most of the App Stores, and for a limited time, is available for $2.99. Prices in non-US App Stores may vary. Promo codes and tips will periodically be offered via Twitter, Facebook, and the newsletter.


iPad Keyboard Dock

PR: The iPad Keyboard Dock combines a dock for charging your iPad with a full-size keyboard, which includes special keys that activate iPad features. The dock has a rear 30-pin connector, which lets you connect to an electrical outlet using the USB Power Adapter, sync to your computer, and use accessories like the iPad Camera Connection Kit. An audio jack lets you connect to a stereo or powered speakers (audio cable sold separately).

iPad with keyboard dockWith the iPad Keyboard Dock, you get a useful home base for your iPad. It combines a built-in aluminum Apple keyboard with a dock for synching, charging, and more. It also works with other iPad accessories, such as the iPad Dock Connector to VGA Adapter and the iPad Camera Connection Kit.

Here are some ways you can use the iPad Keyboard Dock:

  • Connect the dock to your computer with the USB cable included with your iPad to sync iPad and charge its battery.
  • Connect the dock to an electrical outlet using the iPad 10W USB Power Adapter (included with your iPad) to charge the iPad battery.
  • Use the dock to hold your iPad at the perfect angle to compose email and notes using the keyboard or to watch your favorite videos or photo slideshows.
  • Connect the dock to a TV or video projector using a compatible cable such as the iPad Dock Connector to VGA Adapter or the Apple Component or Composite AV Cable. (Cables sold separately.)
  • Connect the dock to a stereo or speakers using an AV cable or a stereo audio cable to play music from iPad. (Cables sold separately.)

The attached keyboard features a sleek anodized aluminum enclosure with low-profile keys that provide a crisp, responsive feel and an ultracompact design that fits on even the most crowded desk. Special keys provide one-touch access to a variety of iPad features - the Home screen, Spotlight search, display brightness, picture frame mode, the onscreen keyboard, and screen lock.


Ships: Late April

Free Shipping

iPad 10W USB Power Adapter

iPad 10W USB Power AdapterPR: The iPad 10W USB Power Adapter lets you charge your iPad directly through an electrical outlet, and the 6-foot-long power cord allows you to charge it from an even greater distance.

Use this ultracompact and convenient USB-based power adapter to charge your iPad at home, on the road, or whenever it's not connected to a computer. You can connect the adapter directly to your iPad or to an iPad Dock.

Featuring a compact design, this power adapter offers fast, efficient charging and includes a 6-foot-long power cord so you can plug it in under a desk or behind the couch. It also charges iPhone and all iPod models with a dock connector.


Ships: May

iClooly Aluminum Stand for iPhone iClooly Aluminum Stand for iPhone 3G & 3GS

PR: Enjoy using your iMac and iPhone 3G & 3GS at the same time

Equip your iPhone with your "iClooly Aluminum Stand" - it will look more attractive for Apple manias with its small size and shape. Pleasure as an Apple user will multiply when you work on your tasks with your iMac, and listen to music and watch movies with your iPhone.

iClooly Aluminum Stand for 3G & 3GS Specs

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Dimension: W120xH113xD47
  • Weight: (Net) 75g/ (Gross) 150g
  • Made in Korea


  • iClooly Aluminum Stand for iPhone Make your iPhone 3G & 3GS looks like mini iMac
  • The Pivot function allows you to rotate your iPhone 3G & 3GS horizontally or vertically.
  • Easy to detach with one simple push button on the back of the stand

Price: $29.90

Steel iPhone Case

PR: New for 2010, this stainless steel iPhone case by Ryan Glasgow's LTD Tools of Portland, Oregon. has a protective hinged lid, internal silicone bumpers to ensure a snug fit with 3G and 3GS iPhones.

Steel iPhone CaseOptions:

  • 304 Stainless
  • Aluminum
  • Custom Engraving.

Ryan says the next shipment will be leaving the shop next week, on Tuesday, March 16 - possibly another day or two for aluminum models, since they need a trip to the anodizers.


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